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@slick jones Re OLTL, Lynne Bell was an extra in 1977 (don't know whether you already have this one but she also had a bit role playing a prostitute on AMC around the same time).  Nancy Corbett appeared in one episode, airing September 25, 1974.



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Thanks, @jam6242, I'll add them to the stacks for posting!


Somebody in one of The Doctors group claims Lara Parker was on TD in the fall of 1967  (she joined the group under her own name).  I wonder who she played. I asked him, maybe we'll find a new character!



@jam6242   She was a nurse.


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Posted (edited)
22 minutes ago, slick jones said:

Thanks, @jam6242, I'll add them to the stacks for posting!


Somebody in one of The Doctors group claims Lara Parker was on TD in the fall of 1967  (she joined the group under her own name).  I wonder who she played. I asked him, maybe we'll find a new character!



@jam6242   She was a nurse.


Interesting.  I'll see whether I can find anything.  So we just missed her on Retro since the episodes started with December 1967.  That would have been right before she started DS then.

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Posted (edited)


Chambray the bartender at the Savoy   Amy Tsang  8/19/21




JULY 15, 1968- JANUARY 13, 2012
Nelson Cabot
      Michael Genet
Nurse Bunny Cahill
      Sela Ward      1978
Humberto Calderone  one of 
  Cain Rogan's "characters"
     Chris Cousins   1990
Reverend Caldwell
      Jason Rowland   2008
Beaver Calhoun  Asa's Attorney
     Peter Brouwer   2008-09
Kate Calhoun   
         Jennifer Barretto
Roy Calhoun
    Howard McGillin   1999
        District Attorney Herb Callison
  Prosecutor in the Marco Dane murder
    case against Vicky; skewered Karen
    Wolek on the stand; married Dorian; 
       adopted Cassie; ran for governor; 
      won but had to resign due to illegal
           campaign funds from Asa.
             Anthony Call     1978-93
Judge Norma Calloway  Todd's trial
              Beth Dixon   1998
M. Claude Calmar  owned art gallery in Paris
            Matthew Conlon   2011
Governor ___ Camden 
           William Meisle
Brent Cameron
        Michael Corbett     1985
        Peter Boynton       1985
Judge Haskell Cameron
         Frederick Coffin
Nellie   Cameron   woman that Todd
           hired to give up baby
           Tessa Ghylin    2001
Dr. ___ Campbell     
          Andre Blake   2011
Faith Campbell
         Ami Brabson
Father __ Campion   priest
     ???    1978
 ___ Campisi 
      Jeff Robins
Herman Cantrell   Paul Kendall's rival
               Edmond Genest  1978
Lou Cardoza        Brad's loan shark 
             Dick Carbellas  1979
Dr. David Cardwell    cardiologist
        Wesley Addy     1973
Dr. David Cardwell     Joe's doctor
         ?????      1977
Krystal Carey   Babe's mother
     Bobbie Eakes     2004-05
Judge "Killer" Carlin
    Tony Roberts      1989
Trooper ___ Carlin
       Greg Northrop     2007
Reverend ___ Carlisle
      George Hamlin   1983
Judge Ronald Carlivati
        Michael Lombard   1997
Billy Carlson
          ????    6/78
Detective __ Carlson
     David Zayas    
Lilith __  Carlson   
     Sara Botsford   1997
Philip Carlson     
      Ron Parady     1992
Dr. Carmichael
     ?????     8/1978
Sherry Carmichael    hooker/madam
         Ellen Foley     1985-86
     Reverend Andrew Carpenter   Son of Rebecca and
       Sloan; brother of the late, gay, WilliamCarpenter;
     Pastor at St. James; fell for Megan Gordon; killed
  General Gazi that held Jake captive; became the victim
     of homophobia, befriending Billy Douglas, after Marty
 Saybrook spread gossip; married Cassie and adopted Beth
   Garvey's child River; gave him back to her until she died;
     lost Cassie to Kevin; officiated at a mass gay wedding
              which included former mother-in-law, Dorian.     
            Wortham Krimmer   1991-2004; 2006; 2008-10
Clarissa  __ Carpenter John's deceased wife; raised Maggie
                                  Never Seen
Bishop John Carpenter     Sloan's brother; Maggie and Ian's
    father with Eleanor Armitage; Mark's father by Clarissa; 
 moved Eleanor's body after she died; died of a heart attack; 
           left a letter with the truth about Ian and Maggie's
                         parentage with Andrew.
                      Michael Swan      1996-97
Margaret "Maggie" Carpenter    nun, juggler,falling for her
  brother; Maggie could do it all; angry at her father John
 for the suicide of her deaf brother Mark; really cared about 
Max Holden; learned Ian Armitage was her brother later in life
                  Crystal Chappell     1995-97
Mark Carpenter    Maggie's brother that was deaf and had 
                                    commit suicide
                                       Never Seen
Rebecca Nowell  Carpenter   Sloan's first wife; deceased
                                       Never Seen
William Sloan "River" Garvey Carpenter  baby found by
   Cassie and Andrew; mother was Beth Garvey; she 
   died, giving him back to them;  dated Adriana, 
           cheated with Shannon McBain; left
            for Juilliard and never returned.
        Alex and Zachary Bliss    1994-95
      Josh and Justin Cromie       1994-95
               Ryan Marsini  1996-99
          Matthew Twining     2003-04
   General Sloan Carpenter   Retired General, 
 married Victoria; had issues with Andrew and 
  was extremely homophobic over son William; 
         dealt with his issues; died of cancer.
             Roy Thinnes    1992-95
William Carpenter    son of Sloan and Rebecca;
      gay; died of AIDS; was on the AIDS Quilt.
                           Never Seen
William Sloan Carpenter   Cassie and Andrew's
                    baby; died   Never Seen
Camilla Carr    fiance, Track
     Opal Aladdin    1997
Julio Carrera
           Raul Aranas      1991
Jill Carson
        Kathleen McNenny   2008
Leo Carson     make-up man WVLE for
                   Dorian Lord
       Dick Latessa   
