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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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Hensley Taggart      Stephen Crossley    1986-87    tried to rape Barbara; James stayed in his home after killing him to save Barb. James made it look like Duncan killed HT
Jeffrey Talbot    part owner of WOAK; dated Kim
                                  Jeffrey Southern
                                  Ron Parady
                                 Sam Stoneburner     1993
Marsha Talbot      friend and assistant to Douglas Cummings; knew what he was up to; framed Ken Wayne; helped Doug take Kim and Frannie hostage; accidentally killed him while trying to kill Frannie; broke out of jail and kidnapped Frannie; went back to psychiatric facility
                              Giulia Pagano     1985-86
Mrs. Talbot   Eleanor Wilson       Ron and Elizabeth's mother
      late 1960s
Mrs. Talbot      Betty Miller     1990s
Ron Talbot    Peter Stuart     1970     Elizabeth's brother
                      Curt Dawson     1973    
Cliff Tanner   Never Seen   Valerie Conway's first love; driven off by Jason Reynolds
Dr. Tanner    David Adkins     2004    doctor at DeerBrook
Gary Tanner   Brian Brownlee   1970s
Jake Tanner    ????  skinhead choked out by Ben    1997
Ms. Tanner     Gayle  Holsman   2005
Mrs. Taranto     Brenda Thomas Denmark    
Inez Tariche     Barbara Gonzalez     1992-93
Susan Tariche    Never Seen    Inez's baby    1992
Officer Tate       David Allen Basche      1991
Beverly Taylor     Wendy Edmead    1984-85   Lucinda's assistant, pursued Tucker
Brandy Taylor    Virginia Williams    2001-02  murdered by James ; Paul framed for her murder
Dawn ____ Taylor    Maureen  Mueller   2002  Brandy's mother
Nurse Gretchen Taylor  Ellen Adair    
Jade Taylor           illegit daughter of Rose D'Angelo and Derek Coburn; raised by Mac and Mrs. Taylor; ONS with Adam; affair with Will; stole from Lily; blackmailed Luke for being gay; faked a pregnancy; hid Cleo; accused of trying to kill Gwen, but cleared
                                         Elena Goode  2006-07
                                      Davida Williams     2008-09
Mac Taylor    Never Seen      Jade's adoptive father
Mrs. Taylor    Never Seen    Jade's adopyive mother
Dr. Randall Taylor           Winston May     1992
Richard Taylor             Michael Finn     1972     Annie's friend
                                      Arthur Marcus    1972
Connie _____ Teague     Betsy Aidem    1997-98     Joe's wife
Officer Erroll "Joe"  Teague    P.J. Brown   1997-97   racist cop arrested for using excessive force with Dr. Ben Harris; stalked Ben and tried to kill him, bombing the Milltown Church; killed by Ben.
Agent ___ Templeton     William Charlton   1997  T. Jones' boss
Lee Washburn Tenney    LizBeth McKay  1994  sister of Sheila, she married Ray and raised Sheila's daughter, Carly by Ray, as her own.
Ray Tenney      Fathered Carly by Sheila then married her sister Lee when Sheila ran away and married Alexander Cabot. Let Carly believe Lee was her mother
                              Thomas Kopache    1994
                               Peter McRobbie     1996
Leo Tennov        Lee Wilkof
Judge Tepperman    Judge Marilyn Milian        2007
Russell Terry       Mike Dooly     2004    Pilar's accomplice
Claude Thayer       Patrick John Hurley    late 1980s
Jennings Thayer     Richard Bidlake   1986  Marsha Talbot's attorney; quit
Roger Thomas     Grant Goodman
Cheryl ___ Thompson      Never Seen   mother of Curtis Harris
Kevin Thompson       Friend and more of Susan Stewart; worked for Jay Stallings at his mining company;helped Susan quit drinking; married Sandy; fought about Susan; got in an accident while arguing with her; became a drunk and had a ONS with Ginny Hopkins; a prostitute; had another car crash while hammered; found liver failure and he died.
                         Michael Nader     1976-78
                        John Cunningham  (temporary)  1978
                         Max Brown    1978
Nurse Kristen Thompson      Elle Stuckey     2005
Leo Thompson    Gervase Peterson    2001   Curtis's biological father; fresh out of prison
Miss Thompson    ( see Helen Pearce )
Nurse Thompson     Charlotte Maier
Pamela__ Thompson     Susan Pellegrino
Peggy   ____ Thompson    Cindy Gianni      1984-85   Marcy's mother
Sandy Wilson McGuire Hughes Kane Garrison Thompson      Daughter of Carl and Martha; divorced from Roy, son Jimmy's father; in prison with Ellen Stewart for being an accessory to a robbery; met and married Bob; caught in a fire; badly burned and depressed, was sent to sanitarium; freed, and Bob was in a fire  and blinded; abandoned him; returned several years later as a model; tried with Bob; married Peter Kane and Norman Garrison while gone; he was violent to her; he was killed; she married Kevin who was attracted to Susan and died a drunk from liver failure; left town
                          Dagne Crane    1966-71
                             Jill Andre    (temporary)   1968
                                Ronnie Carroll     1975
                                   Barbara Rucker   1975-79
Judge Sarah Thompson    Lynda Gravatt     1998
Miss Thurman     Linda Hamil     1976    John Dixon's secretary
Keith Tillson      Keith Lee Grant    (EON)
Antony Tilton       Ben George    1996    major investor of EAS
Morgan Timmons    Judson Pearce Morgan     2001
Ms. Todd             Cindy Katz         2005
Mr. Toklar     Carl Palmer    2006
___ Toland     Derek Michalak       2009
Nurse Tolley    Sharon Wilkins     
Gregory Tolliver       David Adkins
Nurse (Mrs. Rupert) ___ Tompkins    Kim Hunter     1997     lied to Lucinda that David was her child
Mildred Torres    Rose Alaio       1994;1995
Mr. Trask       Michael J. Burg     1987
Officer Chester Trask     Doug Easley     1997
T. (Thurgood ) Marshall Travers     Attorney; hired by James for Barbara; affair with Jessica; became DA; prosecuted Paul for Brandy's death;shot in the head; began searching for his daughter Zara by Neia and found out ;Zara was dead; raped Jess but didn't realize it; stalked by Sarah Smith; tried to take Sarah, his daughter from Bonnie; she pushed him out a window.
            Lamman Rucker    2002-03
Oliver Wendall Marshall     Richard Roundtree    2002-03    Marshall's father; attorney.
Sarah Smith (Jenkins) Travers   Joanna Hartshorne    2003-04     Orphan; thief, adopted by Bonnie; turned out to be daughter of Marshall Travers and Neia; moved to Miami with Bonnie
Dr. Larry Travis    Gary Lahti     1981    Sent to jail because his assistant, Rick Ryan planted angel dust made by Dr. Len Howell on him.
Lieutenant Travis    Raymond Proscia
Aristotle Triandos    Richard Council    1981   Movie Mogul; married Natalie; owned the "Green Fire Necklace" until it was stolen.
Natalie Bannon Porter Hughes  Triandos   Widowed by Ralph Porter;married Tom; had an affair with Jay Stallings which resulted in Amy; revealed Ralph commit suicide after she slept with his brother, Luke; Jay and wife raised Amy until he died; Natalie moved away; came back married to wealthy Ari; yearned to see Amy; went home to California.
                        Judith Chapman     1975-78
                        Janet Zarish      1981
Lien Truong Senior     Ann Yen      1990  flashback (Tom) Lien's mother.
Squatzie Tubbs         Tanner Cohen    2004
Cody Tucker            Never Seen   1998   Georgia's father; Samantha's ex
Veronica Tucci    ???   1980s-early 90s   occasional  owned Veronica Leathers
Rich Tuchman     David Rakoff   1998     modeling agent
Dr, Tucker           Albert Stratton    1981
Marcus Tull        Bruce MacVittie    2007    kidnapper Daniel
Dr. Jerry Turner     James Earl Jones    1966
Thelma  ____ Turner      Leona Powers   1956-57     mother, Janice  
Malcolm Twist     John Bolton     1996
Miss Tyler        Betty Garde     1957-59
Richard Tyrell    Gregory Chase    1991    Tonio's employee
Tamia  the Singer       Tamia       2001        cameo
Tammy Lynn     Beth Glover        1999
Tamra the prison inmate   Kerianne Spelllman     1997
Taryn     Johnny's nanny    Bianca Jamotte     2010
Tatiana  the NYC Film Student    Angel Desai    
Tea (scenes with Holden)      Deborah Yates    2006-07
Teddi the fence   Donna Drake    1994
Teddy               Bryan Batt     1997
Teresa the reporter      Denise Hernandez   
Teresa               Lakisha (Anna) Bowen     2006
Terri the district attorney     Elaina Erika Davis     1994
Terri that dated Duke      Caroline Key Johnson     1990
Terry the WOAK intern   DeeDee Lynn Magno
Terry the circus performer     ??????     8/83
Tev from the check cashing place            Lenny Levi     2007
Theresa               Anne Bowen
Thomas the butler       George Holmes
Nurse Tiffany     Maureen McNamara    1979-80
Tim         Brad Beyer, Jr.
Father Tim the priest    Thomas Piper     2002
Tim         Jakob  Hawkins     2007
Tim        John Bolton     
Timmy        John McNeill
Timmy in Lassiter Pennsylvania    Thomas John Mitchell
Tina             Jennifer Dean
Tina            Doris Gravomet     1982
Tobias  Duncan's groundskeeper  John Curless    1987-88
Toby the police psychic    Cheryl Stern   
TONIC       band  that performed at Java Underground
                                  Dan Lavery        2000
                                  Emerson Hart     2000
                                  Jeff Russo      2000
                                  Kevin Shepard   2000
                                  Peter Maloney       2000
Tony with Emily       John Benjamin Hickey       
Tony                       Robert Stubbs      2009
Tony that dated Noah    Peter O'Connor    2007; 2010
                                   Tom Baran     2008
Tony the boxer; firefighter   Rey Valentin
Tori                   Wendy Allyn             2004
Tork                Brett Douglas    
Tracey             Julie Bowen   
Tracey                   Erica Smith     
Tricia from Pitt           Christy Biberich       2002
Trixie              Ginifer King        2004
Troy from Ohio State       Chris Ramsey       2002
Turk          Marc Gwinn
Ty        Nicholas  Purcell       2007-08
Tyrone the garage owner that fixed Craig's car  ?????    8/1985
Tyson         Chris Spain         2005
Waldo    the bookie; gambler  James Biberi     1999?
Wally                Michael Gaston    7/1999
Walt                   Chris Stack     2006
Walter                Jacob Salas     2010
Wanda             Kate Gilligan       2010
Warren the politician that dated Lyla   ????    8/1980
Warren                       Fred Keller   
Warren                       Joseph Hamer         1987
Nurse Wendy         Wendy Donn Podos  1980s-2010  also the show's baby nurse so she was around for a long time
Wendy    David Stenbeck's friend  Sally Wheeler   1998
Wendy                 Tracey Gilbert     
Wendy    assistant, Lily    Angela Lin   2004
Wendy  that dated Ryder   Sherri Parker Lee 1996
Willie                 Michael O'Hare     5/1985
Willy the boxer with Zack   Tim Gallin     
Winston the Fairchild butler    ????    1984
Wyoming the hippie    Chris Orf      2004
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Kristine W      Kristine W      ????    singer    cameo

