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Favorite Crazy Lady in Daytime?


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She was so popular...i wonder why he'd get rid of her...

Who knows? But I guess the whole Porteus story wrote her into a bit of a corner... but yeah he fired her shortly after he took over... a few months after they had just resigned her to a new long term contract. I'd love for Mommy Vanessa to come back and cause trouble for David :)

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My All-Time Faves (sorta in order, sorta not):

Vivian Alamain (DAYS)

Kristen DiMera (DAYS)

Sheila Carter (Y&R/B&B)

Cindy Harrison (AW)

Janet Green (AMC)

Annie Richards (SUN)

Eleanor Norris/Elena Nikolas/Elena Capwell (SB)

Helena Cassadine (GH)

Morgan (B&B)

MarKiller (DAYS)

MarDevil (DAYS)

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