Nick Carson
       Never Seen
Nurse ___ Carson  
       ????    7/78
Ben Carter        ?reporter?
       Norman Snow   
Franklin Carter  
         Victor's attorney that
        works in San Francisco
            ?????     9/1975
Drew Cartland    Trouble maker  ?Solarmite
      ????    1982
General __ Carvelle  San Carlos Leader
        Never Seen      11/1983
Mark Casey    
       Tom Galantich    2006-07
Gordon "Cash" Cashman
     Sean Martin Hingston      2002
Mark Castelli
       Tom Tammi     1997
Daphne Castanedo  Peter Janssen's cousin
         ?????         1982
Agent Ray Castillo    McBain's FBI friend that
    he contacted when Angelna Santi died
             Brian Tarantina     2004
Mr. ___ Caston
           ????      5/1978
Marysol Castro      GMA Weekend weather
       and features reporter---cameo
         Marysol Castro    2006
Henry Catapoulos   
     Mark Lotito    1993
Coby Cates   
      Ngo Okafor    2006
Alberto Cervantes     arranged adoptions 
        out of the nation of San Carlos
           Fred Melamed   1981-82
              Lloyd Batista    1982
Estelle __ Critchlowe Chadwick     snooty
society friend of Dorian; mother of Muffy
       Elizabeth Hubbard    1983-84
Pamela Chaffee   television personality
  with a connection to Ted Clayton
              Judy Tate      1981 
Jonas Chamberlain    U.S. Ambassador to
  "Mendorra"; revealed to be true heir 
     to the throne; married Talia Salid,
           Carlo Hesser's daughter
             Kevin Spirtas      2008
Talia Salid (Hesser) Chamberlain   police officer;
    Antonio's partner; gassed by the 
     OPP;daughter of Carlo Hesser;
      married Jonas Chamberlain;
         killed by Powell Lord 
    Bethann Bonner    2006-09
Adam Chandler   Pine Valley Billionaire
        visited daughter Skye    2000
       Adam III's custody trial      2005
           David Canary
Adam Chandler, Jr.   real father of Adam III
   fighting for custody against Buchanans
            Jacob Young     2005
Adam Chandler III baby switched by Paul
    Cramer and given to Kevin and Kelly
    Known as Kevin "Ace" Buchanan;  Jr.
       Aiden and Liam O'Donnell   2005 
Arabella "Babe" Carey Cramer Chandler     slept
  with Paul Cramer, pregnant by Adam, Jr.
believed she lost baby until truth came out
             Alexa Havins    2004-05
Brooke English Cudahy Chandler (Martin Grey)
    Tempo reporter and Adam Jr's former step-
                  mother; custody trial.
Judge Ezra Chandler           lascivious judge
that swore out a warrant for Marco's arrest
  on his wedding day to Edwina (as Mario)
      for Dorian Cramer Lord
           ??????     1980
Gloria Marsh Chandler (Chandler Marick)
                Teresa Blake     1996
Scott Parker Chandler
                Shane McDermott   1996
Lee Chapin    Lord family Butler
              Richard Nichols   1970s
             Tom McDermott   1970s
            Humphrey Davis    1976
              Will Hussung     1970s
               Tyrus Cheney   1994
Trent Chapin    Laurel's brother; dated
               Connie O'Neill
       David Beecroft     1984-85
Claude Charbonneau     one of R.J. Gannon's
  "associates" ; kidnapped the Holden twins
           Luke Reilley       1997-98
Nurse ___  Charles  Mitch Lawrence's nurse
   shot along with Jessica by Charlie Banks
           Karen Christie Ward    2010
Senator John Charlton   father, John, Jr.
            Lawrence Weber     1983
John Charlton, Jr.   liked Cassie; senator's son
                  Jeff Trachta      1983
Tim Chase     
         David Wech     1999
Nick Chavez   fought with Amelia Bennett
    for gay rights; dated Kyle Lewis
             victim of a hate crime
          Nicholas Rodriguez   2009
Carl Cheever   
          Mitchell Edmonds     1977
Dr. Judith Chen
         Jade Wu      2002
The Chieftains    Band  1996
      Paddy Moloney
          Sean Potts
      Michael Tubridy
Judge Stephen Childs
      Samuel Maupin  
Jim Chirisiano 
       Howard Sherman
Mr. __ Cho
          Keenan Shimizu
Laura Cinqueman
        Linda Stephens 
Lysander Clair       magician that had
   hypnotized Vicky after childbirth
      with Megan for Victor Lord
        John Tillinger   1988-89
Griffin Clark        Donald Lamarr's
          business associate   
 Stewart Finley McLennan  1987
Elijah Clarke  (Rayburn)  aka Craig Pattison 
        aka Ben Thompson  attorney that fought 
  for Bo and Nora to have Matthew's legs operated
   on;  Ross Rayburn's brother- married Blair; was
    a serial killer that had killed Melinda, his wives, 
          Rodney and Glenn;   died in a fire.
                Matt Walton     2009-10
Jimmy Clark   Brian Kendall's best friend
             ??????       1977
Suzie Clark     Brian Kendall's babysitter;
               Jimmy's sister   1977
Terry Clark
              ?????      5/1978
Tom Clarksson     con artist that pretended to be 
       Irene Manning's husband Ted; romanced 
   Vicky, lacing her drinks to keep her from Clint;
        murdered Vinny Wolek; gunned down
                             by Ed Hall.
                       (AKA    Ted Clayton)
                     Keith Charles    1980-81
                        Mark Goddard   1981
Santa Claus 
           John Ellison Conley    1995
Irene Manning  Lord Clayton     Vicky's teenage bestie;
        had long term affair with Victor Lord;
        resulting in Tina, Todd and Victor, Jr.;
    worked for a government agency after her
                 presumed death in 1978.
      Responsible for the "Tale of Two Todds"
                Mary McKeown  1978; 1987
                     Andrea Evans    1985
                    Diana Lamar  1994-95 
                 Barbara Rhoades       2011
Ted Clayton (originally Gil) Irene's ex hubby
                         Never Seen
Mr. __  Clemmons     
              ???         1979
Susan Clips
          Lisa Datz    2002
Warren Cobb     owned company that Clint 
               decided to take over.
             Tom O'Rourke    2008
         Margaret Cochran  crazy accountant that
 fell for Todd Manning; kidnapped Jack and Ace;
       raped Todd; murdered Mona Bigelowe;
