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Best Real Housewives series?



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  1. 1. Best Real Housewives series?

    • Orange County
    • New York City
    • Atlanta
    • New Jersey
    • DC
    • Beverly Hills
    • Miami

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Atlanta hands down. While their drama is blown out of proportion, most of the drama, feuds are lighthearted compared to the other franchises. Plus, they have the best side characters. From Dwight to Marlo to every side characters last season. And the Africa trip (s4) will ALWAYS be my favorite housewives trip with Scary Island (NYC, s3) being a close second. Sheree v. Marlo was EVERYTHING. :lol:

My rankings are:


Beverly Hills

Vancouver (s1 b/c Christina was my girl!)



Orange County (after this season)

Miami (mainly s2--their BEST season)

New Jersey (became too dark after s2 and hasn't recovered IMO)

DC (boring season but great reunion. wish they were given a 2nd chance; especially after all the divorces and antics that occurred post cancellation)

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In my humble opinion, Beverly Hills is the best with Atlanta as a close second. I say this because I get more pumped up and excited for a new season of Beverly Hills versus Atlanta.

However, be that as it may, I had to vote suppport for New York City because my overall favorite is the ORIGINAL cast of NYC ladies, seasons 1-3.

1. Beverly Hills

2. Atlanta

3. New York

4. Orange County

5. New Jersey

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