Alex Wade    Jed Dixon   
Frank Wade   Never Seen   Husband of Judith, raised Neil
Dr. Neil Wade     Michael Lipton     1962-67   son of Judith Wade Stevens and Dr. Doug Cassen; raised by Frank Wade and Judith; reluctantly a doctor; fell for and married Penny Baker; befriended Lisa;learned the truth about his mentor Doug being his dad;  went blind; opened the Wade Bookstore in Oakdale ; died of an embolism shortly after Doug had passed away.
Annette Dixon Wagner     Kit Flanagan   1988  John's sister, Married Larry and had Pam
Larry Wagner   Barry Snyder    1989  John's shiftless brother-in-law; Pam's father; worked with Julie to get money out of Lucinda.
Nurse Pamela "Pam" Wagner     Robin Morse  1987-89  Nursing student Pam dated Dusty, Holden, Beau and Caleb
Tristan Wagner      Will Blagrove     2009
George Waldron     Robert Fitzsimmons   late 1960s   
Tish Waldron     Amber McDonald 
Tony Waldron     Kenneth Meseroll      1987 
Brent Walker    Peter Bradbury   1993    WOAK employee
Judge Walker     Brooks Rogers    1989-90
Justin Walker     Charles Borland    2005
Alec Wallace     Michael Woods    1999  Parented Eddie Silva with Deena; had affair with Margo; mobster; killed in self defense by Georgia.
District Attorney Corey Wallace    Richard Poe   1989
                                     Gary Sloan         1990
Virginia Wallace     Catherine Dent   
Bianca Marquez Walsh     Montegan Refugee; brought to the US by Tonio; adopted by Lucinda
                               Karina Arroyave    1989-94
                               Christine Langner    1991; 1994 (temporary)
James  Evan Walsh   Never Seen  Lucinda's late husband
James Evan Walsh II   Never Seen   Husband of Edwina; father of Connor and Evan; commit suicide after Lucinda 'stole' Walsh Enterprises from him.
James Evan Walsh iii(Jamie) aka Evan Walsh   Son of Edwina and James; brother of Connor; fathered Evan IV; had been involved with Emily, Rosanna; Courtney, Marcy and Barbara; ruthless in business; conspired with Doug Schaff to mess with Mike Kasnoff's parole; encouraged by Barbara to follow his passion so he joined the Merchant Marines.
                                  Greg Watkins  1990-95    
                                      Trent Bushey   1992???? (temporary)
James Evan Walsh IV        Ryan Serhant   2007-08   Brought to town by Lucinda to screw Craig out of Worldwide; medical researcher; murdered people; took Lucinda and Lily hostage; Lily killed him with his own syringe he planned to use on her.
Lucinda (Mary Ellen) Walters Esteban Guest Walsh (Dixon Stenbeck Wheatley possibly Dixon again [finale resumed relationship]
                              Elizabeth Hubbard    1984-2010
                          (young) Jessica Platell   1993   flashback
                          (young)  Kate Anthony    1996   flashback
Dr. Walters       Oni Faida Lampley     
Joe Walters     James Langrall
Dr. Carol Ann   "Annie" Stewart  Spencer Hollister Ward
   Daughter of David and Ellen, sister of Dee; half-sister of Dan and Paul; dated Richard Taylor; disliked Dee's arrogant friend, Beau; in a mining accident; his mother was against it, but they married, hurting Dee; quit school to support Beau,miscarried; but he was cheating with Melinda; had miscarriage; divorced him started affair with Doug Campbell; liked Jeff Ward but married shady Brad Hollister then miscarried ; divorced; married Jeff; thought she couldn't have kids; ended up pregnant with quadruplets;almost lost Jeff to a drug addiction, they survived and moved to Denver.
                              Carmen Schneider    1967-69
                                 Jean Mazza    1969-70
                                    Barbara Jean Erhardt   1970-71
                                       Ariana Muenker    1972-73
                                         Shelley Spurlock    1973-74
                                           Martina  Diegnan  1976-79
                                             Julie Ridley  1980-82
                                               Randall Edwards  1982
                                                Mary Lynn Blanks   1982-84; 1986
Elizabeth Ward      Elizabeth Ward    1982   Miss America,; came to town to promote Barbara's designs; attracted attention from Ernie.
Gregory Ward  Josh Goldman         1983-84   one of the quads
Dr. Jeff Ward       Chief of Surgery; dated Dee; fell for Annie; friend of Susan;; had an affair with Marcia Campbell; split; step-brother Cody came to town; slept with Karen; married Annie had quads with Annie; one was  sick; ; started doing drugs, hit a tree; sobered up   moved to Denver.                                                            Robert Lipton      1978-84; 1985; 1986
Lowell  Ward      David Goldman    1983-84   one of the quads
Maria Ward    Ariane Goldman     1983-84    one of the quads
Mrs. Ward      Diane Kagan  ????\
Nancy Ward    Rachel Goldman    1983-84   one of the quads
Mrs.Wardell    Darrie Lawrence    1997
Dick Warner     Michael Houston King     1996
Dr. Warren     ?????     1983     Betsy's doctor
___ Watkins   ?????   1979   accused of cutting Grant's brake line
Clark Watson     Gregory Michael    2003-06  
Robbie Watson    ?????     1983     friend, Kirk McCall
Kenneth Wayne    Jarrod Holmes   1985-86   Kim's former accompanist; re-met on the ship during Kim & Bob's honeymoon cruise; tried to talk her into singing again; framed as her stalker then murdered by Douglas Cummings.
Armin Webber       Paul Haber     1999
Detective Weber   Mark Riherd     1996
Mr. Weber            Tuck Milligan     2006
Joan Weber     Linda Powell     2000
___ Webster     Bill Sage    1997
Austin Webster    P.J. Benjamin     1994
Dr. Webster   Frederic Rolf     1995
Reverend Weems     Peter McRobbie   ?1993
Irv Weiner    Paul Mercurio     2008   kidnapped Henry when he owed Irv money.
Dr. Sy Weiskopf       Ronald Guttman   2002    Julia's psychiatrist
Herr Weiss  Paul Schmidt    
Rose ____ Welinski      Lilia Skala   1985  Met Kim  and Bob on their honeymoon cruise; a widow, met Joe Kravitz and had a romance
Rachel Wells     Sparky's sister; friend of Mike and Carly; worked at Yo's   
                        Lisa Gay Hamilton    1995
                             Tracey Dpuglas      1995-96
                                 Alysia Campbell   1997
Sparky Wells     Rachel's brother; ran a garage, Mike and Carly's friend.
                                   Ray Aranha    1993-97
                                         Cedric Young   1994 (temporary
Frank Wendall    Keith Douglas Pruitt   1990-91   Julie's ex-husband; Pete and Jenny's father;blackmailed her about past affair with Linc in Seattle;robbed the Crawford house and was killed by Emile Seblon for Caroln's journal.
Helen ___ Wendall   Elizabeth Franz    1989; 1994  Frank's mother; took care of Pete and Jenny.
Jenny Wendalll   Whitney Kaufman    1994   Pete's little siste; Julie and Frank's daughter from Seattle
Pete Wendall       Jason Biggs   1994-95   Julie and rank's son; liked Dani; took  money that Julie had found and stashed.
Claire ____ Wentworth    Donna Hanover    1999  woman used by Brad to make Carly jeaous.
Mrs. Wentworth       Holly Perkins     2004