   gave birth to Todd's baby; faked her death with 
   help from Spencer Truman; came back, had 
      "amnesia"; Marcy  and Michael adopted
  baby Tommy; Todd got him back and renamed
              him Sam; killed in a van wreck.
   Made ghostly appearances just to taunt 
               Rebecca Mader    2004
            Tari Signor  2004-06; 2008
Lewis Cody      
              Erik Heger      2008-09
Nurse __ Cogswell
              Allison Briner    2010
Officer ___ Cohen
        Benjamin Hendrickson  1984
Eva Colbie
        Helen Carey          1997
Jeff Cole
       Christopher Michael     1982
Judy Cole
          Marsha Mason    1969
Mari Lyn Dennison Coleman           daughter 
  of Tom Dennison and his late wife that
  was alive (under the name Lee Halpern)
   that had been a prostitute; disciple of
   Mitch Lawrence; starred on Fraternity
     Row; married "bad boy" Wade; believed
           she had  killed Lee Halpern.
            Tami Amerson    1987-89
Roberta "Tiny" ____ Coleman    Dorian's
          cellmate; Wade's mother.
         Shirley Stoler     1987-88
Wade Coleman     bad boy turned good;
crushed on by Christine Cromwell; spent
  time in Eterna; invested in Angel Burger
               with Wanda Wolek.
              Doug Wert 1987-89
  Astrid Collins        helped Ivan Kipling 
put chips in Larry Wolek and Ed Hall's
     brains; left in disgrace ; returned
       with a crush on Larry; left
  Marilyn McIntyre   1981-82; 1983
Elyssa Collins     private investigator
    Yvonne Scio    2003
Nurse Gayle Collins   
        ???? early 2000s
Mrs. ___ __ Collins
     ????    2/1978
Raymond Collins
      ????    mid 2000s
Cesar Colon     adoptive father, Adriana
               Never Seen
Ramona ___ Colon   adoptive mother
                        of Adriana
              Millie Tirelli       2003
District Attorney  (Theodore) Daniel Colson    father
  of Riley;hiding his "love that could not
     be named aka Mark Solomon, his 
      son's  gay classmate; killed Paul 
          Cramer and Jenn Rappaport;
    married Nora and became lieutenant
  governor before Rex revealed the truth.
              Mark Dobies    2003-05
Mrs. __ __ Colson  Riley's dead mother
                 Never Seen
Riley Colson  drug addicted son of Daniel
   Colson; lead singer of Midnight Logic;
  involved with Sarah "Flash" Roberts and 
    Jenn Rappaport; went away to rehab.
            Jay Wilkison     2003-05
Theodore Colson , Sr.    Daniel's father
                      Never Seen
 Eugene Comstock    
           Ed Burke   
Dr. Josie Conklin       OB/GYN   
      Pamela Isaacs     1999-2000; 2002-03
Aaron Connelly
      Kingsley Leggs      2007
Siobhan Connelly
      Never Seen
Dr. ____ Conrad    
        Daniel Gerroll
Mary Jo  ___ Conroy   
      Loyita Chapel
Detective ____ Coombs   
       ????     1981
Chip Cooper  dated Connie O'Neill;
    friend of Bobby Blue; figured he 
            was set up by Bart
       Cain DeVore    1986-87
Nurse __  Cooper   
         Lauren Flanigan
Cardinal __ Corcoran
         Kenneth Garner    2008
Clem Cordell
        Pirie MacDonald    1983
Gary (Garibaldi) Corelli little brother of twins
    Marco Dane and Dr.. Mario Corelli;   
    took in runaway Shelley Johnson,
    involved with  Edwina and Cassie; 
               rode a motorcycle.
            Jeff Fahey    1982-85
Dr, Mario Corelli   disguise used by Marco
   Dane to switch Jenny and Katrina's 
     babies; Marco posed as him after
  his "murder"  Mario had died in 1978
        Gerald Anthony   1978-79
The Coriakis Brothers
           Never Seen
Alessandro "Alex" (Crown)  Coronal
 Son of Leo Coronal, father of Rob
       with Laurel Chapin;cousin
 of Marco, Mario, and Gary; killed  
 twice, once by a shotgun blast to
 the chest, later by Donald Lamarr
    Roy Thinnes   1984-85; 1987
Lady Joanna Leighton Coronal  set
  to marry Rob; daughter of Lord
       Henry Leighton
    Roma Downey   1988
Leonardo "Leo" Coronal     mob 
   kingpin murdered by Herve
Boudin. Wife was a member of
   Aristotle Descamedes family
        Abe Vigoda       1984
Mrs. __ Descamedes Coronal
      Leo's wife; Alex's mom
             Never   Seen
Roberto "Rob" Coronal    son of 
 Alex Crown and Laurel Chapin
    fell in love with and married
   Cassie.Later married Joanna 
          Leighton and left.
      Ted Marcoux     1984-86
        Mark Arnold   1987-89
Peter Corrigan   
        John Hillner      2007
Bishop ___  Corrington        John 
       Carpenter's "boss"
     Robert Vaughn     1996
Dr. __ Cortez     friend of :Paul Cramer
     Matthew Montelongo    2004
Opal ____ Gardner Purdy  Cortlandt
          Jill Larson      2003
Father ___ Costello       Wolek's priest
               ?????     10/1975 
Lord Bertram Cove  "Men of 21 " story
        Vincent Dowling    1996
 Anna Wolek Craig      Hospital volunteer          
      that lived near Sadie Gray; fell for 
      Dr. Jim Craig while he dealt with
 daughter Cathy's drug problem and the
   end of his time with Carla Benari; 
married him in 1970; became more of
     a talk-to/babysitter for Danny; 
       left Llanview in 1982 after
  losing Jim and her brother Vinny;
             moving to Florida.
      Doris Belack   1968-77
    Kathleen Maguire  1977-78
     Phyllis Behar   1978-82
 Dr. James "Jim" Craig    Llanview
  Hospital's Chief of Staff whose
 specialty was neurology; mentor to
 Dr. Larry Wolek and Dr. Price Trainor;
   fell in love with Carla Benari, his
 secretary believing she was Italian
     later learned she was the light
 skinned African American daughter
      of Sadie Gray. Though the 
 relationship ended, they remained
good friends.  Had to send daughter
  Cathy to Odyssey House, a drug
 rehabilitation facility.  Married Anna
    Wolek in 1970, and remained in
  town as voice of reason and father
     figure. Jim passed away when
      actor Nat Polen passed away.
           Robert Milli   1968-69
            Nat Polen   1969-81
____ Nolan Craig    mother of Cathy
    deceased first wife of Jim Craig
       daughter of Dr. Kate Nolan
                   Never Seen
Betsy Cramer    Aunt to Dorian, Addie
