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RuPaul's Drag Race

Pine Charles

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I was SO [!@#$%^&*] happy, I've been wishing this for weeks. And of course that bitch went out in a glory full of excuses and complaints and trashing Jinx. I just about died when this bitch said she can handle critiques...

I want Roxxy gone. Point blank.

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Detox's man was so cute and nelly. hehe! Nice ass, too! wink.png


I agree about Roxxxy; I find her highly annoying ("Sequence gown' - bitch, please)... I have a feeling she'll make Top 3, though. UGH

He's like Phi Phi O'Hara in that you're wondering why the hell he's in the top 3 when you know he doesn't have a chance at winning.

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If Roxxxy wins there will be such a backlash! LOL! It looks like Jinkx will win the title to me.

I think Jinkx will win because he was such an underdog that everyone else thought wouldn't be competition. Although, isn't Alaska the only queen that never lip-synced for his life this season?

Ugh, Roxxxy boo-hoo'ed his way up to the top 3.

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My pick is the lovely Bianca Del Rio. While Courtney had some AMAZING runway looks, I think her cattiness towards the other girls may work against her. Though I found her hilariously bitchy, unlike Roxxy from last season who was just a hateful bitch.

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