Peter Wentworth     Michael Sabatino    1999     ?Claire's husband
Patrick Wescott   James Lloyd Reynolds    2007
Captain Wesley     Jack Newman    2002
Erik Werner      ????    2/85   found Gunnar's body
Don West       John Spencer      1988 
Mrs. Don West      Deborah Mooney     1988
 Mrs. West       ???     1974   secretary, Bob, Rick, John   
Roy West    Kevin Chamberlain
Agent Simon Westerly    Roderick (then Roerick) Cooke  1984   British Intelligence agent that posed as Raymond Speer's butler
Dick Westin     Richard Maynard      1992
Dr. Cyrus Weston    Larkin Malloy  2002   Also known as "George Townes", the man that ran thespa Carly, Emily and Rose were sent to by 
Brian Wheatley     Laurence Lau    2008-09    Former husband of Carolyn; ran the "Luke Foundation"; butted heads with Lucinda and Luke; grew to care for Lucinda; found out she had cancer and married her. After a few drunken kisses with Luke, the truth came out that he struggled with his feelings for men; while it ended his marriage, it strengthened his bond with his former wife, Lucinda.
Carolyn ___ Wheatley    Marcia McCabe   2008   Former wife of Brian; knew about his "struggle".
Dawn Wheeler   HIV + single mother with no health insurance for herself and her son, Jeremy. Moved in with Tom and Margo; they took Jeremy after her passing.
                                 Lisa Emery    1992-93
                                  Alex Neil      1993-95
Jeremy Wheeler    Son of Dawn,  liked Dani and Nikki; stayed with Tom and Margo after his mom passed.
                               Alexander Kniffen    1993
                                      Eric Duane    1993
                                            Sam Rovin    1993-94
                                               John Dauer   1995 
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Alice Whipple     Daughter of Carl and Janice Whipple; sister of Debbie; graduated from college in Arizona; step-daughter of Donald Hughes.
                            Jean McClintock     1962 
                                Leslie Charleson   1966
Carl Whipple    Rod Colbin    1956-57  married Janice; father of Debbie and Alice; wealthy businessman that was older than Janice; passed away.
Debbie Whipple   Daughter of Janice and Carl, sister of Alice; (from the ATWT book) "insolent sexpot who smoked and ran with a fast crowd";
                        June Harding     1962
                           Kimetha Laurie    1962
Judge Joe Whitakher   Tom Kemp  2009
Lance Whitakher      Cain DeVore     1987   Montana boy
                                     Richard Sedgwick    1987
Dr. Alfred Whitcomb    Mark Kenneth  Smaltz    1997
Father White    Murphy Guyer      2006
Judge White     ??????    1976   Teddy Ellison's custody trial
Congressman Silas Whitman     Molly's former lover; came to Oakdale planning to rape her on camera; she stabbed him in self defense.
                         Chris Durham     2009
                              Victor Slezak    2010
Lorna Whitmore     Barbara Garrick    1983-84   dated Kirk McCall
Rex Whitmore    Bernie McInerney   1985-97 (at least)  hospital administrator
Virginia ___ Whitmore   Beth Dixon   1985  wife of Rex; mother of Christine, grandmother of Molly Donegan.
Mrs. Wilcox     Cheryl Reeves   1997
Professor Wilcox   Russell Cook   2/90
Stefan Wilder     James Burge     1976
Sergeant Wilkins   Che Ayende   2008
Mrs. Willard     Jane White     
Abigail Williams   Daughter of Molly and Holden; adopted by Diana and Mitchell Williams; dated Chris, Adam and scummy Nick Scudder; caught Adam cheating; got roughed up by Nick but passed out and woke up with Nick's dead body next to her, murdered by Mary Mennihan; remembered a while later and Mary tried to kill her; left town but returned in 2010.
                      Emmy Rossum    1997
                            (young) (flashback) Kristin Klabunde   2001
                                    Kristina Sisco (Romero)   1999-02; 2010
Andy Williams     Andy Williams    2007   concert in Branson
Deniece Williams   Deniece Williams   1983    cameo, singer
Diana ___ Williams   Susan Pellegrino  1997; 1999   adoptive mother of Abigail
Greg Williams   Robert Readick    1958-61   newspaper editor liked Penny
Greta   Williams     Anne Marie Bobby   social worker    2004
Joe Williams      Joe Williams     1983    cameo   singer
Officer Kevin Williams    Robert Bogue  1991
Mr. Williams   Reginald Huc     2009
Mitchell Williams    Brian Keeler    1997    adoptive father, Abigail
Betty Willis     Scottie Bloch    1989
Cassandra Willis    Elaina Erica Davis   2006-07
Commissioner Willis     Remak Ramsey    ????  Police Commissioner
                                     Rex Robbins   2001
                                     Tom O'Rourke   2001-02
Detective   Norman Willis       Ed Blunt    
Officer Willis     Keith Tisdell      1997
Carl Wilson      Martin Rudy     1966-71     Sandy's father
Dr. Wilson     Brian Hotaling    2010
Lois Wilson     Caroline Burke 
Dr. Loretta Wilson     ????     2/1985   audiologist, Maggie
Martha __ Wilson   Anna Minot   1966-71      Sandy's mother
Matt Wilson       Allan Lander (now Alan) 2/1985     Australian detective 
Mrs. Wilson       ????   1973   sister-in-law of Marsha Davidson
Nancy Wilson      Nancy Wilson    ????  singer cameo
Officer Wilson     John Schiappa      1997
Professor Wilson    ???? or Never Seen  11/80  brother of Connie ; father of Hayley; archaeologist that died on a dig.
Madison Winchell      Angea Zaires      2004
Stan Winchell    Estes Tarver    2009
Edna __ Winklemeyer    Debra Jo Rupp    2008   camp counselor
Dr. Winslow   ??????    1973     Wally Matthews friend
Mayor Winston      Cynthia Mace   2007
Sheila Winston      Martha Lambert    1979-80  liked Tom; accused of stealing from Valerie; cleared; worked with Lisa at the bookstore; knew the Andropoluos brothers from her past; Steve had set her up years before.
Dr. Winters       Tony Crane    
Joan Winters    Georgann Johnson   1963
Larry Winters      ?????    1958     Bob's friend
Reverend Winters    Clark Gordon
Cass Winthrop  Stephen Schnetzer   1999-2002; 2005; 2006   attorney from Bay City; defended Margo for murder(LOST); worked for Craig; represented  Gwen in a custody hearing; defended Emily.
Lila Hart Roberts Cory Winthrop     Lisa Peluso    1999    Cass's wife
Dean Hugh Wittle    Robert Logan     ????   Oakdale U
Dick Wolf    Kip Niven    
Amy Wolfe    Alice Elliott    1978
Herb Wolfson    Justin Reinsilber       2002
MacKenzie Wong   Alice Lee     2009     nanny
Nurse Sandra Wong    Linda Wang     1997-99
Assistant Dean Woods    Guy Paul    
Amy Wright     Yvette Thor     1993
Reverend Wright    Richard Thomsen
  Ben Wrigley    Bates Wilson    1989 
Glenn Wurlitzer   Jay Edwards    
Olivia Wycroft    Cynthia Dozier    1987-95   occasional   fashion designer
Rhonda Wyler    ????    4/26/2010   Public Relations Exec
Dr. Bradley  "Wyn" Wyndham   Jack Gwaltney   1993-95    Royce' psychiatrist; was involved with Janice.  
Captain Gideon Wyndham   Richard Michael Hughes
Loretta __ Wyndham     ???     1982 
 Willow Wyndham    Donna Barnes
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Bartender      Malachy McCourt     1984