   and Melinda; had a "spitload" of 
 money to leave to the worthiest heir
            Lois Smith  2003-04
Dr. Lou Cramer     married Sonya Roskova
  and had three daughters, Dorian, Agatha
  (Addie), and Melinda; Sonya was insane
   and while she was attacking Dorian, Lou
   joined the fray and was killed with a bust
   of Brahms. Buried by Charlotte Stonecliff,
       the nanny, along with an empty coffin
  for Sonya, Lou's final flashbacks were over.
                Peter Galman   1997-98
Paul Cramer    Son of Melinda, old friend of
 C. J. Roberts from the army; in the running
   for Aunt Betsy's fortune; excluded after
  his marriage to Pine Valley's Babe Carey
 and his organ selling black market scheme.
      He took Babe's baby and replaced his
          sister Kelly's dead baby with Adam 
           Chandler III.  Murdered by Daniel 
      Colson. Paul blackmailed Colson for his 
        affair with Riley's friend Mark Solomon.
               Brock Cuchna   2003-04
                 Shane MacRae  2004
                   David Tom  2004-05
 Sonya Roskova Cramer   Married Dr. Lou Cramer;
     was insane; piano prodigy; blamed Dorian
    for the loss of her youth and beauty; tried to 
      kill Melinda; killed Lou; presumed dead;
   lived in Charlotte Stonecliff's attic; tried to
     kill Cassie; killed by Dorian; went up in
    flames when Stonecliff burned down the
   house; killing herself over Sonya's death.
                Marian Seldes   1998
Ariel Crane     bestie to young Cassie Callison
         Penny Campbell    1981-83
Beverly __ Crane    childhood friend of Sloan
     Carpenter; re-entered his life when he
                was with Vicky and dying
              Maeve McGuire    1994-95
Don Cranston
              David K. Varnay   
Bianca Crawford    one of Lee H.'s hookers
          ??????       1986
    Nurse Ethel Crawford    Victor Lord's
            nurse when he was dying 
                        (first time).
                 Joan Shea 1970s
               Lois Markle 1976-77
                Bethel Leslie   1994
Kid Creole and the Coconuts       Band
       Kid Creole and the Coconuts   1986
Muffy Critchlowe    Cassie's class president;
         daughter of Estelle Chadwick
                Faith Ford    1983
Mrs. __ __ Crocker    
            Tanya Berezin    1987
Sarah Crockett   friend, Clint
            ????    1981
Christine Cromwell   set up as Vicky's
 daughter by Michael Grande and Leo 
     Cromwell; learned the truth in 
  Eterna, the underground city/ vault
   of Victor Lord's "gold"; interested in
                Wade Coleman.
          Susan Floyd     1988-89
Estelle Cromwell      deceased wife of Leo
                        Never Seen   
Leo Cromwell    grew up in Eterna;married Estelle
        and had daughter Christine; pretended
  Christine was Vicky's; went to Eterna in search of
       Victor's gold; found it and died falling off of a 
                   Alan Scarfe         1988-89
Dr. Edward Crosby    
            Scott Bryce   2006; 2007
Nurse Robin Croseley     secretary 
                to Dr. Will Vernon     
        Linda Watkins       1977-78
Pete Crothers   liked Joy and Cassie
       ????   6/1984
Chad Cummings 
        Burke Moses    1990-91
     Clarissa Cummings   Gretel's cousins
from the Washburn family that raised her
                 Never Seen
    Clive Cummings     Gretel's cousins
from the Washburn family that raised her
                 Never Seen
Ray Cummings     the Ray that
      was actually a therapist; 
     Gretel's classmate used
        to falsify her diplomas.
     John Cunningham    2002
Nurse __ Cunningham
     Karen Ludwig  
Dr. ___ Curran
          Kelly Bishop
Margaret Curtain
       Patricia O'Connell
Governor ___ Curtis  
       Robert Trumbull   2000
Dr. Nathan Cushing      Blair's doctor
          Greg Kachejian    2007
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Posted (edited)
JULY 15, 1968- JANUARY 13, 2012
Callie  waitress at the Bon Jour   
                 Kathy Fitzgerald   
            Richard White    1989
Cameron that helped Dorian
        Brian McGovern  
Madame Camille the psychic
        Lizan Mitchell
Carl     Dorian's accountant
      Tom Ligon
       Marilyn Spanier   1996
Carmen the diner waitress
       Keri Uribe   2004
        Diana Henry  2002
Sister Caroline at St. Anne's
        Joanna Rhinehart  2008
Casey the Llanfair gardener that
  moved on to work as a porter 
   at the Fraternity Row Studio
      Frank Palmer  1988-89
Charlene      Destiny's mother
          Never Seen
          Kathleen Doyle    2000
      Mike Dooly
       Martin Vidnovic     1995
Charlie the cop
       Don Mayo
Charlie the vagrant 
    ????     1972
Charlie the bartender
        Rayland Van Blake   2005
Cherri  the drag queen 
       Randy Roberts
        Early in Randy Roberts
    career, his stage name was
              "Dorian  Lord"
       Long before his cameo.
Chester the chicken farmer
        ????         1989
           Jack Gwaltney   1993
Chip the preppy
      Steve Flynn     1986
Chip      Connie's fiance
      David Allen Brooks  1984-85
Nurse Christine
      Denise Burse Fernandez   2010
ICU Nurse Christine
       Saundra McClain    1980
          Tiffany Lee
Cindy    + Ivan Kipling
       ?????    1980?
Cirece the Model 
        Marcia Cross     1985
Sister Claire
         Mikel Sarah Lambert
Clarence the drag queen
       Andre Ward     2007
       Dylan Chaffy    
Judge Claude
         Gil Rogers
Claudette, Lady Joanna's maid'
     Lesli Kay    1988
Cody,   Frank;s thug  
             ????????   1985
Colette   Dorian's maid
       Floanne Ankah   2011
       Alicia Henry     2011
Conrad, Sarah's kidnapper
     Scott Wentworth
         Robert Bruzio   2002
Consuela    Ivan Kipling's maid
       ?????    1982
Corinne the cosmetologist
      Lee Brock
Craig the reporter
        Jason Alexander   1986
      Marcus Lovett    1987
       Steven Gilborn   1987
Cricket the realtor
        Laura Stepp   1999
Curt, Brad's cellmate
       ?????    2/1980
         David Bishins    2005
         Michael McCormack   1995



