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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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On 3-10-2018 at 10:17 AM, slick jones said:

Rosalind __ Hatchley    Ina Balin        1986

                                          Annette Miller     1987


The November 1986 episodes surrounding the "Hello Barbara" reveal have Annette Miller listed in the credits as Rosalind. Which makes sense, as I believe the character was killed off during that time (I think she fell victim to Hensley Taggart). So, I doubt Miller was on in 1987, unless it was via flashback/ghost appearance.

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I finally got around to re-reviewing some of the earliest ATWT lists. I'm adding in dates, descriptions, alternative spellings, etc. in bold.
Some of these might be a bit obvious, but I'd rather overshare than undershare

Please register in order to view this content

This is just what I gathered from my own memory of post-2000 episodes, my viewings of classic episodes and what's in the scrapbook. I'll certainly find out more later, and will make sure to add it when I do.


On 19-10-2017 at 11:22 AM, slick jones said:
APRIL 2, 1956-SEPTEMBER 17, 2010   CBS
Bill Abbott....Patrick O'Neal       Hotel, EP,NAs, PFL     [Early 60's; had an affair with Claire]
Michael Alcott...   Richard Bekins        AW, OLTL   93     [Neal's husband]
                      ...Stephen Bogardus...AW, AMC, GL, SFT   93     [Neal's husband]
Danielle "Dani" Andropolous...    Colleen Broomall    raised (briefly) by Craig Montgomery   84-88
                                               ...   Kristanna Loken...   94
                                                ...Ashley Williams   95-96, 97-99, 00-01(occ)     [I was watching from 2000 onwards, and I'm pretty sure I've never seen her]
                                                ...Deidre Skiles    08
Any further information is, as always, appreciated. 
On 23-10-2017 at 9:16 AM, slick jones said:



Amazonia...Kristen Johnson   tattoo artist     [1994; she was a lead followed by Hal in a case]


Edited by Brolden
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On 26-2-2018 at 12:03 AM, slick jones said:


@Brolden @P.J.




Dick Baker    Carl Low      56-61   father, Jeff Baker  AW. EON, SFT     [Scrapbook has him listed as 'Carl LowLate', but it has a lot of errors, so I think you might be right]

                      Court Benson     61-62      TD, CV,VR


Michael Baldwin     Christian J. LeBlanc   05   attorney  ATWT, Y&R, GL     [Represented Jack and Keith in the custody case for J.J.] 


Karen Barnes    Diane Sitter     [1989; Derek Mason's assistant]


Thomas Beeton   Mark Pinter    (FB)     [Beatrice McKechnie's deceased fiancé, bearing a striking resemblance to Brian McColl]


Dr. Bellows   Brock Peters        66         Y&R     [African-American prison physician, who encouraged Roy McGuire to go into medicine]

                      P.Jay Sidney   67                 TD     [African-American prison physician, who encouraged Roy McGuire to go into medicine]


Agent Jason Benedict   John Hutton        89     AW     [District Attorney; tried to prosecute Paul Stenbeck; later married Iva Snyder]

                                       Jonathon Hogan   92-93             OLTL, RH, TD     [District Attorney; tried to prosecute Paul Stenbeck; later married Iva Snyder]


Anna Rose Benson   Frances Helm        88   widow, Arnold    EON, RH, SS, DS, VL     [Used to live in Tom & Margo's house]

Arnold Benson   ???        murdered mailman          88      [Used to live in Tom & Margo's house]


Frank Berman     Ruben Nicolai                06     [Bartender at the Lakeview]


Mrs. Berryessa    Never Seen     82-83  parent, Nicole Donovan     [Scrapbook spells it 'Berrysea']

Mr. Berryessa       Never Seen     82-83 parent  Nicole Donovan     [Scrapbook spells it 'Berrysea']


Ambrose Bingham   Bernie MacInerney  85   attorney/confidante Lucinda   OLTL, AW, Models, Inc. CPW, ATWT, RH, EON     [Isn't it spelled 'McInerney'?]

                                  Dillon Evans            AW, EON   86

                                  William LaMassena   87-93     [Isn't it spelled 'LeMassena'?]

                                   Dick Latessa   93       OLTL, EON, CPW


Reverend George Booth   Paul Keeler     [Jennifer and Kim Sullivan's confidant; confirmed that Melinda was Jennifer's daughter]

                                           Philip Sterling         76-79  GLx3, TD, SOM, LOL, SIS,EPNAS, AW, EON, SFT     [Jennifer and Kim Sullivan's confidant; confirmed that Melinda was Jennifer's daughter]


Leslie Bourdeaux   Kim Snyder             92-93    Native American lawyer       LOV     [Simone's sister; tried to block Cal from buying up tribal land; Scrapbook spells it 'Bordeau']

Simone Bourdeaux     Kimberly Norris      92-93      Northern Exposure, Blood and Oil     [Navajo girl; rented a room from Lyla; Scrapbook spells it 'Bordeau']

                                   Kateri Walker   93     [Navajo girl; rented a room from Lyla; Scrapbook spells it 'Bordeau']


Agent Del Brackett    Jay Acovone          03   AMC, ATWT, SFT, GH, Providence     [I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but he was an FBI agent looking into Dusty Donovan's illegal activities... although I believe he turned out to be working for James? He was also involved in kidnapping Lily and Rose and putting them in a well, which may have been on James' orders?]


Kent Bradford   Ernie Townsend     84     Manager, Juliette Hanovan          EON, FC     [And, according to the scrapbook, her fiancé]


Nate Bradley      Robert Gorrie         06       OLTL 2.0     [Part of the 2000s teen scene; dated Maddie for a while; 2nd victim of the Oakdale Slasher]


Mrs. Bryce      Judith Elder         79      Y&R, Yellow Rose,  DH , BH90210     [Patient at the hospital, that Barbara was taking care of]


Marion  Graham Burton     Margaret Klenck        73         OLTL, ATWT     [Peter's wife]

                                           Laurie Heineman         73      AW     [Peter's wife]

Peter Burton    Chris Hastings                      73     [Wally Matthews' son]


Sergeant Gerry Butler   Katell Pleven           86-87              GL     [Margo's friend; I have her listed as Sgt. Gerry Parker though... I'm not sure why]


Jerry Butler      Bernie MacInerney             76   attorney, Teddy Ellison trial   AW, RH, EON, OLTL, ATWTx3, CPW     [Isn't it spelled 'McInerney'?]


