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GH: August 2015 Discussion Thread

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Dead Silas was a wonderful birthday gift. I couldn't have asked for more.


Happy Bday!!

I just thought of an idea now Hayden and Sonny together omg hotness. Jean loves Budig I see her becoming the lead especially with her new contract.

Stop Bro. We both love Budig/Hayden on GH, but the line stops there! I want to see her & Nik's relationship continue to flourish ;-).

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Did you all see that the other day Antonio Sabato Jr. was on twitter begging the new writers to bring Jagger back? He deleted it though lol.

He had a better chance with Carlivati to return all hot and bothered. Jean doesn't care to see men hot and bothered….LOL

Minus all the Nina stuff I didn't think Friday's show was half bad. Ava would be the clear choice as the one that offed Silas but I doubt it will be her. 

I did enjoy the Laura and Liz scenes. Its too bad Liz convinced Laura to keep her mouth closed. It is refreshing to see Laura on screen instead of Luke.


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