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From what Heavenly and Funky Dineva have said, Quad is very difficult to work with behind the scenes. Plus the past 2-3 seasons she was checked out and barely wanted to film with the ladies because she had Sister Circle. I think she needed to be demoted because she felt too safe. I bet she ain't acting up now lol! Funky Dineva did a video ages ago where he mentioned that Quad asked if he should take her friend contract and he convinced her to do it because "some money is better than no money." 

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5 hours ago, Taoboi said:

Ooooooooooo SLLLLLLLLAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




They made Contessa look like a giantess here with Anila and Heavenly standing on some plinths.

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2 hours ago, Cheap21 said:



LOL...Why Bravo be cutting out the good scenes? Kari gave Quad the business and shut her ass up. @Taoboi I know you like her, so you'll enjoy that gem. Mariah would be proud

I love a good verbal fight, but Kari is really @Chris B's favorite so I know he'll love it.

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But ooooooooooo, chiiilde. That WAS good. Shut Ms. Quad all the way up.

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15 minutes ago, Chris B said:

Kari is fabulous lol. I love how she keeps up with the girls and isn’t scared to throw shade. I hope she returns next season because Heavenly wants to kill her ass lol. 

lol. I knew you would love it.

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