Dr. Matt Butler        Robin Thomas          82    psychiatrist, Betsy    AW, Party of Five, North Shore, DH, 90210     [The scrapbook mentions him as David's psychiatrist as well]



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On 2-5-2018 at 5:22 AM, slick jones said:



APRIL 2, 1956-SEPTEMBER 17, 2010





Alexander Cabot     Paul Hecht    1992-95     [Rosanna's father]

Edwina ___ Walsh Cabot    Rita Lloyd   1992-94     [Connor and Evan's mother; married Alexander Cabot]  
Lauren Cabot      Lauren Bailey       1995     [Rosanna's half-sister]
Peter Cabot     Chuck Santoro           1995     [Rosanna's half-brother]
Sheila Washburn Tenney Cabot   Leslie Lyles      1992     [Rosanna and Carly's mother]
Ryan Cabrera        Ryan Cabrera     [2004-10-12; Singer; performed his song 'Let's Take Our Time' at Metro]
Mary Callaghan   Never Seen       +Duncan = Beatrice     [Seen at the very end of the 1987-03-20 episode]
Brian Campbell     Jason Kimmell    1979-80     [Doug's son]
Mary Hopkins Campbell  Lisby Larson   1993 CAT,AW,ATWT,OLTL, SFT, LOV, GL     ["Aunt Mary"; Hutch Hutchison's mother]
Virgil Cartwright   Steven Dieghan      1991   GL<OLTL< AMC     [Henry Lange's crony]
Mei Lyn Chang   Lia Yang     1996             GL     [Winston Lowe's housekeeper; killed Flashdance; spelled 'Mei-Linn Chang'; 2000, not 1996]
                          Elaine Tse      1996           Spuyder Games     [Different Mei Lyn]
Agent Michael Christopher    Harris Yulin    1984-85   CM     [Steve Andropoulos' biological father]
               (YOUNG)     Michael Maniatis    1984     [Steve Andropoulos' biological father]
Eddie Ciccone   Haskell King    2010     [Janet's brother]
Rocco Ciccone   Ernest Mingione     2010     [Janet's father]
Teri Ciccone        Vanessa Ray    2009-10     [Janet's sister]
[Addition: according to my notes, there was also an Uncle Vinny and Aunt Rosalie. I can't be sure if Rosalie was Vinny's wife or his sister. They probably went unseen, being mentioned by Janet, Teri or Liberty]
Arthur Claybourne    Mike Tomlinson         1990    [Carolyn Crawford's lawyer; was in cahoots with the Harper crime family; scrapbook alternatively spells it 'Claiborne' and 'Clayborne']
                       Bill Tatum    EON, OLTL    1991-92     [Carolyn Crawford's lawyer; was in cahoots with the Harper crime family; scrapbook alternatively spells it 'Claiborne' and 'Clayborne']
Judith Clayton    Jill Larson   1986-87  AMC, OLTL, SFT,Y&R, AMC2.0, SB     [Hosted a television show]
                      Cedering Fox           1989     [Hosted a television show]
Ms. Clemens    Maryann Urbano    2005     [Gwen's former teacher; helped Gwen when she ran off to New York]
Colleen_____ Cloche    Susannah Hay    [Enos' wife]
Enos Cloche    Tom Spackman   AW, KL     [Fisherman on the Canadian border, who had helped Vicky McKinnon deliver the twins before she died; took care of Bridget and Michelle until Jake tracked them down]
Derek Coburn   Benton Greene   2008-09      GG     [Jade Taylor's father; dated Bonnie McKechnie]
Louise ___  Cole   Mary K Wells   1958     [Tim's wife]
Tanya Cole   Sadie Alexandru     2002     [Aaron's former girlfriend from Seattle]
Dr. Tim Cole   William Redfield     [1958; Louise's wife; had an affair with Ellen, which resulted in Jimmy/Dan]
Audrey ______Coleman   Lynn Herring   2009     [Henry's mother]
Claudia ___ Colfax   Mary McDonnell       1980   adopted Paul
Raymond Colfax   Tom Everett    1980     [Claudia's husband]
Dorothy ___ Connors     Nancy Pinkerton Peabody   1983-84     [Jay and Kirk's mother; killed Whit McColl]
Jay Connors     Breck Jamison    1983-86     [Dorothy's son]
Thornton Converse      Dan Hamilton   1988-89     [dated Jessica]
Valerie ___ Converse  Cynthia Mace    1988    ATWT     [Thornton's meddling mother]
Nick Conway   Doug Travis   1978   dated Tina C.     [Valerie's ex-husband]
Dr. Tony Cook   Jeffrey Donovan     1995    AW, AMC     [ambitious resident at Memorial; blackmailed and was killed by Orlena]
Harriet Corbmann   Sloane Shelton    1985-91     [Shannon's friend and confidant]
General Alberto Cordova    Nestor Carbonell    1989   MP     [commander of the opposition in Montega]
Tina Cornell   Rebecca Hollen   1978    GL, AW, Dallas     [Nick Conway's girlfriend]
Donald Creel   Sean Haberle     2004     [hired by Craig to kidnap Lucy]
Elizabeth Carpenter Cromwell   Katherine Kane   1988-91  occasional     [Iva's biological sister; Jared and Caroline's daughter; married Stuart Cromwell]
Stuart Cromwell      George Nye   1991     [Married Elizabeth Carpenter]
Colin Crowley     Jeff Hayenga    1986                 AW     [Sabrina's ex-boyfriend-turned-husband]
                           Howard McGillin   1987   Y&R,      [Sabrina's ex-boyfriend-turned-husband]
                           Chris Cousins  1988-90   AW, OLTL     [Sabrina's ex-boyfriend-turned-husband]
Caroline  Talbot Cummings   Never Seen   [Douglas' deceased wife]
Douglas Cummings   John Wesley Shipp   1985-86     [Frannie's fiancé; Kim's stalker; Killed by Marsha Talbot]
Anton Cunningham    Patrick Horgan       1986-87; 1989     [Penny's husband; race car driver; English]
Donovan Curry   Paul Leyden   2002   Y&R; ATWT     [Simon's doppelganger in Avanya]
Marcy Thompson Cushing     Marisa Tomei   1984-85     [had a crush on Bob; dated Kirk; married Stewart]
Lord Stewart Markham Cushing   Ross Kettle    1985     [Paul Stewart's long-lost son; married Marcy]
Geraldine ____ Cutler   Chevi Colton   1987-88    spied on Duncan     [housekeeper; Simon's wife]
Simon Cutler    Richard Clarke     1987-88     [spied on Duncan; caretaker; Geraldine's husband]


