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Who's better: Guza or RC?


Who's a better HW? (For GH)  

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  1. 1. Who's a better HW? (For GH)

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GUZA! I give not one f-ck, overall I loved his GH and miss it terribly! One of the best things about his & his teams pen was the fact that the characters at lease made some SENSE when they spoke on a day to day basis.

This current show is just a TRAVESTY and has been since the first ep w/clownavarti's name. What in the hell happened. I glanced at GH on Hulu the other day and was instantly embarrassed. Why did I see Franco and Carly kissing at the hospital? WTF???

It looks & sounds awful and nothing makes any damn sense.

#BringBackGuza #BringBackJFP #bye

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Both are equally destructive. R/C has no sense of direction or story telling but I don't feel they are necessarily harmful. Just nonsensical. But Guza's story telling was so destructive that there was barely anyone left standing when he was finished with it. I think people forget that Guza pretty much single handled destroyed every character he touched beyond measure. They were all ruined and dead by the end. While R/C have killed a few characters notably A.J. and Kate they haven't caused nearly as much damage as Guza.

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