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RuPaul's Drag Race

Pine Charles

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I agree that the twists need to be few and far between.


Olivia looked stunning and I love Symone's attitude. Of this batch only Candy Muse is bothering me. I thought her outfit stood out(badly) compared to the others and the makeup/wig looked basic. As for her personality....

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On 1/11/2021 at 10:31 AM, Bright Eyes said:

I definitely think there's got to be a double elimination this season if no one goes home next week. Maybe the first triple elimination? 

The longer season is because due to Covid they couldn’t do Celebrity Drag Race. They extended this season and added more queens for the upcoming All Stars season to make up for the four episodes lost. 

For me, season 13 has been difficult to get into. This four episode season premiere has been too long for me. I do like the black girls this season, but overall I’m bored. The styling of the girls is becoming too predictable, which makes sense now that Yvie had said that pretty much everybody uses the same 2-3 designers. I’d love a season with no NYC of Chicago queens. 

On the flip side Drag Race UK is absolutely amazing! They completely stepped it up this season. Each episode has flown by so far. Such a diversity in drag and the personalities are HUGE. You can tell Michelle and Ru are more invested. I also think Alan Carr and Graham Norton are better judges than their US counterparts. I was concerned with how I’d manage watching two series at once, but I think my focus will be more on UK and I’ll binge the US one later. 

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S13.E5 - Gotmik's money look was nothing special to me. I don't understand why it was so highly praised. And her final look was nothing special either. I don't understand why she won. I do agree that Utica overdid the quirkiness, but with that sleeping bag look she should of had the win ... in the bag. 

I would have said La-la-ri should have been forced to give up drag after the "making" the worst look in the shows history, but her lip-synch was so fun. When she started picking up the money, I was dying. 

Untucked was entertaining as hell. Tamisha was wrong for randomly adding in that she didn't like people, but I'm here for all the messiness. If anyone knew of Kandy Muse before the show, her being a big mouth is anything but surprising. At least we got a small moment of her and Elliott clearing the air. It's like on a soap opera, Kandy realized she had bigger fish to fry so she ended one feud to save her energy for another. 

Joey Jay leaving just seemed right. A basic white twink going goodbye is never a bad thing.

I encourage everyone to watch the Pit Stop about this episode because Violet Chacki is hilariously ICONIC with her commentary. She's an Atlanta queen through and through.

Specifically about Kandy Muse: she's bothered, she's insecure, she's delusional ...

She even epicly let Tracy have it, as only she so beautifully can.

UK: In the words of Mariah Balenciaga, aka Mariah Paris, aka Mariah Successful: I'm feeling entertained. Amused. The judges are interesting, their judgment was interesting ...

EP 2: Sister Sister should have been bottom two. Probably in the first episode as well. 

That Cherry was in the bottom 2 when her pre-RuVeal look was the best one of the night was sinful. Most of the actual reveals were trash. Veronica Green's was the only one that seemed worth it. She left everyone for dead this week. How Ellie Diamond's looks were praised I'll never understand, because they were u-g-l-y garbage. I thought Ginny should have been in the top. She gave a great performance and her reveal actually worked and made me laugh.

EP 3: Ginny is a favourite, but I don't think she has any chance of winning. Trying new things is a death knell, and her usual crocs were never going to cut it. She should have been bottom two. She looked like a makeover for someone doing drag for the first time. 

After having a rough start the first two weeks, I loved Bimini's look. 

A'Whora in drag looks like she could be related to Adore. Too bad her personality is nowhere near as infectious. I hope we get a strong moment of someone rightfully dragging her for filth.

Asttina was pure class when she lost the lip-synch. That's three weeks in row the queen who shouldn't have been in the bottom two went home, even if she rightfully lost the lip-synch. Shame.

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I completely agree with Rupaul's intention. Wearing something straight off the rack takes no talent. Asttina wore that bloody ASOS jacket and looked amazing because she styled it well.


Veronica Green better come super prepared next season cause she's going to be rightly looked at more harshly then the other girls for her second chance.


Bimini deserved to win that all on her own. She has become my favourite of the season. It's Lawrence's to lose, but I'm rooting for Bimini. 


I love Tayce as well. Her confessionals are hilarious. She's my narrator of the season. Sorry Tia. 


A'whora is great TV. A judgmental bitch with a heart of gold. Love to see it. 


Sister, Sister better go next week. I see nothing there. Ellie Diamond can follow suit; so forgettable.

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Goodbye LaLa. A pity. but her looks were always a little ordinary.

Eliot stepped up with the flapper look and the lipsync but it was really only a stay of execution.

I know a lot of it is editing but Symone has gone under the radar.

Her runway was fabulous and she should have won.

The improv eps are always unwatchable and then the judges have to lie through the teeth about how he-lar-ious they were.

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