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September 19-23, 2005


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The Rating (2.5, 2.4) is just a percentage of the people with TV's on at that time that are watching, so it's fair to say a soap can go up 250,000-300,000 viewers and won't give them +.2 if there's more TV's on and more of those people are watchuing something else. If there's less people watching TV that day/week overall and they go down 120,000 on that same hand it won't really necessarily reflect on the ratings with the same number or -.1 if the less people watching are sticking with AMC over something else on. Confusing, eh? lol, sorry, if I made it more so. I'm not even sure I explained it right.

No, I see what you are saying. If the number of people watching TV as a whole changes from one week to the next, then the percentage for a certain show can stay the same even if less or more people are watching that particular program.

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Maybe Passanante will take a hint that this babyswitch can't go on for too long.

The rest are okay, glad to see Y&R hasn't fallen out of the 4's yet.

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Some depressing numbers. I'm not a viewer but it's a shame that ATWT tumbled so far. Too bad GL haven't overtaken AMC yet in HH (and yet they have in Total Viewers? :huh: ).

I'm happy for you Days fans!

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Good numbers for DAYS, a little pissed they didn't rise in HH (considering they gained way more viewers than OLTL, yet OLTL took a .1 rise).

Overall NBC and DAYS has to be happy with these improvements:

#3 overall in total viewers (highest totals in weeks)

#3 in households

#2 in 18-49 (highest rating in months)

#1 in 18-34 (highest rating in months)

Ouch to GL! That really sucks and WOW PSNS is at enemic levels.

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