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Our own Charlie's Angel , @jam6242, did some   research into THE DOCTORS in 1963,   and here's some new information we didn't have before     


4/22/63      Lillian Petrie an old time musical comedy actress, now a charity patient       actress Esther Ralston.

                  Chaplain Sam Shafer tries to convince  tv idea man Victor Golding to create a show around her. No actor info for Victor


Oscar (Roy Poole) the cop whose physical prevented him from a promotion--last name Kylie.


more TD tomorrow


GL's Nurse Jodie is under her last name, Gooden  


I'll add George Baldwin




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@Paul Raven   

Camilla Crawford     Penelope Windust   1972   reporter on the Stan/Leslie affair; inebriated model--possible act while investigative reporting?

George Baldwin    Michael McAssy   blind piano player 

Roy  Enright   Phillip LeStrange   1986-87  Alan's "henchman

Nurse Jodie Gooden    Alice Oakes   1983-87   dated Louie, Lillian's friend

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I know there is always confusion over Jill O'Hara and Susan "Sue" Michaels. Typically, that role is associated with "A Time for Us." Now, I've found a picture of Jenny O'Hara from December 1965 credited as playing Andy, a nurse and friendly confidante to Linda Driscoll, on "A Time for Us."

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Gloria that was Eds secretary Diane Lewis 1976-80

Neil Blake       Patrick Horgan      attorney    1979-80; 1982; 1983



Nurse Andy      Jenny O'Hara   1965



Susan "Sue" Michaels   Jill O'Hara   1966

Landlady    Mildred Clinton  1979  or 1/1980

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Dr Elizabeth Hayes    Margot Moser

Betty Jane ___ Loomis      ????  --believes baby found at Hope Hospital is hers

Eddie Loomis   ??????   Betty's husband, swears baby isn't theirs



Dr. Jerry Chandler    Richard Roat

P.J. Pomeroy      ??????    wealthy Texan; Chandler thinks he is a malingerer



Dr. Elizabeth Hayes   Margot Moser   has questions about mother's reaction

Eve Downing   ????   mother of a burned child  that will survive



Dr. Elizabeth Hayes     Margot Moser    believes her condition is medical

Dinah Fraser     ????      13 year old orphan in for a psych evaluation



week of 1/13/1964    Marcy  Dalton   Fred's daughter   Leslye Hunter






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July 21, 1958


 by Bob Corcoran

Kathryn Murray hosting


Ed Howe            Ed Peck,

Charles Crail          Richard Robbins, 

Police Lieutenant Slade     Mike Constantine, 

Susan ___  Crail     Katherine Balfour,

Frank Lannon          Ray Boyle







Thank you @jam6242

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Eleanora ____Galatti...Eleni Kiamos 68-69   MOTHER, Stephen       

Gregor Galatti...Richard Kuss   68-69 Father, Stephen

Stephen Galatti   Tony Dean  68-69  Diana Lamont believed he had ESP  mother Eleanora believed it, Gregor did not.    



Rachel March      Judith Searle     1966   secretary, Bruce; affair with boss



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Reverend Richard Dennis       Paul Langton (temp. 54-55 per TV Guide)

4 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Re The Verdict Is Yours

Add Lee Meriwether

Added in

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1982- 1983 SHOWTIME


Luanne Butler...????...dead student

Cynthia Claybourne....Britt Helfer

Professor Emmett Claybourne...???????...father, Cynthia and Logan

Logan Claybourne...?????????????

Corinne Hamilton Collier...Never Seen(maybe FB)

Professor John Collier...Steve Carlson ...+Gail 

Pamela Evans     Rachel Todd

Betty ____Franklin...Lara Parker...+Bryan 

Joe Franklin...????(FB)

Laurel Franklin...Anne Wilkinson +Clint, +Greg 

Dr. Hammond...Never Seen ...Surgeon

Isabel ___Kittredge

Penny Landis...????????...murder victim #3

Professor Gail Lee...Victoria Tan +Bryan , +Josh

Biff Lewis...Grant Wilson +Francie 

Professor Bryan Lewis...James McMullen 

Emily ___Lewis...Never Seen

Greg Lewis...Larry Poindexter... +Laurel, +Pam ,

Captain Tim Lockhart...Don Matheson 

Gino Lombardi...??????...attacked Shelley

Luke Lombardi...???????...suspect, hung himself

Clint Masterson...Jack P. Wagner +Pam, +Laurel 

Melvin Masterson...????...father, Clint

Lori Novack..._______Michaelson....cousin, Shelley

Shelley Novack...Wendy Barry... +Hank

Francie Richardson...Dana Halstead +Davey,+Biff

Frank Richardson... ????????? father

Hud Richardson...??????? campus security

Ida _____Richardson...???? mother

Madge Whitehead Sinclair...Jane Elliott +Bryan 

Davey Sowalsky...???????????...+Francie

Hank Sowalsky...?????...+ Shelley

Myra _____Sowalsky...Never Seen...mother

Muffy Spencer...?????...victim # 2

Amy Stanley...???????? ...girl in Phoenix

Miranda _____Stevens...Maggie Sullivan...loved Bryan, +Beau 

Kevin Wallace...????...rapist, stalker

Susan Walsh...Anne Lockhart...victim #1 

Beau...Never Seen...lover, Miranda, Madge

Honey...maid...Katherine Curry


...Brioni Farrell 

...John Gibson... 

...Catherine Hickland 

...James Horan... 

....Cathy St. John

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Re:   John Boruff and Barbara Joyce


He was Joe Meadows on "Brighter Day" as well. Ellen went to Columbus where he practiced medicine during her pregnancy on "World Turns," but a crossover with "Brighter Day" was not shown. A couple of years later Meadows was shown on his home turf on "Brighter Day" and Mitchell Dru also crossed over. Later when Mike Bauer moved over to "Another World" there was a mention of his worked in the Lowell & Hughes law firm in Oakdale for a brief time, although the audience didn't see him there

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