On 2-5-2018 at 7:35 AM, slick jones said:

Chardonnay   the dancer  Roxanna Carrascos  2006     [at The Galaxy strip club]

Cherie   the singer      Cherie     [2004; sang 'Older Than My Years' in front of Dusty and Lucy at Metro]


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Doreen Fleming Wells Aldrich     #2    ...Jennifer Wood   1977-

District Attorney Carlson ....   James Selby    1977

Dr. Edward McClintock    ....   Gordon Rigsby   1977 TGL, SS   Carolee's doctor

Assistant District Attorney Ben Pryor   ...   Ernie Furtado   1977

Dr. Jessie Rawlings           .... Petronia  Paley   1977-

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On 10/3/2018 at 10:17 AM, slick jones said:

Josslyn Hilbrandt (Higgins?)  Diane Westin     86   psychology student, friend Frannie


The character appears in the February 13, 1987 episode (no idea if it's Diane Westin or another actress) and in that episode, she refers to herself as Joslyn Higgins.

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____ Jablonski   (Mugger)           Steve Borton

______ Jackson                 Mac Randall                    2/90

District Attorney Jackson      ??????              79

Fred Jackson                  Joseph Boland   61-66    Betty Stewart's father

Jermaine Jackson               Jermaine Jackson     1984   duet with Whitney Houston

Mary ___ Jackson        Abby Lewis         61-66     Betty Stewart's mother

Mary Jackson           Laurie Heineman        ????

Nurse Jacobs          Heather Alicia Simms     05-06

______ Jacoby          Walt Willey                  87

Mr. Jacoby               Mark Lotito          03;05  AMC, LOV, OLTL

Mr. Jaggers            Michael McCormick         09

Al James                 Donald Madden      58    taunted Penny and Jeff,  Jeff killed him see hoppers

Attorney Robert James     Sean Patrick Reilley   06            GL

Willis James            Tracy Griswold        

Colonel Jameson      ????    wanted to buy chemical plant     1984

Professor Mason Jarvis            Forbes March       09     OLTL, AMC     

Mrs. Jarvis         Clarice Blackburn         87         see Hoppers

___ Jarvis           ??????       coin dealer      4/87     

Mr. Jason        Joe Silver      58     RH, LOV, EON      District Attorney

Roland Jefferies     Stephen Cell      00    used Lisa to get to Tom who had sent him to jail

Saul Jeffers         Stephen C. Bradbury          12/87

Ava ___ Jenkins      Yancy Butler      07      kidnapped JJ Snyder (formerly Larrabee)

Dr. Bill Jenkins     John Swearington        Early 70s   Annie's suitor

Isaac Jenkins       Paul Taylor      00-03    half-brother of Ben Harris

Silas  Jenkins       Wade Mylius      07     husband, Ava

_______ Jenks       Raymond Barry     83

Bessie Jennings     Bibi Osterwald         1960s    see Hoppers

Sondra Jennings     Phoebe Jones     

Judge Arland Jessup      William Mooney      99    GL, AMC, OLTL

                                John Driver            99  EON, SFT

George Jessup      Stephen Beach    92-93    Darryl's bodyguard, killed Carolyn    OLTL, GosGirl

___Johannsen       Anthony Inneo      6/80   tailed Barbara

Detective Johnson        Earl Rowe     85        RH

Dr. Johnson            Barton Heyman     84  AW, RH  erased Craig's memory for Raymond Speer

Katherine ____ Johnson     Kim Staunton       91         OLTL  Kira's mother

Kira Johnson           Lauryn Hill       91     illiterate girl who Nancy taught to read

Shelby Johnson        Tanya Clarke        01-03; 05

Jacques Joles          Jean Brassard     

Denise Jones        Holly Marie Combs        

Dr. Jones                  Patrick Boll           89       CPW, AMC, Gos Girl

Roberta ____ Jones         Mary Alice       83       see Hoppers   framed by Lincoln (Corey?) Foster, Sam's mother

Sergeant Samantha Jones           Juanita Mahone     dated Tucker

Thomas Jones      Tony Crane           UB

Mr.  Jordan         ????   banquet manager, the Willows wedding   79

Dr. Joshua      Glenn Steven Allen

Judge Joyner          Peter McRobbie           UB, GL

Dennis Judd     Edward Watts             10    OLTL

Ben Judson                Matt Loney        GL, AW, OLTL

Marvin Jurrow       Anthony Herrera       one of James' aliases, bought out M&A 87









J.T.              Lou Martini, Jr.            07

Jackie, Kira's friend     Sam Carrell          91

Jacques, aka the Corsican, Bilan's father       ????      83

Jagged Edge (band)        Brian Casey

                                            Brandon Casey

                                            Richard Wingo

                                            Kyle Norman

Jake                        Larry Laboe

Nurse Jan           Cathleen Dauenhauer           06

Nurse Jan            Rebecca Kaasa         07-08     GosGirl

Jane                       Jessica Moreno (Durdock)      06    GH, OLTL

Janeen             Meg Guzulescu       06       AMC

Nurse Janie         Sue Jin Song           99

Jared           Ian Hoge                 07

Jasmine the belly dancer    ????     2/80

Jason the truck driver       ????    7/84

Jay                        Peter Richards       

Jean the secretary     Aideen O'Kelly     

Jean                        Sue Lawless       pre-73

Jean Claude           Troy Britton Johnson         07     BH90210

Jeannie the car service driver    Temple Brooks   

Jeannie                 Janet Sperduto

Jeannine               Bobo Lewis    87            EON, GL

Jeb the sleazy college student    Keith Britton    02           

Jeff                         Troy Bozilleri

Jeff the firefighter                     Jeffrey Coleman       02

Jeff                             Jason Etter       08-09     Y&R, GH, GL

Jeff                             Jesse Hlubik     96-97      GH, GL, J&J

Jennifer                     Tina McDowelle       03     AMC

Jenny the hooker that stole Kevin Thompson's wallet    ???    8/78

Jeremy the artist lover of Margaret McKechnie ...  ????    (FB)

