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I saw Max on some interview on TV not long ago and hoo lord - they cancelled this show just in time bc no one was gonna buy teen Max with a girl, idc how talented Mckenna Grace is. (I did love how the writers shamelessly leaned into it though despite his having a kiddie beard gf, probably mandated by producers) Even gayer though is the impossibly hot Jimmy. Between Jimmy,  Fernando, pre-gay Max and a lot of the dialogue it's a much gayer and smarter show than the original.


I'm doing Season 4 now. I'm glad they stuck by John Brotherton and kept him on the show. I'm sorry it's ending so soon, and I'm ashamed to admit, sorry Lori Loughlin couldn't be there by the final season.


I do wonder if Jeff Franklin's ouster kiboshed the plans to bring Vicky back for Danny, as she returned in the Season 3 finale before he was dumped and AFAIK hasn't appeared since. Ironic, since Franklin always claimed the original show made fatal mistakes dumping her and Steve when he left the first time. It seemed bringing both back was his choice. I hope she does return before the end.

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