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Tyler Perry's 'If Loving You Is Wrong'

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Now Alex don't want Randell to touch her, after she gave him all them A+++.

Why is that lady always around when something is going down?

They showing police power story at the write time.

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Please let Randell beat that ass.

Lucien going to get it at the police station.

I hope Lucien is like an undercover cop the big dogs sent him there just for Eddie.

I don't understand how Kelly didn't hear that gun shot.

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MMMMMM...That Joey is a hot piece of (dumb)ass....You would think he would have gotten some street smarts after being In jail...

Marcie's thirsty ass was wanting her a piece too! LOL....I wouldnt blame her

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Damn, we fell off on this thread.

I won't lie, last week's ending was SO intense! I didn't know WTF to do but clutch my pearls as I saw what was about to unfold.

Where ya'll at?

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cars are shooting up the burger joint.....why the hell did people get up and run out of that place? Id have stayed my ass down until the shooting stopped. That was very stupid. And how the hell did Ed not get shot when he was in the front, with all those people shooting at him with automatics?


What a horrible shot which went on for way too long.

This Kelly and Travis story is dreadful. Why are they still keeping it up? She's better without that little boy and that singing was not cute. It was embarassing. I hated that she screwed him

Yolanda needed to STFU. I cant stand her bony ass.

Marcie had me dying when her drunk butt said that Randall probably had Ed shot. "He is killing her! Can you hear that?" "Oh my...that did not sound good". I hated her season 1 but she's a hoot right now. "Go protect your bitch. Dont be a bitch" LOL

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I don't like naive Marcie, I like Marcie that knows what's going on.

I don't like the THOT gang Latina lady, Alex, & the woman with all those kids.

I like Kelly but she needs a new storyline.

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I know, when they all ran out ... I'm like what type of logic is that? Let me run towards the bullets.

I need Quan to get got already. Julius could have shot him AND still did what he did, he has the muscle. But he must not want to get his vatos locos in trouble so he used dumbass to get the job done for him. But I need him gone like last season. I did love Joey not backing down and protecting his mom.

LMAO! Right! I was cracking up and then of ALL those bullets they managed to get one shot to stick? Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn that was a bunk drive-by.

His singing made me mute the TV. Horribly off-key. I like to sing like that but I wouldn't do it on a damn television show. I would be like, can I at least get a boom box with a nice song to express my feels?

I can't stand Yolanda, and didn't that b!tch say she was leaving AND divorcing Ed last season? Like get it together! I need to see Mika.

Poor Brad... is it wrong that I was laughing at his emotions when the son was asking for his help with that book?

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS, Heather is my girl. I just love her work but what they have her doing now is just balls to the wall hilarious. I was screaming when she said "Protect your b!tch, don't be a b!tch." She know damn well he is not killing her, unless she means with his words because she can't handle them. I couldn't deal with her begging.

I still kinda want a Brad/Marcie revenge hook up.

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Mmmmmmm I mean... I'm with you, granted I don't think he looks appealing. Like I would kick him out of bed if I ever downed 10 Thunderbirds and dropped my standards. But I think Julius is the WORST!

When it comes to the men. Yolanda is horrid and we rarely see her. I was surprised she popped up this past episode.

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