Jerry the bartender       Alex Valente   05        Y&R

                                      Brian Sheridan   05

Jerry   (+Dee)           Never Seen       76     

Jesse     Kelly Welt

Jessica, Don's friend from Switzerland   6/78   Never Seen

Jessie                        Veronica Vixen

Jester                        Terrence Mann      87     con man (Falcon storyline)

Jewel the hooker          Lacey Kohl    07      GL, Ally

Jill  from the support center, pregnancy class   Ellen Lancaster   

Jill  the waitress     Chloe Whiteford      04

Jillian, Brian's secretary       Marion York        84-85   

Jim               Ken Falat    

Jim the Lakeview waiter    Matt Samson (?Sorenson)   02-03

"Diamond" Jim      the card shark      Frank Singer   

Jimbo            Ralph Buckley 

Jimmy           Jeffrey Force          96

Jimmy the phony minister     Chuck Montgomery     

Joan, Nancy's friend      Bethel Leslie       96

Joan the hairstylist     Ruth Williamson     98    B&B, Y&R, OC

Joan the magistrate    Jennifer Chamberlain

Joann the police spokesperson    Kay McClelland   97    The Catlins

Nurse Joanna                  Robin Moseley

Joe the manager           Liam Craig   

Joe                       Eddie Manley         09     GL

Joe                   Bo Gorman      08     OLTL

Joe                    Nick Gregory           AW , AMC

Joe the bartender          Joseph Julian      1960-63    DS, SOM, EON

Joe    a bartender    Jean Paul San Pedro   03   GL, GH, PAS

Joe             Jack Walker-Pearson       08

Joel             Wesley Broulik         08

Joel             Anslem   Richardson      07

Joey             John Fairlie              95

Joey ,Chris Hughes' friend    Shelton Dane        97

Joey, Kristin's sick son   Josh Gustin 

Joey           Fred Newman            87

Jojo that accosted Pete and Dani    Michael Gallagher     94

Jorge, Sierra's friend    ??????         85

Jose         Alberto Vasquez          03

Josephina      Nina Dova        94

Josephine           Ami Almandral    98

Josh                Sean Hart          05

Josie               Chantal Lonergan        04     GL

Joy                 Courtney Cole

Judy from UNCC        Casey Gogolin      2002

Judy    the con artist that pretended to be Ruby's grandmother   Anne Pitoniak   00

Judy, Alison's clinic boss      Sharon Washington           OLTL

Father Julian    Don Juhlin       97

Julian from the workout tape     Don Stephenson       02     AW

Julio             Andrew Thacher       02

Aunt June     MaryLouise Burke    

Justin      Luke Stanhope       02     GL





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Kathy Kaehler               Kathy Kaehler        Health/fitness expert

Dr. Kahn                       Michael Warner      06-07   AMC

Mrs. Kalner              Jane Cronin        9/94    EON, SFT

Vi Kaminsky    Alison Janney      93   Cynthia Linders' friend     GL, West Wing, Mom

Officer Kane      Cosmo Pfeil

Peter Kane         Arlen Dean Snyder      70-71   husband, Sandy   see Hoppers

Dr. Kantor     Kahan James               10     GosGirl

Judge Judith Kaplan     Lynn Cohen              DOOL    

Dr. Karnoffsky        ????        Martin Blake's doctor      79

Anna    ___   Kasnoff      Susie Abromeit     09    married Mike   DM, HH, HaHN, OTH

Caroline Kasnoff     Never Seen     daughter Mike and Anna

Connor Walsh Stricklyn Kasnoff      Allyson Rice-Taylor   90-97  AMC  daughter Edwina, took over Walsh

                                                        Susan Batten    97   OLTL, AMC

Mark Kasnoff       Alexander Walters     95-97    married Te Amo and Connor, Mike's brother      DOOL

Mike Kasnoff             Shawn Christian    94-97      see Hoppers   brother of Mark, Sarah, and Stephanie, father of Nora (deceased) and Caroline, married Katie, Jen, and Anna    Best friend of Ben Harris

                                     Jon Prescott         08        OLTL

                                    Mark Collier    02-07; 09        see Hoppers

Nick Kasnoff       Jordan Woolley      05-06      Mike's cousin, cop, murdered Maya Gold,  attacked Katie and Carly

Nora ____ Kasnoff     Never Seen, mother of Mike, Mark, Sarah, Stephanie

Nora Kasnoff      Tiffany Houghton    (dream)  daughter of Carly/Mike      8/2/2004

Sarah Kasnoff     Lisa Lawrence     96   sister of Mike and Mark, dated Paul     Tribes

Stephanie Kasnoff     Never Seen   sister of Mike, Mark, and Sarah

T (Te Amo) Jones Kasnoff       Wendy Jones     96    deceased wife of Mark

Gus Kazantakis      Brian Benrebbi      05     AMC, GL   

Laurie Keaton    Laurel Delmar      78-79      secretary, Jay Stallings

   + Tom Hughes, + Chip Kelly

____  Keegan    Ed Gallagher    90

Chief Keegan      Bill Buell            GL

Officer Keeler              John Knapp            09

Dr. Alexander Keith     Jon Cypher     77-79    see Hoppers   father, Mark Lewis, married Valerie, they adopted Katie

Katie (Emerson) Keith   Rachael Kelly     78-79    adopted by Valerie and Alex

Valerie Reynolds Conway Thompson Keith   Judith McConnell   76-79 sister of Jason Reynolds, Kim's first husband and his twin brother Benjamin

George Keller       Richard Litt     93    father of Neal, Royce and Samantha  

Gloria Walters Keller    Elizabeth Hubbard    93   mother of Lucinda, Neal, Royce, and Samantha       see Hoppers

Royce Keller    Terry Lester   91-94   Lucinda's DID suffering brother, dated Emily, architect

             (Young)     Sean Kalish    93    (FB)

Chip Kelly       James Carroll    79         AW, OLTL, GL   Matt's brother

Matt Kelly (Lockwood)     John Tripp    79   Jay Stallings' former cellmate

Judge William T. Kemp         Tommy Hollis

Brandon Kendall       ?????    attorney Tonio   91

Dr. Henry Kennedy       ???    Ian McFarland's doctor        79or 80

Mr. Kent     Jeff Williams         09       OLTL, DOOL

Officer Kent     James Prendergrast       90

_____   Kincaed      Scott Klavan        99   PF

Gail Kincaid      Stephanie Roth          90     lover, Tonio ;  ex-girlfriend, Sean Baxter

Eli King       Marc Aden Gray      05-06        lab tech, Meg Snyder's friend

                       Travis Wood      07        GL, AMC

Bertram Kingsley        Never Seen     former partner in Kingsley-Malta with the Grimaldi's
Patricia ____________ Kingsley    Rebecca Hollen     93-95   Bertram's widow

Dr. Kipner                   Patrick Melville       07      AMC

George Kirby        Cyrus Hewitt      06

Jack Kirby           Mark Zimmerman                   CPW

Dr. Kittredge              Jason Jones          04        Barbara's doctor

Ralph Kittredge        Ralph Byers     ??         

