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Characters with the most creative nicknames

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Sag-Sage Y&R
Giggly Heffa-Phyllis Y&R
Dildo-Dylan Y&R
Yack-Marco Y&R
Myrna and any other names that start with M-Mya B&B
Kaka-Kiki GH

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Not sure if these were all SON nicknames...


Jack -  Aunt Jack

Phyllis -  Syphillis

Victor -  Diktor

Ashley -  Trashley

Olivia -  Holivia

Lily -  Scotty Pippen 

Cricket - The Bug

Sharon - Sharin'

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Had to go look up the TWoP guide to GH because there were so many nicknames. By the end there was alot of group think going on in that thread but once upon a time the GH thread there was full of the best lingo and discussion.

SWMNBN: She Who Must Not Be Named. The not-at-all-dearly-missed Courtney. Also known as CopKilla, Whoretney, and a host of other nicknames bestowed on her with love. The kind of love that's really the putrid bile of hate.

Borg/St. Jasus/Blinky: The stoic, blinking hitman with a heart of gold, friend of babies and old people everywhere, so good he can shoot "only people who deserve it" at twenty yards while shackled and handcuffed, the Christ-like (in Guza's twisted psyche) Jason Morgan.

Moobster: Sonny. Unfortunately, we are occasionally "blessed" with love scenes in which Sonny takes off his shirt and shows us his stunning pair of man-boobs.

ShrewLu: Lulu, who has morphed into a grating bitch who snots and snits at everyone due to the PFMs not knowing what to do with a popular younger character other than to turn her into what, in their minds, is the perfect female character: Carly. *shudder*

The Glittery Hoo-Ha: Carly's magical vagina, that ensnares every man that comes in contact with her, making them believe that a selfish, shrieking harpy is actually the perfect woman. Lulu has, of late, developed a Junior Glittery Hoo-Ha that is irresistible to any younger man in PC, despite the fact that she, too, has become a selfish, shrieking harpy. Because these writers are so twisted, that's what they think makes a strong heroine: a bitch that all the men want to bone, despite the fact that her personality should repel any sane person in the vicinity.


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Fluff (Katie, ATWT) 


Was it Fluff or Fluffy?? Eh either way Katie was annoying as…….she and Juicy Janet sure ruined the show...

Both. I know I used to call her Fluff b/c her brain was full of nothing but Fluff. A few used to take what I was saying and call her Fluff b/c they say she had to be professional 'fluffer' and that's the only possible way she'd get all the boys b/c her personality sucked (stress on suck). :ph34r: Others used to call her Fluffy b/c they say she was like a dog that bit at your ankles. :lol:

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Dickholas-Nick Y&R

Darth Victor-Victor, Y&R

Upchuck-Chuck Pratt, Y&R

Lipsa-Billie, Days

Fart Sniffer-John, Days

St. Carriwhore-Carrie, Days

RedRevaDiva-Reva, GL

Zzzzzzub-Buzz, GL

Dulliah-Dahila, GL(I remember seeing it upon my first visit to GL message boards back in '96!)

There was a hilarious name for Janet on ATWT I seem to recall here on these boards but I'm failing to remember at the moment, I'll have to look it up. 

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