                         John Rensenhouse    1983  (EON)

Court Stenographer     Kathleen Turner    1977

Delivery Man      Ty Treadway 

Detective      Tucker Smallwood   1983

District Attorney     Kenneth Harvey       1966

                                 Mandel Kramer       1956

                                 Paul Sparer    ????

Doctor              David Bishins       2008

                            Stephen Joyce    1993-94   Susan's in-vitro

                              Daniel Ziskie      ????     (Mental Ward)

Drummer          Eriq LaSalle  

Flower Woman    Gloria Irizarry

Funeral Director     Ted Tinling   (EON)

Hit Man     Peter D. Greene      1992

Intern       Victoria Platt    

Judge             Jean De Baer   (AW)

                           Barbara Montgomery 1984 (Amen)

                             Roger Rathburn  

                                Roger Serbagi    

Lamaze Woman       Kathleen Mahony-Bennett   

Las Vegas Minister     Chuck Wagner     (Elvis Impersonator)

Lookalike (Samantha)  Beth Ostrofsky Stern  

Maid               Kelly Coffield Park

Matron        Michele Shay       (AW)

Mayor      John Furey       2008

Messenger      Richard Niles    1969

Minister             Erick Avari        1986

                              Bernie McInerny  

                                 Greg Mullavey  1983 (Tom and Margo's wedding)

                                   Daniel Ziskie   2010

Montegan Rebel      Paul Calderon   1985  (OLTL)

Mother         Judith Ivey       (Designing Women)

Movie Voice-Over   John Benjamin Hickey       1996

Mystery Man      Louis Zorich     1987

Nurse         Avis McCarther    (AMC)

Orderly      Alan Manson       1968

Paralyzed Girl      Gaye Huston  pre-1966

  Partner (Jeff Baker)    Randolph Kraft    late 1950s-early 1960s??  

