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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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 Mrs. Andrews ...   Barbara Christie   04         Nanny

Dana the production assistant   Nedra McClyde   2005-10   Oakdale Now

Judge Steve Colby   Tim Hopper   2006       married Will and Gwen

Buck                     David Conley            tough guy/ trucker

Dr. Chen    Doan Ly   2006       fertility expert

Officer Grady      Michael Houston   2009-10

Frank the bartender   ... Andrew Thacher   OLTL, O.C.     2004

Barney Hollister    Never Seen  possibly Brad and Eric's father   1980

"Jace Hutchinson  "   character from the Dobson's papers

Nurse Tiffany Cazier    Maureen McNamara      1979-80   

"Garth Basnum"   character from Dobson papers

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Jay                        Peter Richards         07-08     public defender

Justin  the waiter     Luke Stanhope       02     GL

Jack Kirby           Mark Zimmerman        90         Vegas Manager

Mrs. Lombard    Marti Nixon  2006 Lakeview guest accused Gwen of theft

Lester        the thug            David Folsom     08          GL

Nan  the waitress        Melanie Vaughn         2007

Trooper Pearson    Andrew Call    2006      Trainer

Jane    babysitter, Johnny                    Jessica Moreno (Durdock)      06    GH, OLTL

"April" Montgomery  character from the Dobson papers possibly Cricket or Margo's original name



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"Skye Sullivan"  1980   character from the Dobson files

Detective Raybuck     Paul Austin     1990    probation officer

Mel Robinson     James Doerr   1998    minister

Mr. Toklar     Carl Palmer    2006     Manager of the Wagon Wheel

Teddy the manager               Bryan Batt     1997

Sherri    ????   2006    Health Care Representative

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Gladys Weed played by Janet Sarno


Brenda - Jenny O'Hara 1973


At some point Richard McMurray also played Dr Ned Hilton

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Evan Fleming..Earl Rowe   Nov.-Dec. 77; 79...father , Doreen

Tony Franco    Michael Valenti       1977-79    pianist

Dr. Howard Seeley     Ed Penn         1979

Dr. Winston     Mark Arnold    cocky intern    1979

Buddy     Christopher Wyatt    1979

Dick    ?????    mono patient, John Rice    12/20/1967

Nurse Lynne    Lynne Thigpen    1979

Operating Room Nurse...     Susan Field    1979

Pathologist   Paul Falzone     7/20/79

Patron    "The Medicine Man"  Richard Borg     1979


All added to the cast on page 75.




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10 hours ago, Paul Raven said:


Lawrence (Larry) Guardino  played Doyle. I'm assuming this is the 1980 character.


Perhaps I can be of some assistance... Here's a screencap of Sgt. Doyle from 1980.

Can anyone confirm that this is Guardino?

Sgt. Doyle_2.jpg

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Here's the only picture I  could find. That's our guy.  "Lorenzo Guardino"


Great job @Paul Raven and @Brolden.   Another blank filled!



In the course of hunting for an actor for the role of "Ted Ashton" on Search For Tomorrow our own @jam6242 found this





and this little article about recast-a-palooza LOL




Thanks @jam6242  you are awesome!



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Angel   , Alison's friend at her shower  ??????   8/17/2004

Officer Banks   ??????       8/1/2008       Emily's source


Officer Berger    ?????   11/22/2004     with Barbara
Officer Berger    ?????         5/1/09
Officer Burns   ??????        2/5/1990
Dr. Chase    ??????       1/11/1980
Rachel Cohen   ??????         5/21/2007
Carlos, Tonio's business associate   ?????           9/14/1989
Camille      ????    Woman hired by Henry (as Brad) to set up Simon 12/14 /09
Charles the Lakeview Clerk    ????     11/03/2008
Cynthia   that was Tonio's secretary????    9/14 /1989
Erich Dignan  ?????   Sabrina's artist mentor  1/21/1988
Mr. DiGrassi   Stevie Ray Dallimore     2004   (Rosanna's disappearance)
David        Derek Michalak    11/12&14 2008       Station director in Chicago
Davy   ??????    ittle boy at the Hospital with Alison   12/1/2009
Doris   ???     Gave Craig & Rosanna their marriage license   12/14/2009
Emilio    ????   restaurant owner     9/23/1992
Nurse Ericka  ????    11/28/2007
Erin   ???????        8/1/2008    classmate, Casey
Officer Pat Flynn   ????      5/7/1996      with Tom
Mrs. Gaza    ????         11/18/08    Sage's teacher
Officer Grady      Michael Houston   2009-10      Kentucky cop who investigated Holden's "death"  
Genevieve    ?????   Lucinda's assistant     8/3/2010
Gordon     Worldwide board member    ????       6/18/2007
Nurse  Hannah    ????????   Meg's boss   5/11/2010

