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Days: November 2015 Discussion Thread

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It's very good casting in terms of how much alike they look, but how could it not bother casting that they look 1-2 years apart in age?

They do not look 1-2 years apart. They look at least 10 years apart. Definitely not like mother/daughter but more sisters.

Even if I gave you 10 and I don't, yeah, definitely not mother/daughter.

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At best, Martha looks like a senior or fifth-year undergrad member of her college sorority and the other girl (what's her name again?) looks like the first-semester freshman pledge she's been assigned to torture during Rush Week.

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Yes, I am aware Martha was born in 1977 and Kirsten Jr. is, what, 16?  Ergo, it's totally possible for her (Martha) to be her (Junior's) mother without it seeming like the plot of a Lifetime Original Movie.  But we are not talking about Martha Madison and...whatever her name is.  We are talking about Belle Brady and her now-teenaged daughter, Claire; and if DAYS is suggesting Shawn and Belle are MY age or older, then James E. Reilly must have willed to them the last of his crack.

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