Peoria Cop    Jerrome Preston Bates  

Pilot       Philip Bryce    (Lucinda's)   (Scott Bryce's brother)

                     Kevin O'Rourke  (OLTL)

Pilot's Voice-Over      Larkin Malloy

Psychiatrist     Michael Higgins    1960  (GL)

Radio Announcer   Larkin Malloy  2006

Reporter    Melissa Dye      (THE CITY)

Roastmaster     Chip Zien   1985

Shipping Agent    Tom Mardirosian

Stage Manager      Jon Bernthal  (The Walking Dead)

State Trooper     Bill Fagerbakke    1986

Teen Girl       Stephanie Gatschett  1999

Thai Man    Never Seen     Amy Hughes' father

Thief      Joey Buttafuoco      1985

Trooper     Dan Ahearn       1987

Under Five         Dana Delaney     1978

                               Kelly Sullivan           (GH,Y&R)

Usher         Jim Fyfe     (Dark Shadows  Primetime)

Video Clerk    Christina Chang     1997

Waitress    Ryan Michelle Bathe 

                (Al's)   Tina Johnson    1998

Witness     S. Epatha Merkerson       

Woman     Joanne Bayes     1998

Young Nurse   Ryan Michelle Bathe




No Character information, Notables 


Mariann Aalda  (Ex OLTLAWGL, SUN and Models, Inc.)   pre-79 

Tammy Amerson   (Ex OLTLSFT)

Marian Baer   (Ex Eve Fine, LOL, EON, TD, SFTGL)

Powers Boothe (2 lines)

Jane Alice Brandon   (OLTLAW, LIAMST

Pat Carroll

Kate Charleson  (Leslie Charleson's sister)   ((Ex-GH, LOL, EP:NAS) pre 77

Patricia DeRosa (AKA Trish Cook)   (Ex Julia Scott, EON)

Judy Dewey (Ex Blaine-lite, AW, Dallas)

Jerry Dodge   (1966)

Burt Douglas   (72-73)   ( Ex- EON ,DOOL (2 roles), 

AMC, Morning Star, Peyton Place., GH, Executive Suite

Eric Dressler (Ex SFT, EON, Golden Windows)

Alice Drummond (1984) (Ex AW, RH, ATWT, WTHI, & LIAMST)

Bruce Fairbairn  (Ex-AW, KL, LIAMST

Arlene Francis   

Cathy Greene   AW, HTSAM

Ed Herlihy    (Today Show)

Francesca James  (ex- AMC, AMC, OLTL, AMC 2.0, SS

James Kiberd   pre 1983  (ex- Loving, AMCATWTAW

Lauri Landry   (AW)

Gene Lindsey  (ex TD, LOL, LiAMST, DS, 

Susan Lucci (TD LiaMST, AMC Dallas, Devious Maids)  (possibly a nurse)

Dina Merrill  

Theresa Merritt    (That's My Mama)

Gwen Mitchell   (BOE)

Rita Morley   (EON, TEX, Secret Storm)

Rosemary Murphy  (pre-71)   (AMCAWATWT SS, Y&R)

Nicholas Pryor  65 

David Ramsey 

Lester Rawlins  3 days in 1965 or 1966

Cindy Rinehart    (soap reporter) (LOV, GH, AMC, DOOL)

Elvera Roussell   (pre-77)  (GL, B&B)

Nipsey Russell  (1983)

Raymond St. Jacques   (Dallas, Falcon Crest)

Eugene Smith   6/13/83    GL (2 roles,) OLTL, AMC, SOM, EON, AW

George L. Smith  ;Several roles TD, LOV, DOOL, From These Roots, SS, OLTL, etc.

Jocelyn Somers (pre-77)  The Doctors (3 roles), RH, DOOL

Dorothy Stinnette (pre 71) AW (2 roles) Somerset, Another Life, LOV, EON, OLTL

Dolph Sweet   (66)  AW, EON, SOM, DS  

Gretchen Walther     AMC, TD (2 ROLES) SFT, OLTL,HIDDEN FACES, LOL, SS (2 ROLES)

Chris Weatherhead   EON, Y&R, DOOL, Dallas, LOL




Dan McCullough     1956-82

Dan Region              1982-99


Baby Nurse       Wendy Donn-Podos   1981-2010

Medical Advisor   Marilyn Brenner-Sowyak



A comprehensive list of Nameless characters will be posted soon.

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Miss Brent    Hope Sansberry    1958


Senator Ed Deakins...Joseph Boland 1954  Tiny's boss


Dr. Gibson...OBGYN ...1958,,,Mercer McCloud


Fred Slade   Frank Thomas  54   Editor, Vanessa





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Mr. Winks     Peter Saputo        1982

Peaches and Herb      Peaches and Herb band 1981




Dr. Brad Campbell...George Kane...62-64 LOL  engaged to Patti




Anesthetist      Ronald Dawson  "The Helping Hand    4/19/1963

Nurse.. Sunja Svensen    "The Helping Hand    4/19/1963  




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JULY 6, 1953- JANUARY 8,1954 NBC


Hope Bennett...???????

Nancy _____Bennett...Eloise Kummer TAMC

...Paula Houston

Mikey Bennett    Jerry Garvey  (son, age 13)

Wayne Bennett...Don Gibson   Attorney

Blaney Cobb...Jack Lester

Meg Cobb...Beverly Younger

George Konosis...Sam Siegel

Judge Mansfield...???

Helen Meade...??????

Stacy Victor...???

Alma Wells.......Kay Westfall

Bert Wells..Jim Andelin      Wayne's friend, believed involved in a theft

Ellie ____ Wells...???????Bert's wife

Speedy Winters...Vi Berwick ATTL






Jaqueline Berkey        1/54

Dick Cleary                 1/54

Karen Conley                1/54


  Elsbeth Hoffman                1/54   

Barnard Hughes

Carlton Kendall                   1/54

Lynwood King


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Someone has updated Generations' cast on imdb





MARCH 27,1989-JANUARY 25, 1991       NBC








Nicky Abdul       ....   Abdul Saaam El Razzac      90

Brandy Alexander (Royal)    Lela Rochon   91     [model +Adam]

Officer Andrews    Kevin Bourland    1990

Elmer Arbuckle  ....    Frank Birney   1990     

Emmett Arbuckle   ....   Bob Larkin   1990      

Fritz Ballard      ....    Victor Warren       1990 

Jensen Bardmoor   ...   Corbin Timbrook    89    

Charles Barton   ....    Never Seen  ...90  security guard who died in the pharmaceutical lab explosion]

Rita _______ Barton     ....    Sheila Wills        90      +Charles. Widow of the security guard who died in the pharmaceutical lab explosion]

Wally Beaumont    .....   Myles Thoroughgood       89 [former gang member. Worked at the scoop shop]  

Mr. Becker     Robert Louis Kempf      1989

Carrie Bothwaite    ...    Rosemarie Castellanos    89-90

Officer Boyd     Christopher Kriesa  1990

Lord Lloyd Bradfield    ....    Ronald Allen [+Rebecca. Attorney at law firm.]       1989

Mrs. Brezinsky         ....        Kathleen Freeman       89     [ran deli next to the scoop shop. Cranky customer]    

Judge Brighton      .....     Bert Rogel, Esquire

Gail Brinkley     .....    Colleen Casey             89    [attorney involved in the Hugh Gardner estate/Jason Craig murder]

Professor Burgess     Greg Callahan    1990

Wendell Burton    ....   Laurence Lott       89-90       

Lieutenant Lucas Carelli    ....    Antony Ponzini    89-91   [Kyle’s boss]

Edna Carr        ....    Colleen Casey          89           Suzette Charles     ... Suzette Charles      

Michael Chatsworth       Chris Capen      1989

Dr. Chen       ...    France Nuyen         89                 [Jessica’s doctor while in rehab]

Mr. Chu          Keone Young       90       

Nelson Clark    Brian Sheehan    1990

Reverend Cole    Mel Stewart    1990

Jade Collins    ....     Shannon Tweed    89          [soap opera character sleeping with Vic Reynolds, Lacey’s husband]