Heidi the BRO Model     ??????        5/11/2004


PER @Paul Raven

Sergeant Doyle     Lorenzo  Laurence Guardino   1980




Beth, Nick's wife    Beth McDonald1993  parent, Tommy

Nick, +Beth    Nick Wyman 1993  parent, Tommy

Tommy, son, Beth and Nick     Tommy Wyman  child with Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome    1993







Ted Ashton..,.????...57-58..+Patti caused Patti's paralysis, pulled gun on Jo  went AWOL

Alice Bishop     ???      friend, Irene Barron     1954   

Bud Gardner..cousin, Jo   married Janet ; climbed up a drainpipe, fell and broke his neck

.Anthony Cannon...60... TD

...Anthony Ray...58-60

...George Maharis...60-61 Route 66

Gladys Weed    Janet Sarno     1973

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16 hours ago, Paul Raven said:



Add Clyde Carbone 'The Velvet Tone' - Joe Grifasi


15 hours ago, Paul Raven said:


Re Secret Storm

Add Nurse Adams - Kimberley Vaughn


15 hours ago, Paul Raven said:


Add Tenney Walsh - Lorraine   Zarazola I think


Add Penelope Ann Miller as Lee Melton



added in. Thanks @Paul Raven You've been on fire



Jerry, bodyguard of B.J.     ?????       11/28/05

John the Lakeview Bartender   ????      7/19/07   Aaron's co-worker


Kevin   from  Ohio State University  ????    11/06/02

Kevin     with Simon & Katie (possibly a Lakeview clerk/valet?)  11/04/02

Lloyd the Lakeview Bartender   ?????    6/12/07

Lyle  Pilar's thug          Carl Palmer     5/25/04      AMC, GH, DOOL    

Louisa     Shannon Walker Williams             3/25/ 99     Pregnant teen runaway with Ben and Denise  

Nurse Lindsey  at Deerbrook   ?????      12/14/09

Mr. Lane   ????    3/25/99     Carly's Private Investigator

Attorney Lawson , Barbara's lawyer    ?????      8/17/04

Judge Steven Logan  ?????    Barbara's trial        8/17/04

Colin Lowell   ??????   head of internship program with Fashionista Weekly (with Liberty)      4/2009


Celia Magalia      ?????     choreographer from Buenos Aires; guest on Oakdale Now        6/17/09

Kevin Mahoney       ?????    Scott Reeves Manager    2/14/2005    

Mr. Meyers  ???  9/15/04   Chris Hughes Tailor

 Marie  friend of Alison's at shower    ?????      8/17/04 

Maurice Barbara's  limo driver        John Reger   2004

Melissa the nurse     ????   6/3/08

Officer Nathans   ????    1/19/05    

Mr. Patel    ?????     manager of Vegas hotel

Adelaide Peretti    ????????   1987 ; 89Casey's aunt

Gino Peretti     ????    1987 ; 1989    Casey's nephew

Lorraine ___ Peretti   ?????     1987;1989      Shaun's wife; Gino and Tony's mother


Seraphina Peretti     ??????  11/6, 24, &25 1987    Casey's aunt
Shawn Peretti      ?????    Casey's brother      1987; 1989
Tony Peretti         ????     Casey's nephew    1987; 1989
Gus Phillips        Sal Vaccarino      Henry's associate  1/17/01
Officer Pete   ????    12/14/09
Peter the meth dealer     Jack Walker      11/28/05
Petey,shady contact of Jack   ?????   8/15/97
Officer Quincy   ????   7/26/06


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Rick photographer, Emily   ????       9/1/98    

Dr. Schmeglitz  ???      OB/GYN with Henry, Vienna, Katie, and Brad 5/1/09

Melvin Smenk    ????    BRO business associate  7/2/04

Jack Snyder, Jr.   ????    the baby Julia stole from another couple and claimed was Jack's    10/2002-12/2002  

Jordan Sinclair (young)    ???    flashback   6/9/04  

Otis Sutton     Charles Brown   1984-87   Heather's  and Lyla's recording manager/agent



Officer Sean   ????   1/27/05

Sharon friend of Alison ather shower   ????   8/17/04   


Smiley that captured Luke and Holden   ????   7/3/01   

Tracey the Street Jeans Employee   ???  4/5/05  

Tony                       Robbie  Stubbs      2009   friend, Liberty 

Van   ???   Liberty's friend   10-11/2008   

Wally the Musselshell Barista   ???  8/24/94   

Wayne  ????   NYC boss, news director,Molly   11/17/09 



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