Detective Klinger    Michael Rodrick       97     AW

Zachariah Knopf       Henny Youngman         

Ms. Koltarz            Angela Bullock       95         DH, GL

Lydia Konstantin       Elizabeth Parrish         ?82      ?mystic

Sofia Korackes       Robin Leary      81-82    daughter Andrea        AMC

Madame Koster (Sylvia the maid)   Marilyn Raphael   82   "phony-baloney" psychic

Bo Kottkamp      Peter Ashton Wise      05       golf manager

Marie Kovac     Mady Kaplan     85  ex-fiancee of Kevin, murdered by Douc Cummings        EON, GL

Mr. Kowalski            Larry Cahn        04        Y&R     landlord

Dr. Steven Kozak    Patrick Quinn         

Edith ___     Kramer       Alice Drummond       GL, AW        89   Duke's grandmother

Jerry Kramer         Philip Kraus            83    LOV, AW, OLTL, TD, GL, SFT, EON

Rosemary Kramer     Never Seen    John's former secretary       1989 

Horace Krane    Nick Sullivan          08      AMC

Joe Kravitz (Jakes?)      Abe Vigoda     85     widower on Bob and Kim's honeymoon cruise. Fell for Rose Welinski

Head Nurse Arlene Krebs     Lynne Matthew        03   around during Rick Decker's murder spree

Dr. Ross Kreeger       Damian Young    06     ran a gay "detox" camp (VP Pence would be so proud) that Luke was sent to

Mrs. Krenwinkle       Kristin Rohde      

Gavin Kruger     Joris Stuyck     90    international businessman, ordered Carolyn Crawford's "Mur-dah"              DYN

                            Mark Tymchymshyn  90-92   TOYL, YITL, DAL, Santa, Po5

Officer Kruger       K.C. Kelly       88

Deborah Kurley     Julie Lancaster         97      AMC, OLTL, GL

Judge Kwan        Kitty Mei-Mei Chen     05       AMC




Karen, Craig's call girl       Janet Aldrich      83       GL, RH, AW

Karen  the natural mother of Jack, Jr.   Karen Williams     

Kate                                      Maureen Hanley     

Kay     + Will                       Natalia Zvereva     04

Kayla                                  Megan Raye Manzi     09

Kayley     + Buck           Sandy Rustin                 AMC, GL

Keith the rich preppie      Robert Duncan McNeill    AMC     85-86?

Kelly                                Sally Wheeler

Kelly                                 Renee Marie Brewster       08        Y&R

Kelsey, Alison's cellmate    Kate Grenfell         03

Ken                                  Ed O'Ross            82      EON, RH

Ken that ran over Betsy     ??????       83 (?84)

Kenny                              Joe McCann         96

Kenny the cameraman       David Perrine

Kevin, Carly's butler         Callum Keith King

Kevin the contestant        Alan Mozes

Kevin from Maryland     Ben Parker 

Kevin                          Rick Stear     

Kiki                               Bonnie Marsh       10

Kim                             DeeDee Lynn Magno

Kit the waitress   +David S.      Tanya Clarke        99

Krista the hooker    Sarita Covington       07-08

Kristin the mother of sick Joe    Jenny Maguire     

Kyle the bartender      Jason Chambers




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Wow, two sections in a row... I need to catch up. 

I'd imagine once you get to the M's you'll need a bit more time though. There's not really one big family there, as there is in the H-section (Hughes) and the S-section (Snyder & Stewart), but a lot of smaller families that still have a lot of members, like the Munsons, the Montgomerys, the McColls, the McKechnies, the McKinnons, etc. 

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Larry the pool player      Chris DiVito

Larry that dated Dee Stewart   Never Seen     10/79

Larry the wheelchair-bound chairman of Throwaway Kids   ???   2/84

Larry                      William Schroeder          87

Larry                     Michael Marino      85

Larry, Molly's private detective         Terry Serpico      97

Lee, Christopher Hughes' friend       Peter Starrett

Len                          Drew McVety               09     AMC

Lenny the thief     Gregory McClure

Lester                  David Folsom     08          GL

Lev from the pawn shop     John DiBenedetto      

Liam the Lindsay stableboy       James Hyde      99     PAS, SunBe, AW

                                                     Brody Hutzler     99    see Hoppers

Lila                         Cooper Harris              07    Y&R

Lily Lookalike at the bar     Brooke Marie Procida          98

Lindsey the intern           Diane Neal       

Lloyd the waiter              Clay Adams     07     OTH, AMC, DDD

Lloyd the WOAK Production Assistant   Adam Smith     99-00     90210

Lola, Dani A.'s friend        Mylika Davis    96     

Lonnie the dance instructor        Hugh Karraker       96   Hotel, AMC, Santa

Loretta                      Susan Wands            87           LOV

Loretta the Al's waitress       Tina Johnson     96    SFT, TEX

Loretta     Deborah LaCoy               98

Loretta the secretary         Annette Held             PROV

Lori                      Hanna Cox           7/86

Lorraine, Margo's neighbor           Caris Corfman       11/92

Lou                   Jason Allen Caine             03-05          AMC

Lou                    John Ramsey                  AMC, GL

Louis, Jake Haskell's hench        Jerry Matz         4/85

Nurse Louise           Marguerite Stimpson     10       LJ

Nurse Louise          Karen Shalloh                   GosGirl, LOV

Lucky, Jester's pal that drowned in the castle moat    Chris Noth    11/86    AW L&O