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Posted (edited)


Martin Grey    Michael E. Knight    2019-Present   Attorney (Valentin)  son of Gordon and Florence; brother of Cyrus and half brother of Laura; has 3 ex wives

Tidbit addition from Friday's show. 

More Additions

Some have been previously posted, but all to be added Monday. A cleaned up and updated GH cast will be re-posted soon.


Metrocourt Rooftop Waiter    ?????    7/15

Metrocourt Bartender       ????     7/19/21

Bartender (Ryan's Bar)    ?????     7/19&20/21

2 Cops   (New York City, arrested David Hopkins)  ?????     7/20/21

Minimum Security Orderly     Ron Nery, Jr.     8/2021

Nurse     ????      7/22/21

Nurse with Jason      ????   7/23/21

Orderly with Ryan     ?????     7/23/21

Female Guard in day room (Alexis; Ryan)    ????      723/21

Cop (Jordan's office with Stella)   ????    7/27/2021

Metrocourt Pool Bartender   ???    7/29/21

Police Officer with Jordan   8/4/21

Minimum Security Orderly   Ron Nery; Jr.    8/4/21

Nurse   ?????    8/5/21

3 Hoods with Joey Novak   1. ?????        8/6/21

                                          2.   ?????       8/6/21

                                           Haile D'Alan

Metrocourt Pool Waiter   ???    8/11-13                                               

Thug              Shon Lange          2015

Fire Chief     Ava     ????????      8/17

Cop with Ava      ????     8/19/21

4 Bodyguards  (Novak, Buscema, Wu)

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Posted (edited)
On 8/23/2021 at 6:21 AM, Paul Raven said:

Guiding Light

Mae Pearson  wife of Clint Pearson (AKA Spence Jeffers) Jani Brenn   1976

Awesome--- been hunting forever for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


