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42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Pre-Noms Revealed

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I haven't read this thread yet, but just commenting on the pre- noms from WE LOVE SOAPS:

Peggy McKay should be leading the Supporting Actress Leader, her speech at the wedding is a shoe in, but she hasn't been a lead actress in many years. No disrespect to her, but supporting is her category.

Heather Tom should be supporting this year. She didn't have lead actress material.

Has HT ever been lead? Every year she gets a lead nom and Im left scratching my head bc Katie is most defintely a supporting character. Her stories are rarely about her. HT is good with the reaction scenes but she hardly leads story

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Even though these are just pre-noms, awards and nods seem to always go to the same people time and time again for the simple fact that they already won one. And to be honest, they all get judged based on what, a few episodes? Clips? I don't find that to be a valid way to judge someone's performance but they clearly can't watch a year's worth ... the awards are flawed. They always have been and always will be.

I actually think the system works for better or worse. It's the same as the Primetime Emmy's where the person can select a single episode to be judged upon. I personally like the idea of the actor and actress picking one tape for a nomination, and then another tape to be considered for a win. I would say throw in another random tape from a random day to be considered for as well as the other two tapes, but I think you get to a point where multiple tapes just dilute the process.

Off the top of my head, she had that and she had her goodbye material with Ali Sweeney. She's the definition of a solid supporting player. I guess they set a precedent last year when she was nominated for the Alzheimer's material (which wasn't really "lead," either), and there seems to be some unspoken thing that older = lead. It's odd.

I think that is more or less because tradition kind of turned lead actress into that because soaps were very matriarchal so it stood to reason that the best leading actresses were veteran actresses who led story for multiple years. From the pre-noms this year that may change a bit, but honestly I am fine with Lead Actress being more or less defined as best "Veteran Actress on a soap", because a lot of younger actresses don't deserve to be in contention a lot of the time.

I love seeing Ali Sweeney, Blake Berris, Lauren Boles, and Casey Moss on this list!! But where the heck is James Scott!!

He was the leasing male the entire year until EJ's death in October! And I agree about Peggy-- older does NOT equal "Lead Actress" ... She had some great scenes this year at the WilSon wedding and Sami's exit but she did not lead any of her episodes- to say that she is anywhere near Ali Sweeny in terms of story influence. Soap gods please let Ciara Boles win!!

James Scott doesn't submit himself anymore because he felt pretty sore about not being nominated for Lexie's death, which he considered to be some of his best work, so he no longer submits. He would have been a fantastic choice for Lead Actor though.

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I never understand why John McCook is always nominated for a lead, when Eric only appears like twice every other month...Though I guess he had some scenes with Ridge after the fall, but still....

Billy Miller is one of their pets so they are gonna make sure he gets to pick the soap he wants to be nominated for regardless of how many episodes he was in....

Jacob Young IMO is more of a leading actor...

I have to admit, the story is terrible (and on the back burner now apparently...no surprise there..) but I'm sort of glad Tracey Bregman got a leading actress nom, but please.....do not submit those scenes of you laughing after Michael told you he had cancer...

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