Lucy that dated Kirk McCall       Fiona Hutchison    9/84     see Hoppers

Luis                      Hector Osorio              88         Y&R

Luisa     Shannon Walker Williams              99

Lyle  the thug       Carl Palmer           AMC, GH, DOOL

Lynn, Brad Snyder's crazy ex-girlfriend     Heather Lindell    07        DOOL



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@Brolden   it will be a few days before the M's N's and OO's---  research time







Madame LaCoste   Janis Dardaris        06     psychic hired by Paul for Jenn

Stuart LaDue             Richard Hoehler     07

Sydney LaFarge         Niki Rene                     GL

Hannah  ___ Lafferty     Carole Demas      91    Linc's religious mother   EON, OLTL

                                         Lee Bryant     91-94           AW

Lincoln "Linc" Lafferty   James Wleck     90-92    half brother of Hutch   RH, OLTL

                                       Lonnie McCullough   93     

Lincoln Lafferty, Jr.      Conor Locklear       94

Marcy Breen Lafferty       Kathleen McNenny     91   GL,OLTL   barracuda in business, used baby to land Linc

                                              Jill Powell    91-93; 94

Melvin Lafferty aka Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Hutchinson     Daniel Ziskie   91-93         Abandoned Hannah and Linc, knocked up Mary Hopkins Campbell and raised Hutch

Dr. Lake       Lawrence Clayton      06

Billy Lambert      Michael Lord          91-92    Dana's husband

Dana Graham Lambert      Louise Roberts    Carolyn Crawford's surrogate   91-92

Dr. Keith Lambert    Andrew Jarkowsky   1975-76  Kim's doctor

Dr. Ken Lambert    ??????        5/78   liked     Annie S.

Monsieur Lamphere      Christian Aubert               Felicity

Cynthia Landis     Summer Sheridan

Rod Landry  (Josh Snyder)         William Fichtner    87-89    Son of Elizabeth Snyder and Cal Stricklyn, raised and abused by Henry Snyder.   Raped Iva which resulted in the birth of Lily and Rose.   Married Meg      LOV

______  Landsdowne     Richard Clarke          96     TD, GL, EON

Ed Lang             Jay Barney       1960

Rose Lemay Lang      ????    actual mother of Beau Spencer   late 70s

Barclay Lange       John Ottavino       88-91    son of Henry, brother of Angel, Jay and Steven

Charlene ____   Lange     Never Seen     Steven's unseen wife   

Henry Lange     James Rebhorn    88-91    father of Angel, Stephen, Jay and Barclay, molested Angel.       see Hoppers

Jay Lange    James Harlow     91   brother of Angel, Barclay and Stephen

Stephen Lange   Ray Virta  91   brother of Angel, Barclay and Jay, Charlene's hubby

Detective Langstrum     Ned Luke     05     AMC, GH, GL

Reverend Sidney Lanier     Reverend Sidney Lanier

Howard Lansing       Charles Cioffi     86   see Hoppers    former hospital administrator, involved in Sabrina's kidnapping at birth.

Detective Lanza         Scott Feraco          87

Tracey___ Larimer  ????????     9/79       friend of Ralph Mitchell    

Stanley Larkin                Tony Edmond      90

Julia  (Morrissey ) Larrabee (Sweeney Snyder invalid)  Sarah Brown    04-05   foundJack, sister of Keith, ex wife of Les  mother of J.J. Snyder that Jack and Carly adopted

Chick Larsen        Lawrence Arancio         04           Po5

Connie Larsen      Courtney Cole    HAHN, DC, BosPub

Eve Larsen          Terri Donahoe             90-91        assistant     OLTL

Pete Larsen      ?????     12/77       murder victim, crooked foreman, Jay Stallings

Wade Larsen    John Elsen             02-03    AMC    

                                   Kenneth Simmons      03

Judd Lassiter        Robert Archer Lynn       98

Grace Latham       Jeannine Moore     

Patricia   Latham    Tanya Clarke

Cindy Lauper       Cindy Lauper     singer    08  sang at event at Yo's

Greg Lauritz     Roscoe Born             99     see Hoppers

Evelyn DeWitt Lausin (also referred to as Lewis) Ellen Tobie    92-93  Carolyn Crawford's cousin        see Hoppers

                                Fran Brill      91-92       see Hoppers

Warren Lausin (Lewis)     Mark Shannon     92    Evelyn's hubby

                                   Richmond Hoxie      92-93     see Hoppers

Corinne  ____    Lawrence   Patricia Gage   86-88   mother of Monika, businesswoman, affair with James Stenbeck        Family Passions, Class of '96

Reverend Lawrence          Christopher Loomis Brown        98

Bridget ___  Lawson    Haviland Morris 09-10    stage mother, Hayden    OTH, OLTL

Hayden Lawson   Sami Gayle    09-10     Bridget's daughter pageant girl    "Blue Bloods"

The Shannon Lawson Band           Shannon Lawson   02

                                                         Edward L. Dunbar     02

                                                           Gary L. Murray     02

Shirley Lawson    Never Seen    ex girlfriend, John Dixon 

Ed Lazarus             Matt Edwards     09

Mrs. Sandy Lebo      Lori Hammel     06-08   occ. babysitter for Jack and Carly

Mrs. Theodora ___ Ledbetter     Barbara Cooke   83    allowed shelter to be built

                                        Joyce Worsley   85     Kim and Bob's wedding

Assistant District Attorney   Corinne Lee   Elaina Erika Davis  00  AMC, OLTL, GL

Mr. Lee           C. Sean Kim         96

Mr. Lee         Sam Freed     10              Kate and Allie, AMC

Sandra Lee       Sandra Lee            07     celebrity cook

Crystal Lennon      Dana Wheeler-Nicholson             AMC, AW, NASH

Herb Leonard       Donald Symington          SC, LOL, TD

Phyllis ____ Leonard    Catherine Cox       EON

Antonio Leonardi      Anthony Heald   79-80   Manager Ian McFarland   GL, OLTL, Fresno, BosPub, Class of 96

