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The Taylor Swift Thread

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Well, LWYMMD and RFT? were good preparation for the different sound of a lot of the songs. I think, overall, the songs are better than the early samples suggest but it is very R&B-tinged and I am not here for that. "Getaway Car" is my fave following my first listen of the album, but that's no surprise since it's closer to her older sound.


Generally speaking, I don't see why she had to go this direction. It was very possible, once she went  pop, that her output wouldn't be as steady as when she was country (popular mainstream success is notoriously difficult) but I didn't expect it to happen so fast. It's like she's going through some PTSD following her character decimation and we're witnessing it in album form.


I will have to listen to it, of course, more times and see how I feel then. I can't believe a lot of these songs were co-written by Max Martin and Shellback. It doesn't feel like them at all. I'm sorta glad I've never listened to the 1989 bonus tracks. At least I can go back to those and they'll be brand new.

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I love the mixture of pop-R&B-hiphop on the album.  Taylor’s always said she’d do something different with every album.  She didn’t play it safe by making 1989-part-two. 



I’ll post more about the songs in a week or so after listening to them 50+ times. lol.  But the two songs I’m listening to the most are “End Game” and “Getaway Car” which should be singles.   I also really like "Dress."



Projections for album sales look phenomenal! Hope the one million+ numbers turn out to be true. 

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- 1.216 million copies in its first week

- 4th straight album with one million

- it took 4 days to become 2017's best selling album

- it outsold every other album on the Billboard 200 combined



So 'reputation' sold 71,000 less than '1989' which is really awesome considering sales have declined even more since 2014, and when you factor in that there was no media blitz like there was with '1989'.   I really believe if she promoted the album like '1989' (going on talks shows, performing more, doing a ton of radio/tv/print interviews), it would've easily been her best first week. 

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I am honestly shocked she's doing this, especially after she made such a big point out of saying that none of 1989 was meant to be played on country radio. It was, ironically, a big thing more traditional country fans commended her for at the time: she was finally being honest about being a pop artist, rather than a country one. "New Year's Day" IS the most traditional sounding song on reputation in terms of using actual instruments, but country? Not so much. I am genuinely wondering if this song--by being the final song on the album--is a signal that she might return to a more country sound on her next album, or a last ditch attempt by Big Machine to get her some country airplay in a time when the genre could use some more star power. Judge for yourself.




(BTW: This is a legitimate writer. He is active in the country music scene in and around Austin, Texas, and is THE guy to read in terms of finding out about the newest traditional-sounding/underground country musicians. I'm a huge fan.) 

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