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Best Era for Sit-Coms!!


Best Era for Sit-Com's  

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That's an easy one. The 80's! You had a show for pretty much everything. my god almost every night of the week there was something great on. That's a big reason why VCR's took off, people because had lives but also wanted to watch their favorite shows. NBC was number one..especially on Thursdays and Saturdays. CBS had hits like Newhart and Desigining Women. and ABC had Full House and Who';s the boss. For drama's they had everything from themega rich Carringtons on Dynasty to the gritty world of Hill Street Blues.

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I think each decade has had good sitcoms... 50s had I love Lucy, The Danny Thomas Show, Father Knows Best... 60s had the Lucy Show, Odd couple, and That Girl... 70s had Happy Days, MTM, Laverne & Shirley... 80s had Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Family Ties, and The facts of life.. 90s had Home Improvement, and Friends... 2000s is a toughie since the shift to single camera comedies started.. and I dislike the mockumentary format and narrow liberal slant the shows take. Though I do love 'The Middle'.. but that is more a 2010s show then a 2000s show.

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