Philip Lester     Evan Ferrante       88-89     AMC, SC

Officer Letizia     Al DeChristo

Mr. Leversee       Skipp Hinnant        88

Ruth Levinson        Nancy Youngblut     2/88          DH

  Gigi Lewis     Kelly Deadmon      07               CM

Lieutenant Lewis      Reuben Greene     79     Grant Colman's hit and run case

Dr. Mark Lewis    Biff Warren       77-78     son of Dr. Alexander Keith  

Judge Michael Lewis     Daniel Ziskie       10    

Mrs. Lewis        Cynthia Belgrave       OLTL, RH

Officer Lewis       Jeff Binder                  08

Howard Liebermann       Gordon Joseph Weiss        12/92

Lois Lillibridge     Stacey Rukeyser          94

Cynthia Linders      Linda Cook     92-93    see Hoppers    ex, Royce Keller

Tripp Linders      Lanny Flaherty           93      Cynthia's brother 

Allen Lindsay          Reese Madigan     93    

Charles  Lindsay      Russ Anderson       99    Julia's father      see Hoppers

Charlotte ___   Lindsay         Susan Pratt      99 Julia's mother

Dr. Linn         Will Chase         06         Nash, AMC, GL, OLTL

Irene Locatis    Katina Kalen     88

Mrs. Locatis     Dimitra Arliss      88      GH, DAL, MHMH

Sharon Lockhart      Never Seen       +John Dixon

Cass Logan         Catherine Campbell   

Mike Logan     Robert Meles

Brock Lombard    Greg Beecroft      89-90    see Hoppers  +Emily, +Ellie   mobbed up businessman   Married to Marjorie, father of Denise and Greg

Connie ___ Lombard    Barbara Caruso   89-90, Phillip's wife, Brock's mother

Denise Lombard       Emily Rose     90   B&S, Haven    daughter of Brock and Marjorie

Greg Lombard   Jonathon Raskin    90   SFT     son of Brock and Marjorie

Joseph Lombard      Dick Hughes  2/90   brother, Philip    

Marjorie Marino Lombard     Maryann Urbano    89-90 wife, Brock daughter of Frank and Esther, mother of Greg and Denise

Mrs. Lombard      Marti Nixon

Phillip Lombard     Jack Cryer         89-90   Brock's mobbed up father

_____ Lombardi      Thomas G. Waites     88     AW, AMC

Kip Lonegan       David Oliver Cohen      06-07    Casey owes Kip money

Diane Long     Annika Peterson    96

Mr. Long     John Weigand      06

Dr. Eric Lonsberry      Douglas Marland    72    discovered Lisa's "Phantom Fetus"

_______Loomis    Scott Rhyne       4/85

Tony Loomis   David Lee Smith   92-93      J&J, Prov, OLTL, AMC, SAV

Senora Lopez     Marina Durrell

Burt Lord     Darryl Wells     66   romanced Amanda Holmes?   AWA, TN

Cheri Love  (AKA Charlene Wilson Mayer)    Robin Mattson 07  see Hoppers  Emily's madame, Noah's mother

Mrs. Lovejoy       Alice Playten        05   Book of Daniel

Mr. Lovejoy        Bill Cwikowski       05    AW

Fred Lowe       Ken Costigan      90

Winston Lowe (Mr. Smith)    Joel Fabiani    99-00   Craig's business associate, Carly's husband that kidnapped her

Alice ____ Lowell      Never Seen    Late wife of Judge James T. Lowell, mother of Jim, grandmother to Ellen

Judge James T. Lowell          William Johnstone     56-79     father of Jim

James "Jim" Lowell     Les Damon  56-57  married to Claire, sleeping with Edith, father of Ellen, died in a boating accident

Joleen Lumiere       Mary Testa            CM

Prosecutor Jim Lundigan    Robert Burke    93    SVU, GosGirl    prosecuted Tom for shooting Elroy Nevins, Margo's rapist

Tuan Ly            Russell Wong      88      Lien's school "chum"

                          Phillip Moon       88      GL, Y&R, MI

Ann Lynch      Kaija     Matiss    05-06      murdered by Eve Browning    BedDiaries

Evelyn ____  Lynch     Linda Mugleston      06      Ann's mother

Louie Lyons      Rick Zahn     05     AMC





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Some new info for Generations



Mr. Chu          Keone Young       90       see hoppers

Security Guard    .....     Frank Miller            90

Janitor                    ....    Gary Hollis     FC, KL, Y&R,       90
Juror                    .....      Marcy Goldman      MP, Po5, BH90210, KL        90
Jack the player       ...     Vince McKewin    90   Santa, KL, DAL, YITL
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DECEMBER 30, 1968-JUNE 27, 1969 NBC





Arthur Adams...Conard Fowkes 

Jimmy Dow...Lloyd Holar 

Grace _____ Ensley...Ludi Claire 

Wilbur Ensley...John Towey 

Earl Harriman...Nat Polen 

Allyn Jaffe...Linda Blair 

Eleanor (Mimi) _____Jaffe...Rita Gam 

Senator Robert Douglas Jaffe...Joseph Daley

Anna Korshak        Ziska Baum

Dr. Katherine Logan...Gretchen Walther 

Martha Logan...Louise Shaffer  

Sue McWhorter...Laurinda Barrett 

Sharkey Primrose...John Karlen 

Everett Simmons...Leon B. Stevens .

Kelly Simmons...Charlotte Glenn 

                        Mary Bracken Phillips

Jeannette Sloane...Betsy Durkin

Nick "Cappello" Turner...Tony LoBianco 

Mark Utley...Stephen Joyce 


"Petroff" Robin Braxton Y&R



Neil Bassett

....Mark Curran

.....Rochelle Parker Haas

...Betty Henritze 

...Noah Keen 

...Roy Scheider 

...Albert Stratton 



Wayne Morse

Edited by slick jones
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Modern Romances 1957 telecasts

Again, many familiar names



Jan 7

Message for Margaret by Elinor Lenz


Kathleen Maguire, Philip Abbott. Jerry Grant, Gene Peterson


Jan 21

Confession by William Kendall Clarke


House Jameson, Larry Weber Sallie Brophy, Edmon Ryan, Kathrane Meskell


Jan 28

The Strangers by Stanley Niff


Frank Marth, Don Godon, Sandy Kenyon, Frank Schoffield, June Dayton;


