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It's the half hour version. MeTV and Antenna TV already have their January schedules out

MeTV Network Program Schedule

Starting Thursday, January 01, 2015

Programs / times subject to change

All times Eastern

What's new: Abbott & Costello; Carol Burnett and Friends; Quincy, M.E.; & Mystery Movie

What's back: The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; & The Mod Squad

What's gone: Adam-12; Dragnet; Ironside; Leave It to Beaver; The Green Hornet; & The Rogues


05:00a Abbott & Costello (replaces That Girl)

05:30a Make Room for Daddy

06:00a Petticoat Junction

06:30a The Beverly Hillbillies

07:00a That Girl (replaces The Donna Reed Show)

07:30a I Love Lucy

08:00a The Donna Reed Show (replaces Leave It to Beaver)

08:30a The Mary Tyler Moore Show (replaces Leave It to Beaver)

09:00a The Love Boat (replaces Daniel Boone)

10:00a Perry Mason

11:00a Quincy, M.E. (replaces Dragnet 2x)

12:00p The Rockford Files

01:00p Gunsmoke

02:00p Bonanza

03:00p The Rifleman

03:30p The Rifleman

04:00p Adventures of Superman (replaces Adam-12)

04:30p Adventures of Superman (replaces Adam-12)

05:00p Emergency!

06:00p CHiPs

07:00p M*A*S*H

07:30p M*A*S*H

08:00p The Andy Griffith Show*

08:30p The Andy Griffith Show*

09:00p Hogan's Heroes

09:30p Cheers (replaces Gilligan's Island)

10:00p The Bob Newhart Show (Mon); Taxi (Tue); F Troop (Wed); Welcome Back Kotter (Thu); The Odd Couple (Fri)

10:30p The Bob Newhart Show (Mon); Taxi (Tue); F Troop (Wed); Welcome Back Kotter (Thu); The Odd Couple (Fri)

11:00p Carol Burnett and Friends (replaces Cheers)

11:30p Perry Mason

12:30a Mystery Movie (replaces Adam-12 2x, Night Gallery, & Ironside)

02:30a Night Gallery (replaces Ironside cont.)

03:00a The Alfred Hitchcock Hour (replaces Route 66)

04:00a Thriller (replaces Naked City)


05:00a F Troop (replaces The Rogues)

05:30a F Troop (replaces The Rogues cont.)

06:00a Gilligan's Island (replaces The Rogues)

06:30a Gilligan's Island (replaces The Rogues cont.)

07:00a H.R. Pufnstuf

07:30a Land of the Lost

08:00a Green Screen Adventures (E/I)

08:30a Green Screen Adventures (E/I)

09:00a Travel Thru History (E/I)**

09:30a Travel Thru History (E/I)**

10:00a Mystery Hunters (E/I)**

10:30a Mystery Hunters (E/I)**

11:00a Daniel Boone

12:00p Big Valley

01:00p Gunsmoke

02:00p Bonanza

03:00p Rawhide

04:00p Wanted: Dead or Alive

04:30p Wanted: Dead or Alive

05:00p The Rifleman

05:30p The Rifleman

06:00p Adventures of Superman

06:30p Adventures of Superman

07:00p Batman

07:30p Batman

08:00p Wonder Woman

09:00p Star Trek: Original

10:00p Svengoolie Classic Horror & Sci-Fi Movie

12:00a Lost in Space

01:00a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

02:00a Night Gallery

02:30a Night Gallery

03:00a The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

04:00a Thriller


05:00a The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (replaces The Green Hornet)

05:30a The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis (replaces The Green Hornet)

06:00a F Troop (replaces H.R. Pufnstuf)

06:30a F Troop (replaces Land of the Lost)

07:00a Abbott & Costello (replaces The Donna Reed Show)

07:30a Abbott & Costello (replaces The Donna Reed Show)

08:00a Welcome Back, Kotter (replaces Mystery Hunters (E/I))

08:30a Welcome Back, Kotter (replaces Mystery Hunters (E/I))

09:00a Gilligan's Island

09:30a Gilligan's Island

10:00a Saved by the Bell (E/I)

10:30a Saved by the Bell (E/I)

11:00a Saved by the Bell (E/I)

11:30a Saved by the Bell (E/I)

12:00p The Brady Bunch

12:30p The Brady Bunch

01:00p The Brady Bunch

01:30p The Brady Bunch

02:00p The Love Boat

03:00p Remington Steele

04:00p The Streets of San Francisco

05:00p The Mod Squad (replaces The Rockford Files)

