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Least favorite characters


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Daniel Jonas, DAYS

Sonny Corinthos, GH

Jason Morgan, GH

the entire family abs built (aka the Fords), OLTL

Rex Balsom, OLTL

Gigi Morasco, OLTL

Ryan Lavery, AMC

Phyllis Summers, Y&R

Hope Logan, B&B

Tangie Hill, GL

Buzz Cooper, GL

Reva Shayne, GL (This may be down to the actress more than the character, though. I didn't mind her sometimes, particularly during the Reva/Josh/Annie stuff, but most of the time she was insufferable and required earplugs to get through any scenes with her in them. Meanwhile, I loved KZ as Echo on OLTL, go figure.)

Dean Frame, AW

Emilio Ramirez, DAYS (I sometimes wish Jack had snuck up behind him at some point with a set of shears and hacked that mullet off him, BARF!)

Taylor Walker, DAYS (MY MOTHER'S CAMEO!!1)

Carly Corinthos, GH

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