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Deleting Accounts/Resetting Passwords


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While the message boards were down yesterday, I've gotten tons of emails, PM's and even Facebook messages and Tweets about user accounts here on the SON Community Forums. Specifically, requests have been about deleting/terminating accounts and/or resetting passwords.

1. We do not delete accounts. If you wish to stop using your account, that's your prerogative. If after 6 months of nonuse, your account becomes inactive automatically. The reason we do not delete accounts is because if a person has been a problematic poster, we will not delete a record, which includes the problematic posters IP address, just so they can then create a new account and cause problems all over again pretending to be someone else.

2. On the note of accounts, do no ask us to delete your account and specifically state you might come back with a new account later on. We do not allow members to have more than one account. Unlike on soap operas, twins or impostors are not tolerated as entertainment.

3. If you have a problem with a poster and can't ignore them (there's a feature for that btw, hint hint), what do you want us to do? We work hard to make the message boards a pleasant place for all and will ban a member if they get out of hand. However, if you can't ignore a member (again, there's a feature for that) and insist on going toe-to-toe with that person, what.exactly.do.you.want.us.to.do?

4. If you lost your password and can't reset it on your own using the login screen that does just that because you no longer use the email address of record, and your IP address doesn't match our systems records, what.exactly.do.you.want.us.to.do? We can not in good conscious release an account to ANYONE who can not prove via email address/IP address that they are in fact the individual who owns the rights to an account. To not have this problem, keep your email address up to date in our system. Do not send us 15 emails (from a non registered email address at that) in the span of 30 minutes begging and pleading and then whining on our Facebook page about your not being able to post. Additionally, if we tell you to just re-register (as we have no record of your IP address/and currently used email address in our system), do not go on a rant about us witholding your rights to post with another 15 emails in the span of 30 minutes.

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