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Justice League Movie

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Only interested in Fantastic Four for 2015. Found the Avengers absolutely boring and I'm so tired of the hype surrounding that franchise. It just wasn't that great of a movie but make enough money and pay the right review companies and you're golden.

Hopefully they change the Man of Steel sequel's title. "Batman vs Superman" is just ridiculous. I trust Zach Snyder with Justice League and I've liked all of his movies so far. Yes Man of Steel might have been a little too gritty/depressing in some ways but I found it to be a very realistic portrayal of a person who's grown up very isolated on a world he's not meant to be on. Hopefully they do a really good job with the sequel.

Between this and the Star Wars news today has been great!

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First look:




And the first look from Comic-Con:



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I'm looking forward to the first real trailer though.  This Comic Con footage was just showing a bunch of jokes - nothing to get too excited about. 

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 isn't Superman who originally in the comics, that forms the JL?

Duh nevermind I see the pic and Henry is in it lol

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I'm still not happy Zack Snyder is involved, but I think they're phasing him out and giving control over to comic people, who are currently in the process of rehabilitating the books (with DC Rebirth). That recent effort is the first time I've given a damn about DC in almost ten years. Plus the cast is good, so we'll see.

The Wonder Woman trailer, OTOH, looks amazing.

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I might be showing my age, but I don't remember Cyborg being apart of the original Justice League line up. I wonder what made them pick Cyborg over Hawkgirl, The Wonder Twins, or Marian The Man-hunter.

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