JULY 15, 1968- JANUARY 13, 2012


Jay Edgar Daley
           Herbert Rubens
     Edwina (Ethel) "Cookie" Lewis Dane  Reporter;
   brother Dwight acknowledged her name; 
 (Ethel); foster brother was Adam Brewster;
 worked for The Chronicle and The Banner
   pursued Richard Abbott; pursued Paul Kendall found 
  Becky Lee's first husband Luke, unleashing him on
      Llanview; rumored daughter of Ivan Kipling;
   fell in love with and married Marco Dane (twice);
    the first time believing he was Dr. Mario Corelli;    
    slept with his brother Gary; liked Giles Morgan;
      had a snarky friendship with Dorian Lord.
           (temporary)    Lauren White  1982
              Margaret Klenck      1978-85
Marco Dane           
     (temporary) Justin Deas 1984
     (temporary)   Vincent Baggetta  1984
    Gerald Anthony   1977-86; 1989-90
          (General Hospital 1992-93)
Maxie McDermott Dane   Marco's
                ditzy secretary; 
     Christine Ebersole    1983-84
Sister Mary Daniel   
       Mariette Hartley     2001
Dr. ____ Daniels 
     Sam Freed    2000
Lola Daniels    
      ????    3/1978
Mr. ____ Daniels
     Hardy Rawls
Mr. __   Darrin  
      Ethan Phillips     1983
Dr. Edward Daugherty
     Gerry Becker   1997
Dr. ___ Davenport 
    David Hess
      Dr. Ben Davidson   son of Asa
 Buchanan and Renee Divine but 
raised by Jane and Sam Davidson 
along with their son Sam Rappaport
and daughter, Grace. Arrived as a
bartender at "Crossroads"; had past
dealings with "the mob"; shot; married
Vicki; pushed out a window by Niki Smith
survived but shot mistakenly in an attempt
to bring down Alison Perkins; coma;
  died giving his heart up for a transplant
to Vicki; returned in Heaven to let her
know that it was okay to move on.
  Mark Derwin    1999-2002; 2004; 2008
     Grace Davidson   kidnapped and raised
as Grace Monroe; Kell'ys BFF from boarding
     school; had affair with Rae Cummings' 
  hubby Daniel Faulkner; fell in love with
     Kevin; reunited with her brothers;
      died after a fall into cold water.
      (Flashbacks)  Bailey Malik  1999
              Susan Misner      1999
(Antoinette) Skye Patterson Chandler
            Cudahy Kinder Davidson
   later (Quartermaine adopted) Jacks
 arrived in Llanview at Asa's behest; ex
wife of Ben Davidson, she had had his medical
license in Texas revoked; started seeing Max 
Holden; held the Buchanan heir's name over his
head; accused of shooting Max; learns she's 
Rae Cummings daughter;dumped Max; moved
on to a future in Port Charles, following Rae.
         Robin Christopher   1999-2001
Wally Davidson the dog
      Buster Manfredi
Grant Davis
        Gregg Edelman  
William Davis Dawes   head of political
  party that wanted Kevin out of politics
        Walter Bobbie    2003-04
Billy Dean    musician
        Billy Dean      1994
Nurse ___ Decker
           Danae Nason     2005
Johnny Dee (Devane-Hesser)  Carlo's
  mobster son; paralyzed Vicky; killed
                  by Niki Smith
      Anthony Crivello       1990
Dr. __ DeGroff   Gigi's doctor
             Rob D. Yang
Neil Delaney    worked on the set of
  Fraternity Row; stalked Mari Lyn
         Steve Flynn     1988-89
Judge ___ __ Delaney   
        Kathleen Nolan    1990
Paris Delaney
           Victoria Bass     1983
Spike Delaney
        Michael Gaston    1996
Vince Delaney
        Greg Zaragoza
Maggie Delekian   District Attorney
         Jane Brucker    1986
Anna _ Delgado    mother of Tomas,
        Tea; Jose; Anna Rose
              Never Seen
Delmonico "Del" Delgado   police 
officer; Tea's half-brother; was
               on the take
      Paul Calderon     1998
Enrique  Delgado   Tea's half-brother
               Never Seen
Jose Delgado      Tea's brother
              Never Seen
Juan Delgado the Pelupe Indian
          ????      1982
Leon  Delgado     Tea's father 
              Never Seen
Maria __ Delgado  Tea's Abuelita
        Miriam Colon  1996-97
Mrs.__ __ Delgado  Leon's first wife
               Never Seen
Tomas Delgado   brother of Tea; artist;
    secret agent; ex-husband Yvette
      Moreau; father of Sebastian--
  aka Baz; engaged to Blair; agent
involved with catching Todd; went on 
   a case and vanished (later the name
Lorenzo was bandied about between Tea
     Blair and Skye in Port Charles;they 
   went off to search for Tomas from GH
                Ted King    2010-11
     DuAnn ___ Demarest  midwife paid by 
   Gabrielle to lie about Max being Renee's baby;
 almost had to deliver Sarah Roberts; blackmailed
Renee about Max; murdered, killed by Julia when
 they struggled over the gun. Renee was cleared.
                Lois Smith         1990
             Avril Gentles      1990-91
     Louann Cummings Demarest  
           ?? relative of DuAnn  
     Dorothy Stinnette      1989
   Ruth Ann Demarest    relative
         of DuAnn Demarest
         Karen Sillas    1991
Reverend Dennis 
           John Herrera
Mrs. ___ Dennison   adopted Tom
                 Never Seen
Mr. __Dennison     adopted Tom
                  Never Seen
       Tom Dennison    twin brother
      of the late Joe Riley; adopted
   by the Dennisons; married Carole
later known as Lee Halpern, a madam; 
father of Mari Lyn; had a fling with Vicky.
            Lee Patterson   1986-88
Decker Denton    reporter
           Thomas Waites   2006
Velma DeRotiere  Willard Morse's
                side piece
       ?????      7/1984
Sergeant Betty DeSalvo   
       Gwynn Gillis   1986-87
Aristotle Descamedes    mob boss 
with a "yen" for Dorian; tried to kill
               Alex Crown
       Steven Hill       1984-85
J. B.  "Jelly Bean"   Descamedes
         tried to kill Alex Crown
          Paul Avery       1985
Maria ___ DeVega    
          Ellen Barber    1983
Harmony Devine
       Catherine Cooper   1983
Attorney Dewey
     Reathal Bean   
Harvey Dewitt    drag queen
     Benjamin Dawes     2007
Olivia DeWitt  AKA   Cameron Wallace
 lived in a nearby cottage  to Joey; as
  Cameron, took a job from Dorian
infiltrating BE with Cord; truth came out.
         Bridget White    1996-97
Dr. Gail Dexter   liked Larry Wolek
       Christopher Callen     1977
Officer __ Dexter   
             Chris Dugger     2007
Joel Diamond      
      ????    4/1978
Father __  Diaz   
        Jaime Tirelli     1987
Kyle Dickinson     (real name) Michael
  Hatchfield, Jr.;  dated Cassie; was the killer
 onthe "Blood Moon" set; the son of 
the killer from the origin of the movie 
     screenplay--Michael Hatchfield.
             Peter Coleman     1982
Mrs. __ __ Dickinson   vice principal
     Charlotte D'Amboise   2009