Professor Considine    John Dewey Carter    1989

Leonard Cooper    ....    Richard Roat      89-90     [producer of “Tomorrow is Another Day. Last appeared in 1990 when Jessica was trying to sell a movie about her involvement in art smugglling]

Jason Craig     .....    Anthony Addabbo     89-91    

Monique McCallum Craig   ....   Nancy Sorel     89-91     

Senator Tim Craig   ....   Never Seen [may have been seen in flashbacks. Jason did have nightmares about the accident. Don’t remember if we saw somebody else during the drowning]

Gwenetta ___ Dawson    Darwyn Carson    1990 

Tyrell   Dawson      ....   Sterling Macer, Jr.     90-91   

Antoinette DeMure    Kimberly  Farr    1989

Sonny DeSilva    ...    Jaime Gomez    89     [Jason’s photography assistant]

Jessica Gardner Craig Donnelly

                        Barbara Rhoades   89   

                    ....    Linda Gibboney        89-91  

Professor Rob Donnelly    ....    George Deloy      89-90   

Linda Dukes      ......     Tonya Lee Williams       89          [college student who Adam flirted with. I only saw her in May 1989 episodes. To be fair, Sussman would bring back minor characters frequently so its possible she returned.]

Commissioner Edmonds   John S. Ragin     1991

Dr. Ellis    Bill Washington      1989

Mr. Fleischer    ....   Ian Abercrombie     90    

Emily Fober      ...   Frances Bay  89                     [confused older woman who came forward about the Jason Craig murder.]

Mr. Foley    John O'Connell       1990

Mrs. Franklin        Chris Weatherhead    1990

Sylvia Furth     ....   Donna Mitchell    1989

                        Elinor Donahue          89   [executive for the network airing “Tomorrow is Another Day.” I believe another actress played Sylvia prior to Elinor Donahue.]

Hugh Gardner    ....   Jack Betts         89   

Garrett Graham    ....    David Anthony Smith   90   

Lincoln Greer     ....    Smokey Robinson      89    [stockbroker. Adam’s cellmate. The pressure of work turned him onto cocaine.]

Dylan Hale      ...    Sandy Simpson      91         [possible heir to Hale empire]

Jordan Hale   .....   George Shannon    89-90            ....   Robert Gentry      90  - 91  \

[I’m not positive, but I believe Jordan was credited well into 1991 even though he died in December 1990. I wonder if they planned to bring him back from the dead ala Jason Craig]

Stephanie "Sam" Whitmore Hale   ...   Kelly Rutherford  89-91\

        (young)   Tracy Rowe    1990

(Young)  (5 years old)       Amanda McAdam     1990    

Professor Hansen   ....    John Dewey-Carter  89        (original name of Professor Considine)

Reverend Red Hardy   ....   Jerry Potter       

Mimi __ Harrington .....   Mimi Torchin     1990

Lawrence  Harrington       ....    Steve Kavner 1990

Mrs Hassan         .....   Diana Simonzadeh         Alex Hawkins    ....     Paul Carr           

Reginald Hewitt    ....    Ian Ogilvy         90-91      [+Jessica. Art thief. Friends with Jordan]

Andrew Horocek    Matt Roe    1989

Dr. Elliott Hunter       ...       Bingwa          89 [+Chantal. Dentist. May have proposed to Chantal] 

  Junior Hutchins      ....   Paul Martel    Vern’s son. I don’t know about Emmett and Elmer]      1990  

Mary Gardner Hutchins    Mina Kolb      89-91     

Vern Hutchins            Len Wayland       90-91 

Mrs. Ito.        Jeanne Mori        1990

Mr. Ito             ...         Richard Narita     90     

(Baby) Danielle Jackson    ....    ????

Doreen Walker Jackson     ....    Jonelle Allen    89-91         

Martin Jackson       .....    Rick Fitts       89-90 

Dr. Warren Jackson    .....    Robert Hooks  89        

                                                Thalmus Rasulala 90  [Martin’s father. Robert Hooks played the part in November 1989 last appearing in a fantasy sequence shaming Doreen about the baby. A second actor appeared at the hospital in March 1990 when he came to see his ‘granddaughter’ Danielle.]

Officer   Jacobs    ...    Robert Doqui   1990

Madame Jarre     ....    Lillian Garrett      89 [ran a hostel that Jason often stayed at. Jessica contacted her when she was looking for her son]  

Paul Jarre        ....    Jon Lindstrom        89-90      [Madame Jarre’s nephew. Went backpacking with Jason. Later shot and killed by Mary]

DA David Jeffries     ....    Brian Stokes Mitchell      89 

Miss Jenkins     Karen Elise Baldwin      1989

Lewis Kaiser        ....    Craig Austin    90-91    

Reverend Keller   Jay Karnes    1990

Todd Kelsey     Stu Levin    1990

Jacques Langlois   ....    Phillipe Simon       

Mr. Lee     Ralph Ahn      1990

Harvey Lerner      Joel Hoffman    1989

Stuart Lowry      Dan Gerrity    1990

Dr. Lugar                ...   Ed Evanko    89    [university psychiatrist Sam saw about her sexual harassment claims]

Norman Mark    ....     Norman Mark       1990

Stan Maroni      David Ault   clerk at Beroni's  1989 

Adam Marshall    Kristoff St. John     89-91    

D.A, Chantale Marshall    ...    Sharon Brown      89-90 

        ....Debbi Morgan   90-91    see Hoppers

Henry Marshall     ...     Taurean Blacque        89-90     

                 ....  James Reynolds            90-91   

Ruth Potter Marshall    .....    Joan Pringle      89-91 

       (young)   Yvette Holland Vasquez  1989

           (young)    Joyce Agu

Lt. Kyle Masters           ...      Robert Torti    89-91      

Sean Masters    Butch Hartman           90-91   [Kyle’s brother who Kyle arrested. Eric’s cellmate]

Reverend Matthews ... David Haskell   89-91 

Cory McCallum     ....    Tom Hermann   89 [spent the summer home from military school. Roped into a letter writing campaign by his uncle to get Jessica back on as Lacey on “Tomorrow is Another Day”]

Dylan McCallum    ...   Never Seen

Laura Whitmore McCallum   ....    Gail Ramsey   89-90    [I don’t know if Ramsey appeared in 1991 but she was certainly set to as the show wanted both Laura and J.D. as part of the Peter story.]

        (young)   Joleen Lutz    1989

         (young)   Paige Pengra    1989

Trevor McCallum            ...         Andrew Masset  89-90  

Dale McGinnis    Bruce Taylor    1990

Chris Mendoza      ....   Dean Devlin       89      

                                    ....    Bernie White    89    

Carla Meyers  ....    Marnie McPhail        89      [Trevor’s assistant]

                                   … Amy Yasbeck 89

Dr. Miller   Lawrence Lott     1990

Claude Montreau         ... Patrick Gorman      90-91     

Dr. Morley   ....    Carol Wyand      1990

Charles Mullen    ....    Joseph Whipp   89-90    

Helen ______ Mullen   ....       ??????? 89 [Helen is first introduced played by an uncredited dayplayer in July 1991. She and Ruth are inducted into the Women’s Art Council at the same time.]

