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Her loud mouth takes up so much of every episode, it felt like such a triumph when it looked like she was eliminated and then a feeling of suffocation when she was saved as well. So infuriating.

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On 2/19/2021 at 8:43 PM, Faulkner said:

We *almost* got rid of a negative, nasty queen, and of course Ru had to keep her for drama.


Talk about an unnecessary save, yet for some reason I saw it coming. 

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32 minutes ago, Gray Bunny said:


Talk about an unnecessary save, yet for some reason I saw it coming. 

It was soooooo unnecessary but I totally called it.

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On 2/19/2021 at 6:43 PM, Faulkner said:

We *almost* got rid of a negative, nasty queen, and of course Ru had to keep her for drama.


36 minutes ago, Gray Bunny said:


Talk about an unnecessary save, yet for some reason I saw it coming. 

I try to avoid spoilers because I am on the west coast and watch it late.  But, I happened to see @Faulkner's post prior to watching the show.  Amusingly, when Symone won the lip sync, I thought to myself, "why would anyone think of her as nasty or negative?".  Then, Kandi was saved and it all made sense.  


All in all, one of the worst Rusicals  The lyrics weren't funny, the subjects were tired, and it was an odd choice to discuss "cancel culture", but ignore trolls.  My top Rusicals are: Bitch Perfect,the Olympics (was that a Rusical?) the Cher autobiography, and the Madonna one because they were worthy of parody and filled with more iconic gay references.  I also preferred the Herstory of the World and the Diva's Live one because it was more about lip syncing than singing; which seems more salient to choosing a great drag queen.  The fact that Symone can't sing does nothing to diminish her talents in my eyes. 

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This season is starting to drag for me.

The awful Rusical and the backtrack on dumping Kandy.

Snatch Game, apart from Gotmik as Paris was a disaster. Why on Earth are they picking social media personalities that nobody has heard of and have no comedic value?

As for Tina as Richard Simmons and Eliot as Rue ...lord make it stop.

I've noticed that the judges always praise another (unworthy) performer -in this case Denali as Jonathan Van Ness. 

Symone just did her usual schtick.

The runway was dull.

No surprise that Elliot left.

Final 4 - Gotmik, Symone,Rose  and ? I'd hate to think it would be Kandy.


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1 minute ago, Gray Bunny said:

That was by far the worst Snatch Game ever. 


And to think Latrice Royale was embarrassed for her season! 

I agree. Half of them were dreadful (Olivia, Kandi, Tina, Utica). The others were meh. I agree that Gottmik and Rosé were the best of the bunch, but that wasn’t saying much.

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So farewell Tina Burner. I agreed with that elimination - she didn't seem to bring anything as the weeks went on.

Final 4 - Gottmik, Symone, Kandy (ugh) and maybe Uttica??

I still don't get the Kandy love - that workroom scene where all the other queens were praising her to high heaven about the sweet child underneath the brash exterior etc...

Then her awful runway look -just a bodysuit with a few pieces of cheap fur and a shrivelled up dummy on her back.

And her commercial wasn't anything.

Olivia should be next as she's failing at funny and keeps smilin' her way through.

Not really there for Rose either.

One thing about Symone is that uses the sassy/ghetto/70's hooker vibe over and over.

She does it well but isn't getting called out on it like some of the others who are read for relying on the same schtick.

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My first choice pick is Symone. I'm not in love with Gotmik but I'm sure she'll be in the top. I can see Rose being in the top but I'm not in love with her either. My dark horse pick is Olivia. She may not be the best, but I like her. 

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