Dr. ___ Didot
           Mary Lou Rosato   1997
Lloyd Dieter    blackmailed Tom Clarksson
         James Chesson     1981
Emily DiMauro
        Arija Bareikis    1996
Colonel Carlos Dimitri    fled to 
            Devil's Claw   
        Kabir Bedi 1986
Echo DiSavoy   aka Susan Turner
   came to Llanview with brother
   Giles Morgan to punish Clint 
 for the death of her mother Giselle; 
had an affair with Clint and faked her
  own death, but returned during the
   big trial; left town; returned years 
  later hunting for her son, who turned
out to be her son with Clint, Rex Balsom.
    Kim Zimmer       1983; 2010-11
Count Maxim DiSavoy  Echo's ex-husband
                Never Seen
Agnes Dixon     the creator of Fraternity Row
                  Agnes Nixon    2012
Nurse Elaine Dixon    
           Rose Alaio      1987
Ice Dixon     shot by Antonio Vega; had a gun
                    David Glass     ?1996
Janice Dixon
          Lynda Gravatt    
Dr. ___ Dizwallis   
           Ivan Hernandez 
Dr. Alan Dobbs 
         ?????              8/1977  
Snoop Dogg    buddy of Bo Buchanan;
            rapper/actor  cameo
           Snoop Dogg   2008
Preston Dolgal   
          James Pritchett    mid 1980s
Pussycat Dolls    musicians
          Pussycat Dolls   2009
Steve Domino   embezzler, Tina
       Will LeSeur     1986
Mary Margaret Donahue     headmistress
        Tammy Grimes   
Judge ___ Donovan    
        Robert Stattel     1993
Officer ___ Dorfman 
        James Pickens     1984
Judge __ Dory
        Ronn Carroll     1997
Billy Douglas    best friend of teens Joey
  Buchanan and Alana Cheston; gay; his
coming out story rippled through the town
of Llanview. affectingall from Reverend
Andrew Carpenter--accused of molesting
  him; Marty Saybrooke. who made up 
the story; Walter Douglas; his intolerant
   father; the St. James church council.
                Eventually left town.
            Ryan Phillippe  1992-93
  John Douglas         The Banner's
     Washington  Correspondent 
     Dorian's first love on-screen
       Donald Madden    1974-75
Virginia __ Douglas   mother of Billy;
      eventually supported him
     Susan Pellegrino   1992-93
Walter Douglas  Billy's intolerant father
        Jonathan Hogan  1992-93
Dr. ___ Dowling    
         Geoffrey Pierson
Hugh Downs     Anchorman
   Guest on Pat Ashley's Show
     Hugh Downs   1978
Emma Doyle
          Pauline Chalamet  1999
Mark Doyle   
         Michael Colby Jones   
Mary__ Doyle     Emma's mother
         Amy Von Nostrand   1999
Warren Drake
         Darryl K. Starr
Chad Driscoll     Blair's hot pool guy
            Jon Prescott    2009
Assistant District Attorney Tyler Driscoll
                Laura Rhodarmer    1995
Johnny Drummond    country western singer
                  Wayne Massey
  that fell for Tina, Mimi and Becky Lee
            occasional from 1980-84
Wayne Massey married Andrea Evans 1981
Nelson Dubuque   bomb maker
           ?????                   7/1984
Sid Duffy     
        Robert Fitch    
Hamp Dumont    Hired Bo as his  manager 
                   ??????          5/31/83
 Artie Duncan     Cathy Craig's drug
    supplier; she killed him during an
acid trip, but Vinny Wolek was 
       accused of the crime.
    John Cullum      1969
Felecia  ____  Duncan   Llanfair's maid
       Florence Anglin     1974-80
Mr. ___  Duncan    
          ?????     9/1977
Amy Dunham
Mr. ____   Dunne   
         William Wise     1997
Ed Dunstel
       John Furey
Gaston Dupree   Delila's attorney in Malago
       Graham Brown    1983
Louie Dupres  
      Helmar Augustine Cooper
      Dr. Elliott Durbin     doctor blackmailed
  to program Vicky to kill Kevin by Carlo Hesser
          Stephen Macht     1996
Lolly Dvore
       Marilyn Michaels   1988
Sally Dwyer     
        Nora Heflin
         Dag Marstanec    1983
Dan that beat up Powell
         David Lee Russek    1993
Dan the gay basher
       Donovan Patton     2009
        Christopher Larkin    2008
         Ariel Shafir       2011
          Conrad David
Danton the orderly
          John Henry Redwood
Daphne that dated Richard
          ??????       1979
Darnell  the man in prison
         Jonathan Henry Peck
          Kai Braden     2008
Darryl, Dorian's assistant
          Brandon Victor Dixon   2006
Dave with Jessica
     Eddie Kaye Thomas    1994
Dave that looked after Olympia 
     ????     1981
David the Bellhop
      Robert Lich      
        Robert Montano
        Jeff Branson    pre-2004
Death   the seductress (Max)
       Mary Kay Adams    1992
      Kate McKeown     1975
     Joan McIntosh    1994
Deborah         +Liam
           Tari Signor     2000
Deborah     the reporter
       ????      1982
Delia      Blair's assistant
        Claudia Rocafort     1995
Delores, a detective; Ed Hall's first
     date after Carla's wedding   
          Mariann Aalda   1979
Deloris the receptionist
         Daniel Chambers   2008
Madame Delphina  the psychic
        Lea DeLaria   
  1999; 2008-09; 2011
Dennis   the junkyard manager
      Demosthenes Chrysen
Dennis, Evangeline's ex
       Steve Wood
Dennis the board member that was
           Katrina Karr's john
       ?????     1978 or 1979
Dennis the bartender where Karen
               turned tricks
        Harry Fawcett    1977
Derek that knew Tess and Nash
        Jack Hartnett     2005
       Drenda Spohnholz   1995
Desmond      Karl Eberhart's thug
   told not to kill Bo and Mimi
         ????          1982
          Mimi Langeland
Di the Intruder secretary
        Zora Rasmussen
         Marie Thomas    1978
Diana   the "priestess"   
        Deborah Monk
Diana the nurse     
           Diana Henry     1999
           ??????     1/1978
Dinty that shot Tony Lord
          ?????      1982
Doc,     Asa's henchman  
          ??????     1981
           Richard Ziman     1989
Dolly  the waitress
           Rebecca Hollen   1977
           Eric Conley
             Robert LuPone    1986
Don the crook
            David Kissell
Don the Jeweler 
        Don Chastain       1999
           Debbie McLeod
             Gwen Shepherd
Nurse Donna
             Sandra Guibord
         Susan Fletcher     1998
Doris  that robbed  the masked ball
      ???????        12/1981
Doug the caretaker      
         ????    1982
          Danny Jacobsen
          Mark Doherty    2008
           Ties Hanley
Jennings Brown
     ????     3/1978
Leo Falconeri      Easton Rocket Sweda    2021
Nurse with Austin     ?????      8/23/21
Edited by slick jones
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On 8/21/2021 at 2:43 AM, Paul Raven said:

Guiding Light

Bert Fletcher - James Ray 1969

This character is obviously connected to the Fletchers, some of whom were still onscreen at this time.

Possibly a misprint about GL?



Bart Fletcher    James Ray         1967-68   thug, Harry Constable, killed Lloyd Hubbard
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Barbara Sterling Vento Latimer   daughter of Gaye and Bruce; involved with Ken, Tony, Philip ;  supported by Vivian while married to Tony  sent to an institution for slashing Rick's face (1964)

                           ...Zina Bethune...1965-70; 1970-71


Thanks @will81 for the info,

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8 hours ago, slick jones said:

Possibly a misprint about GL?



Bart Fletcher    James Ray         1967-68   thug, Harry Constable, killed Lloyd Hubbard

Aha! that must be the case. thanks for the correction.

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Posted (edited)



Roxy Earhart    
        Jenny Moreau
Mr.   ___   Easke
        Tom Mardirosian      1997
Noah Ebb
       ??????       8/1978
Karl Eberhart   wanted the Solarmite
          for Jupiter Enterprises
       John Cunningham     1982
Doug Ebert      abusive husband
   of waitress Jane; kidnapped 
        Vicky and Megan; sent
                  to jail.
     Craig Wasson  1991
Jane ___ Ebert          waitress friend 
  of Luna; domestic abuse victim.
    Catherine Christiansen  1991
Agnes __ Eckhart
         Agnes Nixon   2008
Pseudo Echo      Musical group
           Pseudo Echo     
Nolan Eddy   a mob connection
       ??????       1983
Scott Edgar    David Renaldi's manager
  and contact with "the government"
           Brian Davies    1983-84
***** TRIVIA*****
     Erika Slezak's husband
Tom Edwards      aka Tom MacKenzie
     Arrived in Llanview an amnesiac; 
taken in by Meredith Lord and her father;
  fell in love with Merrie but then pre-
tended to be Victor's long lost son, Tony.
 Was married to Marcy, a she-devil out
 to convince Vicky that Nikki was back; 
  had a brother, Dr. Bruce MacKenzie.
          Joe Gallison       1969-71
Klaus Eichmann       imprisoned gangster
            Chuck Wagner     1985
            Jay  O. Sanders   1985
Greg Ellis   henchman of Carlo Hesser
         Robert Sedgwick     1990
Laura Jean ___ Ellis   Greg's wife; jumped
  off a bridge to commit suicide; saved by
        and fell in love with Dan Wolek.
             Neith Hunter      1990-91
Bill Emerson      
         Michael McKenzie   2004
Dr. __ Emerson    
            Ted Sorel     pre-1980
Mr. ___ Emerson
          Arthur French    1993
District Attorney Tom Emerson
     Fred J. Scollay     1974-75
Dr. Aaron Emmentaler
          Byron Jennings   1996
Gustavo  Espinosa  brother of Carlotta
                     Never Seen
Allen Estes          country singer
       Allen Estes       1982
Destiny Evans     best friend/ baby mama
    of Matthew Buchanan's son, Drew; a 
 straight shooter that took no crap; raised
as the daughter of Phylicia and Richard, but
 was actually Charlene and Greg's little one.
     Shenell Edmonds        2009-12
     Dr. Greg Evans          son of Richard and
Phylicia; fathered Destiny with Shaun's girlfriend
Charlene; kept it a secret; famous neurosurgeon;
came to save Matthew; stole Rachel from Shaun 
and operating on him; flew to Seattle with Matthew
 for his surgery; lost Rachel; drugged Tea for Elijah;
   tried to kill Elijah but Elijah stabbed him with the
Morphine; Elijah was prevented from killing him by 
Dr. Vivian Wright; Greg confessed to everything, in-
          cluding killing Charlene; went to jail.
                   Terrell Tilford    2009-10
ICU Nurse ___ Evans    
             Marilyn Spanier   1998
Phylicia Wenton Evans      mother of Shaun and
        Greg; raised Destiny as her own
            Tonye Patano    2009-12
Richard Evans    hard working patriarch of 
                     the Evans  family
              Frankie Faison     2009-12
Shaun Evans       originally a bodyguard
 and friend of Vincent Jones; discovered 
    with his grandfather, Fred that White 
Supremacists were causing arson fires all
   over town; became a bodyguard for the
 Manning family; started dating Rachel 
  Gannon; she fell for his brother; Shaun 
   was shot; Greg operated; saved but in 
 a coma;  truth about Destiny's parentage
   came out, as did Charlene's murder; 
          was dating Vivian Wright.
       Shaun Ringgold    2006-12
Bobby Ever         former husband of
         Darlene "Luna" Moody
       James Villemaire    1993
Clear Eyes        had visions of the Old West
                  ????      1988
Allen Estes        Allen Estes    1997
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John Gart    1951-67?

Charles Paul   ?1967-72

Eddie Layton    1972-74

Carey Gold      1974-76 (Synthesizer)




Felecia Duncan   Llanfair's maid
       Florence Anglin     1974-80
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