Marla Adams 89-90      [I don’t think she appeared in 1991, did she? I don’t think she was written out though.

Howard Nathan    Mark Schneider     1990

Lieutenant Nestor    ....    Robin Strand     89  

                               ....            David Froman    89-90    [Kyle’s partner who he fought with. Kyle called him Det. Nasty]

Colonel Nevins    Peter Looney      1990

Officer O'Reilley        Marshall Teague   89    

Captain Parker     John Mahon   1989

Aurora Perkins    Marianne McAndrew    1990

Kim Perez   Andre  Benita  (Mart)    89-90

Sandy Phillips        .....    Jason Kane     1990

Officer Porter      ....    James Ingersoll   1990

Vivian    ________  Potter       ... Lynn Hamilton   89-91   

Brian Price    ....     Tim Russ      1990        [reporter who wrote the story about the bombing at the Marshall home]

DA Steven Radford  ....  Barry Jenner    90   

                          ....    James Raymond    90     

Rita Remsen        ....     Dorothy Fielding   89   

Mitch Renelli     .........    Paul Lobosco    89 [replaced Sonny as Jason’s assistant]

                             ....    Ron Marquette     89      

                               .... David Ciminello    89      

Joel Resnick     ....    Rick Lohman     89-90         [+Laura. I don’t think he aired in 1991 but I think he and Laura were still involved.]

Amy   ___    Reubens    ....    Viveca A. Fox  90         (flashback)

Dr. Daniel Reubens         .....     Richard Roundtree  90-91 [I think Roundtree left the show before it ended. I think he was last on contract in October and may have appeared on a recurring basis. I haven’t watched much of what I have of the last few months]

Maya   Reubens           .......    Viveca A. Fox   89-91   

Vic Reynolds                ....      John Gabriel   89     [Lacey’s husband on “Tomorrow is Another Day.”]

Darren Rhymes             ...    Never Seen

Jaclyn Marshall Rhymes    ....  Never Seen

Kevin Rhymes           ....    Never Seen

Lizzie    Rhymes          ....    Never Seen

Judge Samuel Romer   Allen Williams     89  

Benita ____   Royal     ....    Janet McLachlan     90   \ [Eric’s mother seen during his trial. I don’t think the character was seen after the character’s trial ended, but I may be wrong.]

Eric Royal        ....   Randy Brooks   90-91 

Brad Russell    ....    Robert B. Wilson    90      

Christy ___ Russell ... Patricia Tallman    89-90         [I think Christy may have appeared in 1989 as well]

                              ....   Stacey Nelkin      90    

Jon Sherwood     ....   Peter Marc   

John Spector    .    Allen Williams      89-90

Judge Alan Spencer    ....    Ben Piazza    89    

Roy Stacy      Mark Howell     1989   

Murray    Stein   Phillip Hoffman           89

Dr. Stevens          ....    Greg Mortensen   1989-90      

Mitchell Taylor         ...    Josef Rainier  89-91     [Jordan’s half-brother. Mob boss]

Candace Thompson   ....     Mary Watson     89        [+Adam]

Judge Sherman Titus       ....    Stewart Moss    1990

Alan   ....    John J. D'Alessandro    89    [Monique’s boss at Windy City Magazi                            ....    Martin Hewitt      89   

Dean Umoto             Haunani Minn   89-90    [possibly 1990 as well. Dealt with the sexual harassment claims]

Stephen Wain        ...    Jim McKrell    89  [partner in the ad agency Trevor worked for]

Dean Walsh      ....    George Pentecost    89   

Phillip Webb      ....    Bruce Gray    89     [partner in the law office.

Reverend White         William Bogert                1989

J.D. Whitmore    ....    Gerard Prendergrast    89     l [plans were made to recast the character in 1991 had the show continued]

Peter Whitmore     .....     Ron Harper   90-91 

      (young)        Corbin Timbrook     1990-91

Rebecca ____ Whitmore   ....   Patricia Crowley  89-90  

        .........  Dorothy Lyman 90-91 

Johnny Wilde                        ....    George Duke    89-90 [ran Johnny’s Hideaway. Doreen’s friend]   

Gordon Williams      ....    Christopher B. Duncan    89  [Adam’s college friend]

Officer Williams      Kevin Bourland   1990

Kate ________ Wilson            ....     Robin Dearden     90 [ran Wilson & Friends book store. Harboring Daniel. Ex-flame of Rob]

Ted Winters              ....    Bobby Hosea     90   [Kate’s associate. Harboring Daniel]


Amber the lingerie model   .... Jasmin Paul       89  - 91     

Anna                   Nicole Niblack    1990

Barbara           Jacquelyn Masche     1989

Billie the lingerie model      ....  Patricia Tallman     89

Carl     Alan Woolf      1990

Casey                  Derek Mitchell

Casey                        James Chisem   90

Cindy        Jana Marie Hupp     1989

Cliff                        Albert Macklin     1990

Crane       Keenan Thomas             1990

Darren        Steve Whiteford       1990

Dave      Peter Koch         1990

Dede  that dated Sean   Laurelle Brooks  (Mehus)  91

Dillon           ....    Jonathon Sachar         90

Eddie                               ...   Len Birman     90  

Eugene     Guerin Barry         1990

Flo        Lynnie Godfrey         1990

Gretchen    Rosie Malek Yonan    90 

Harris             Rene Levant    1990

Hilda      Nancy Parsons         1989

Iggy         J. P. Mullarkey     1999

Jack the player       ...     Vince McKewin    90 

Jim        John Shepard    1989

John                      ...        Douglas Sills    90  

John the Interior Decorator    Peter Marc Jacobson   1989-90

Kathleen      Nancy Linari       1990

Lamar, Doreen's butler   ......   Donald Willis    89-90    

Lionel, Mary's butler       ....   Eric Christmas    89-90  

Liz            Leilani Sarelle         1990

Nurse Loretta       Rio Kelley    1989

Louise the maid       Jana Grant       

Marcus                        .....     Damien Lee    91  

Mark    ...        Joseph Scott       1990

Max        David Donham         1989

Melina + Peter          ....    Gina Gallego    90     

Nora, Martin's assistant    . Laurel Lockhart   89-90   

Red     Jerry Potter     1990

Rollo                 Richard Green        1990

Madame Rosa       ,,,,,       Lynn Lowry      90    

                             ....      Jeanna Michaels   90  

Rose                 Gwen E. Davis

Rudy              Hank Brandt    1990

Sarah, Mary's maid    ....   Lois de Banzie     89-90    

Scott         Patrick Lowe            1989

Sean                ....     David Duran    90        

Sidney the front desk clerk....    Victor Gardell    89           ...   