Feb 4

The Heel by Harry Junkin


with Phyllis Overton, Frank Overton, Walter Brooke, James Bender


Feb 11

The Sheraton Settee by William Kendall Clarke


Ann Loring, Sally Kemp, Court Benson, William Mason


Feb 18

The Badger byBen Radin


Phil Abbott, Jane Du Frayne, Vaughn Taylor


Feb 25

The Tender Story by Ted & Matilde Ferro


William Redfield, Patricia Hosley, Warren Berlinger; Melville Ruick, Gale Page


Mar 4

Greta by Harry Junkln


Meg Mundy, William Prince, Richard Kendrick, Don Briggs


Mar 11

The Has Been by William Kendall Clarke


Gerry Grant, Diana Douglas, Gene Lyons, Ed Peck


Mar 18

Realization by Jesse Sandler


James Bonnett, Mary Jackson, Grant Sullivan, Kathleen Murray, Mary Fickett


Betty Furness hosting


Mar 25

The Real Thing byWilliam Barrett


Geraldine Brooks, Shirley Grayson, Lawrence Weber, Tom Gorman


April 1

The Ouality of Fear byElinor Lenz


Edward Andrews. Joy Hodges, Ann Pearson, Dort Clark


Apr 8

The Big Talker by William Kendall Clarke


Neil Hamilton, Kathleen Murray, Jeff Harris, John Marley


Apr 15

Problem Woman by Harry W. Junkin


Richard Kendrick, June Dayton, Ann Loring


Apr 22

Talking To The Blues by Michelle Cousins


Jim Lowe, Loretta Leversee, Lee Bergere, Sam Gray, Ron Dawson


Apr 29

The Long Night by Bob Corcoran


Philip Abbott, Staats Cotsworth, Delores Sutton, Frank Schofield, Marian Winters


May 6

The First Million by Theodore & Mathilde Ferro


Neva Paterson, Coe Norton. Ed Peck, Joanne Bayes


May 13

Mrs. Rocky King by William Kendall Clarke


William Prince, Florence MacMichael, James Millhollin, Fred Beir, Barbara Lee Smith, Don Fellows


May 20

Unwanted Diamonds by Bob Corcoran


Richard Coogan, Gloria Marlowe, Ross Martin, Ann Flood, Robert Allenstein


May 27

About Ellen Willis by Harry Junkin


Erin O'Brien Moore, Ralph Dunn, Frank Barth, Elaine Aiken


June 3

Junior Partner by William Kendall Clarke


Edward Andrews, Barbara Joyce, Robert Webber, Nancy Millard


June 10

Homecoming by Elinor Lenz


Walter Brooke, Nancy Wilder, Dickie Olsen, Jaime Smith


June 17

Honeymoon by Ben Radin


Lin McCarthy, Loretta Daye, Truman Smith, Sam Gray


Lee Meriwether hosting


June 24

Young Mr. Lister by William Kendall Clarke


John Gibson, Helen Auerbach, Joe Campanella, William Mason.


July 1

Those We Love by Theodore and Mathilde Ferro


House Jameson. Jimsy Somers, Jeff Harris, Dortha Duckworth.


July 8

Passerby byWilliam Kendall Clarke


Phyllis Hill, Frank Overton, Bethel Reney, Lawrence Weber.


July 15

The Misguided Man by Bob Corcoran


Coe Norton, Constance Ford, Ross Martin, Shirley Grayson.


July 22

The Sacrifice by Harry W. Junkin


Ann Flood, Biff McGuire, Ruth McDevitt, Wyley Hancock.


July 29

Portrait of Jenny by Elinor Lenz


Georgann Johnson, John Kellogg, Cort Benson, Dorothy Elder, Harry Worth.


August 5

Ticket To Danger by Michelle Cousin


Zolya Talma, Martin Newman, Ronald Dawson, Ed Peck.


August 12

Pay -Off by William Kendall Clarke


Marion Winters, Richard Coogan, Walter Brooke, Faye Spanier


August 19

It's An Ill Wind by Jesse Sandler


Truman Smith, Phyllis Newman, Jamie Smith, Joe Campanella.


August 26

The Sixth Sense by Harry W. Junkin


Valerie Cossart, William Redfield, Ross Martin, Gloria Marlowe.


September 2

Beauty Queen by William Kendall Clarke


Ann Flood, John Kellogg, Alan Stevenson, Dorothy Elder.


Sept 9

Donald Gray by Michelle Cousins


Lyn McCarthy, Loretta Daye, Edward Andrews, David Hooks.


Sept 16

The Tangled Web by Walter Black & William Mendrek


Mel Ruick, Neva Patterson, Don Briggs, Stewart MacIntosh. Leslie Barrett.


Sept 23

The Sign -Off by William Kendall Clarke


Sallie Brophy. Frank Overton, Lawrence Weber, Frank Campanella.


Sept 30

Weldon, Inc. by William Kendall Clarke


Margaret Phillips, Ray Boyle, Diana Van Der Vlis, Coe Norton.


Oct 7

Debut by Michelle Cousin


Patricia Sales, Barbara O'Neil, Frank Scofield, David White


Oct 14

Error in Judgement by Harry Junkin


William Prince, Geraldine Brooks, Grant Sullivan, Frank Milan


Oct 21

Mrs Rocky King by Bob Cochran


Lew Parker, Betty Kean, Margaret Hamilton, Jane Heller, Arny Freeman, John Kellogg


Oct 28

Moment of Fear by William Kendall Clarke


Augusta Dabney, Dickie Olsen, Staats Costworth, Sam Gray


Nov 4

The Child by Harry Junkin


Loretta Leversee, jaime Smith, Henrietta Moore, Joy Hodges, Cort benson


Nov 11

Pity of Revenge by Bob Cochran


Frank Schofield, Mary Fickett, abby Lewis, Biff McGuire


Nov 18

father and Son by George Lowther


Harry Bellaver, Jan Miner, Richard Striker, Pat Hosley, Chris Gampel


Nov 25

Mel Brandt now hosting permanently

The Shadow Brand by Bob Cochran


Margaret Phillips, Lonnie Chapman, Wesley Addy, Valerie Cossart


Dec 2

A Moment of Silence by Harry Junkin


Frieda Holloway, Paul Stevens, Marjorie Gateson, Stuart MacIntosh, Ed Peck


Dec 9

The Narrowing Doorway by Harry Junkin


Augusta Dabney, Patricia Boswell, Warren Berlinger, Fred Downs


Dec 16

Two Fathers by Bob Cochran


William Prince, Diana Douglas, Ed Andrews, Fran Carlon, John Connoughton


Dec 23

The Alibi by Bob Cochran repeat


Lawrence Weber, Nancy Wilder, Joe Campanella, Truman Smith


Dec 30










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