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Marco Dane

Best and Worst Soap Opera Storylines

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Past and Present
What is your Best and Worst Storyline


The Loving Murders HANDS DOWN!


And General Homicide on Port Charles
The Ford Brothers in everything.... OLTL

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Best Stories:

Who Shot Roger Thorpe? (GL)


Even though it was obvious that Billy was the one that shot Roger, this was a good whodunnit. Anyone could've been responsible and everyone showed up and showed out in this scene. Especially Michael Zaslow.

Ed & Lillian's Affair/The Death of Maureen Bauer (GL)

While I feel like this story killed GL in the long haul and I disapproved of Maureen dying, I have to admit that the storytelling and the acting was on par. IMO, Maureen still has one of the best death stories I've seen. Her death affected all of Springfield. It just showed how much of a pillar Maureen was to the community.

Felicia's Alcoholism (AW)

Best alcoholism story I've seen on soaps. Hell, Linda is the only person that truly made me believe she was drunk. What started out as an illness just affecting Felicia soon started to affect everyone else in her life.

Worst Stories:

Lumina/Jordan Stark (AW)

This is one story I'd just like to forget altogether. I hate that Sandra Ferguson was brought back to only be given material like this. They should've left this type of story to DAYS and did what AW did best--good character driven drama.

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Best: The entire story arc of Aremid on Days of Our Lives, September 1995 - April 1996.

Tony framing John for his "death," John's trial, John facing the gas chamber, Stefano getting his memory back, Jennifer & Peter's wedding, Lexie finding out Celeste and Stefano are her parents, Bo & Hope reuniting, Hope "dying" in the avalanche, Marlena romancing Stefano to get Tony's diary to free John, the Lady In White, Kristen doubting John's innocence, the rhyming Parrot Man, the murky mysteriousness of the town of Aremid itself, etc. etc.

My all-time favorite story. High stakes, heavy drama, wonderful payoff.

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