Spencer Lito Wilson   89

Stavros               Bruce Marchiano        1990  

Thelma , Sam's agent     Carol Ann Susi     89-90      

Todd  the musician      ......        Scott Colomby    90   

Tom                                      ....            Patrick Sweeney 

Tom               David Duran      1990  

Wendy                      Lynda Robertson    89

Wolf the musician         Mark Goodman   89




Bartender     Guy Garner     1989-91
Bellman      .....Douglas Maida    90    
Child          ............ Heather Lauren Olsen       90       
Christmas Soloist         Mavis Vegas Davis          90
Clerk            Olivia Negron       1990 
Cop          Count Stovall         1989   
Dance Coach     Don Franklin     1989-90
Deejay   (voice-over)      ..       Scott Jenkins       89 
Director             Bill Applebaum            1989
Doctor                Sandy Edgerton              1990
Doctor                Robert Symonds              1990
Doctor                   Peter Brown  89 
Drummer for “Men of Essence” … Jon Lindstrom 89
Factory Worker    Ta-Tanisha         1989
Fire Marshall .             Bob McLean      89      
Fish Handler      Marc Vasconcellos     91  
Guard                           Mark Ozello     1990
Head Nurse     Kathleen Arc     1990
Hit Man            J.K. Palmer            90
Homeless Man     Paul Welterlen    1990
Hotel Clerk                        Tery Lockett       89  
Janitor                    ....    Gary Hollis    ,       90
Jazzman                  Marcus Chong           1989
Juror                    .....      Marcy Goldman            90
Master of Ceremonies     Stuart Nisbet      1990
Maternity Nurse    Linda Kurimoto      1990
Musicians               ...Jon Stroll     
                                 ....      Sol Gubin    
                               .....    Andy Simpkins
Newscaster            Maggie Egan        1990
Nurse                        Ronn Riser          
Office Worker      .....     Scott Jenkins        89    
Officer         ...........        Christopher Michael     90    Orphan              ....           Brandon Crane    90   
Paramedic      Conrad Hurtt         1990     
                                           Eileen Conn         1990        
Pawnbroker            ........   Stanley Brock  89     
Pianist       Gil Leib      1990
Police Technician  .....   Harry  Morgan  Moses  89  
Policeman              ....         Peter Love       1989
                                     Ray Laska     1990
                                Vaughn Armstrong     1990            Reporter                   Leo Ryan          1990
Secretary    (Jordan)       Pamela Clay    1990       
Security Guard    .....     Frank Miller            90
                           E.R. Davies     1989
Student                    Rick Simone      90              
Train Commuter     James Anthony Caruso       89
Waiter                 .....     Brandon Tartikoff
Waiter        ...... Jasper Cole       90   
Waitress        .....      Roquel LaFayette     90         
 Warden                  Max Segar         1990
 Woman on the phone     Pamela Galloway       1989
Hank Garrett                     


Rhonda Lord                            
@dc11786  if you have info on any of the newly posted characters, please let me know. I truly appreciate all the tidbits you added the last time!




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Jack Debente        Roderick M. Spencer




?????    Greg Wrangler




?????   Greg Wrangler




Senator Joseph McCarthy (flashbacks)   Joe Gramm  1982


Danny                  Jim Fitzpatrick    1986


Social Worker     Lainie Miller  1987


Waiter          John Van Dalen     1983-84


White House Aide         Tiana Barron     1984; 1985





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While not technically a soap, it was a hybrid court show-anthology-melodrama with soap opera overtones. Christopher Schemering included it in his Encyclopedia. Cases lasted approximately nine days...





Lord Charlcott...Ralph Michael

Dr. Christine Helder...Georgina Cookson


Bailiff...Mandel Kramer GL,EON

Counsel for the Defendant...William Fox

Counsel for the Plaintiff...Martin Benson

Court Reporter...Bill Stout

...Jim McKay

...    Bob Hite    subbed for Jim McKay one week in 3/58

...Jack Whittakher



  Ex wife(father suing for custody)Cece Whitney    6/60  

Father suing for custody of son...Steve Brodie    6/ 60

Girl suing for alienation of affection...Sallie Brophy

Judge...David Ensor

Lawyer...Robert Rietty

Married Couple...Ruth Enders...12/58

...Paul Tripp...12/58

Mother...Diane Ladd SS

Witness...Brad Glover                   Santa




Art Alliance...11/59

Malcolm Atterbury...5/61

  Ray Barnes         6/ 1960 

Patricia Barry... AMC,ATWT,,DOO\L, GL,FL,LOV,FRRP/LF.........8/59

Richard Bayer    3/58

Nancy Berg  10/58

  Barbara Bestar        6/60 

  Sally Bliss        6/60 

Ellen MacRae Burstyn TD, movies

Irene Champlin (Field)

Forrest Compton AW,EON,ATWT, TBD

Helen Conrad ...10/60

Craig Curtis

Sara Dolley     5/58

Elaine Ellis...3/59

James Farley...9/61

Sarah Hardy YDM,FTR,DOOL

Margaret Hayes...11/60 ATFU/FITW

Frances Helm...7/62 ATWT,VL,RH,SS

Michael Higgins    1958

Maury Hill...6/59

Patricia Huston...2/61 GH,DOOL

Marril E Joels...3/60

Jessica Jones     7/59

Eileen Letchworth   

George Maharis SFT

Jane Manning...7/61 LOL, LIAMST

Hugh Marlowe ...8/62 AW,

Lee Merriweather

  Ann O'Neal        6/60

Ann Pearson

Audrey Peters AMC,GL,SFT,LOL,LOV

Esther Ralston Radio, OFD

Dorothy Reese

Marian Russell

Hope Summers...9/61 Hawkins Falls

Bill Tabbert...4/58

Suzie Tripp(age 14)...3/60

Lurene Tuttle 8/62 DYN,

Dick Van Patten

Brian Weske


from Paul Raven:

Re The Verdict Is Yours

The show moved taping location from NY to Hollywood in June 1960. New set was introduced with viewers being told new courthouse was being used.

Jim McKay worked for 3 weeks before leaving as he did not wish to relocate permanently.

 first LA case 'The Matter of Vail'



Some more info on Verdict Is Yours.


Premiere Story

The kidnapping of a six year old child by the natural mother from the couple with whom it had been left 5 years earlier.



Real life lawyers

Spencer Pinkham

Abraham Harkavy


Real life judge

Arthur P McNulty



Florence Stanley - housemaid of foster parents

Eugene wood - doctor friend of foster family

Lenka Patterson - natural mother of child

Don Briggs

Douglas Fletcher Rogers

Katherine Balfour


Actress Mari Lynn appeared Set 58.


Edited by slick jones
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Joyce Lasskey   Never Seen    first love of Dr. Speer


Student Nurse     Carla Dragoni    1978




Hannah Burns    Dorothy Blackburn  1975


possibly a character prior to Sarah Briskin, possibly a misprint.

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So I came across a television  soap opera that I've never  heard of.  It's title is "Highway to the Stars"  It ran from August to October of 1947.


A soap opera about a singer who tries to make it big in the city.


It's one credited star is Patricia Jones, no character.







Lester Rawlins appeared on ATWT for 3 days in late 1965 or early 1966. he was apparently let go.  





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10 minutes ago, slick jones said:

So I came across a television  soap opera that I've never  heard of.  It's title is "Highway to the Stars"  It ran from August to October of 1947.


A soap opera about a singer who tries to make it big in the city.


It's one credited star is Patricia Jones, no character.


I have a list that calls itself a comprehensive list of all before & all 4 left now. That title is not on that "supposedly" comprehensive list. FYI.

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15 minutes ago, slick jones said:

I can honestly say, I don't care remotely.


Well, okay. I just quickly looked through 4 old soap books & it was not there. So, also not having ever heard of it, I climbed onto the web:


And, there it was. So, you say you want info. I passed along this info to you. Hope you have a good night.

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