06:00p Hawaii Five-O

07:00p Black Sheep Squadron

08:00p Columbo

09:30p M*A*S*H

10:00p The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

11:00p Mission: Impossible

12:00a Get Smart

12:30a Get Smart

01:00a The Saint

02:00a Naked City

03:00a Route 66

04:00a Peter Gunn

04:30a Mr. Lucky

I wish they'd stop the rotation of shows in the 10PM hour (not that I can watch but still ... lol)

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That is SO not enough change for me! I love that these channels are relatively stable with scheduling, and I get that they had a big shake-up for the fall, but the Comedy Conundrum block needed to either be overhauled or gotten rid of period. I can't believe there's absolutely no change in primetime. I figured Carol would be leading it off.

The few changes they made make little sense, like getting rid of Dragnet and Adam-12 even though they are both constantly promo'd. Instead of double-exposing shows that are already in visible time slots (Superman, Love Boat, Gilligan's Island), how about trying Route 66 during the week or That Girl in primetime again?

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I just got it a few weeks ago.


Some local schedules could be different. I believe mine is.


6:00am - Highway to Heaven

7:00am - Lone Ranger

7:30am - Roy Rogers

8:00am - The Virginian

9:30am - Adventures of Jim Bowie

10:00am - Lone Ranger

10:30am - Roy Rogers

11:00am - Maverick

12:00pm - Marcus Welby, M.D.

1:00pm - The Avengers

2:00pm - Magnum, P.I.

3:00pm - Charlie's Angels

4:00pm - Here's Lucy (x2)

5:00pm - Dick Van Dyke Show (x2)

6:00pm - Make Room for Daddy (x2)

7:00pm - Lassie (x2)

8:00pm - Fantasy Island / Thurs: Magnum, P.I. / Fri: Movie

9:00pm - Fantasy Island / Thurs: Magnum, P.I. / Fri: Movie

10:00pm - Fantasy Island / Thurs: Magnum, P.I. /

11:00pm - Mon: The Avengers / Tues: Knight Rider / Wed: Bionic Woman / Thurs: Magnum P.I. / Fri: Run For Your Life (???)

12:00am - I Spy

1:00am - Movie

3:30am - Cisco Kid

4:00am - Cisco Kid

4:30am - Cisco Kid

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I agree. I don't understand rotating shows for one day a week. Makes NO sense to me when you have so many hours to fill. Cozi is alright (starting with Maverick and ending with Fantasy Island) for the most part, but could have a stronger schedule. They seem to be adding as they go but it reminds me of a better scheduled Retro TV when that first launched with shows like The Campbells nobody knew. And I like Fantasy Island but there's no need for it to air for three hours for three days a week.

And I'm pretty up on all the shows but what on earth is Run for Your Life? I guess I'm going to have to Google that one. Never ever heard of it.

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Not sure of the official schedule yet but looks like Cozi is adding Murder, She Wrote in January (it will air Mon-Fri from 3-5pm, on Fridays 8pm-11pm and Sundays 7pm-9pm). Dragnet and Adam-12 move from ME-TV to Cozi (they've also aired on Antenna TV so they're making the rounds!). Adam-12 airs 12-1pm and Dragnet will air 11pm-12am. The Adventures of Zorro will be added and air 11am-12pm. The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp will air from 9am-10am. Bronco will air 8am-9am. It Takes a Thief will air Mondays at 10pm.

I really like Murder, She Wrote but Here's Lucy better not be dumped.

Also Cozi airs Highway to Heaven (why at 6am I don't know). Really never got into the show in the past but it's actually quite good.

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If anyone gets Bounce TV they've added A Different World weekdays 7-8pm.

Escape, another digital subchannel, is airing Unsolved Mysteries.

I love all of these digital subchannels popping up! Escape, Grit, Movies! ... There's also This-TV, Heartland (formerly a relaunch of The Nashville Network), Family Channel (formerly MyFamilyTV) ...

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Run for Your Life is one of those "man-on-the-run" type shows, similar to The Fugitive and Route 66. On Run, the guy only has a short time to live, so he travels the US, meeting different people in different places and getting involved in different situations.

Our Bounce affiliate used to air Gimme a Break! and they've been airing The Jeffersons and The Cosby Show but I don't know if they still do. They sometimes do classic Soul Train episodes, but they filter them through that hideous filmizing process.

All this talk of classic TV networks makes me want to lay across my bed and plot a "dream schedule" like I used to do when I was 12.

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