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I really wasn't paying attention. Didn't Mariah tell Quad that she stopped the check for the party and when Kari brought the papers that showed Mariah removed $1200 from her Pay Pal account Mariah said she was lying? Mariah is starting to get on my nerves!

I still live for Quad's country ass though!

ETA: Mariah DISGUSTED me when Dr. Jackie said you can still go into mama bear mode for a child you did not give birth to, but adopted and Mariah said that's not the same. Had that been me should we have gotten a backslap across the face.

I guess Aydin shouldn't feel like a father or protective of Lauren by that logic.

Mariah is just a tired trifling wannabe. Her talking head even said "why should I pay for a party when they threw me out?". Then Kevin brought proof and she still runs at the mouth? Quad is backing the wrong person, and she can't even see it. It's a matter of time before she and M go at it.

Mariah's son needs a haircut DESPERATELY. All I could think of was "who names a girl Ethan". Then I learned that was a little boy. Yes, boys have long hair now, but they should still look like boys! And I doubt if Lauren gives a damn who her daddy is. She's 7 and only cares about the fancy room and toys she gets. Cut it out, Mariah!

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OK. I'll fess up and say that Mariah was MESSY last night but I still love her wicked ass. And I agree that Mariah needs to get her son a haircut. And Mariah needs to stop putting them itty bitty braids in Lauren's head b/c her edges are breaking. And I am finding Dr. Aydin sexy in some weird kind of way. ph34r.png Maybe I need to truck my ass up the road to Atlanta (2 hrs away) and hope to land me a young, gay, Bangladeshi doctor that his humorous and acts like he has swag. tongue.png

Dr. Jackie. . . . I can't. She loves to play the role of peacemaker but that b*tch stirs up drama more than anyone. She knew that that "lemon squeeze" was going to do nothing but get those women to fight. And she throws a lot of low-key shade too.

Quad is my girl! I LIVE for her. I was so glad that she went in on Toya when she called her a puppet.

Kari. . . . meh.

Toya. . . . to the left. This b*tch lives for drama. And why Toya is spending 1.3 million on a house, she needs to use that money and buy her some REAL weave. Human hair. Not synthetic. Synthetic went out of style in the 90s. Her weave is stiff as f*ck. Get it together, boo.

Simone. . . . I'm disappointed. I agree with Mariah that she should have some loyalty to her or be neutral. But on WWHL, I understand why she was mad at Mariah b/c they were friends and she had expectations for her; however, Simone should've just played neutral, sat back, giggled, and watched the wrestling match when it occurred. I would've. tongue.png

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Mariah's son looks like a little girl. They should do something about that hair. Mariah's big beef with Toya is that she revealed the family secret that her daughter is adopted yet she comes on a reality show and she KEEPS repeating it. She is the one making this a big issue instead of letting it die. Lauren's friends will most likely find out about this somehow from tv/internet and then tell the little girl and I blame Mariah for that. IMO, she's exploiting her kid for tv and ratings

Good stuff with Dr. Jackie this week. I liked that we got to see more of her with her patients and more insight into her life

Dr. Jackie: "Okay, Im losing control"

Dr. Simone: "Lost. You already lost control" laugh.png

LMAO at Dr. Jackie pretty much saying 'f--k ya'll, Im done!'. These bitches are too damn foolish and I don't blame her for walking out

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SMH I see Lucy's ratchet, ignorant ass is about to ruin all the progress made in tonight's episode. This should have been the season finale but instead Mariah is about to show out again next week.

Quad and Jackie's talk :wub: I judged Dr. Jackie too fast I love her now.

So glad Mariah made up with Kari (Duck Lips), Toya, and Simone but it's about to go to hell in a handbasket next week.

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Mariah has such a poisonous soul, and she gets that from that Neopolitan Mastiff, Lucy! I can't imagine this show lasting too much longer after the preview for next week. Way too much ugliness. Even Quad is becoming unnecessarily nasty!

I only really enjoy Jackie doing her job with her patients now. I don't like the direction this show seems to want to take. They can take it w/out me.

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Im kinda upset that Kari caved on Mariah. She's a bigger person than me bc I dont think Id want a friend like that in my life.

LMAO at Quad's explanation for why she refers to herself in the third person

"I love that Mariah, loves Mariah" laugh.png

Oh god, Im gonna need for Mariah to STFU. I cant believe she is STILL going on and on about an incident which happened like 5 episodes ago.


Dang Toya looks hard


Lucy STFU! Why is she runningher mouth and trying to reopen ish?

Quad and Jackie's talk :wub: I judged Dr. Jackie too fast I love her now.

Yay! Told you she was awesome Edited by Cheap21
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Mariah lost me forever with this latest episode. She was acting like such a child for no reason. I don't care what Toya may or may not have done at this point. Not looking forward to her doing this again with the two hour finale. Talk about annoying...

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I FLOVE this show but a 2 hour finale was too much. A lot of that mess could've been cut out. Now moving onto the ladies:

Quad: Boo, I LIVE for you. That nice read that you gave Tacky Toya is how you read a hater 101. Quad said what she needed to say, similes, and went on about her business. Quad being calm and collected while reading ruffled Toya's feather like nothing. Also, I believe all that Quad stated about Toya. Toya's reaction said it all. However, keep you're eye on Mariah. Keep your head up and don't worry about having a mug shot b/c who doesn't have one nowadays? (well I don't but still. . . tongue.png )

Mariah: *sighs* For some reason, I still love Mariah but she is too messy. I'm going to need to calm down S2 and so soul searching. I do believe Kari, who I loathe, that Mariah told her about Quad's past. That's effed up and hope that Quad read her a**. Secondly, Mariah needs to stop confiding in these women other than Quad. When sitting next to her, they make her look crazy when really she might not be (again people we don't know the entire situation). Last, don't throw your one ally (i.e. Quad) under the bus for a faux friend (i.e. Kari). That move you made might come back and haunt you down the line.

Simone: Sneaky. I do see how Mariah is coming to her conclusion about Simone, and Simone did choose Toya's side over hers. If you're a friend in-between two ex-friends fighting, be neutral. If you're scold one harshly, scold the other one. That's is all.

Jackie: She's alright with me, but I'm over Jackie. IMO, she doesn't need to return S2. Jackie does nothing for me, and I'm over her whining about how the other women act. Get over it. Life consists of the ratchet and righteous. Not everyone can be righteous and someone has to be ratchet.

Toya: Basic b*tch. This chick is so dumb it's sad. Clearly, she doesn't see that she's the true puppet. Kari pumped you for info and sent you into battle like a general, yet she sat back and watched while you collected scrapes and cuts. Wise up silly girl. And I am over Toya's childish antics. If you don't want these girls to come to your event then simply tell them. Not inviting them and getting your friend to deliver the news via shade is stupid. If you're boss then act like BOSS. Lastly, her antics tonight on the finale, on WHHL, and the reunion sneak peek just shows that Toya too is a hood rat that got lucky. Her mouth is just as dirty and classless as Quad's or Mariah's. Toya is the classic example of a boughie witch that gets a little status and then thinks she's a pillar of class. #NOT

Kari: A part of me want to like her, but I just can't stand her. Kari is a snake, and I'm over her playing the victim. She's starting to wreak of Kim Zolciak-syndrome where she thinks she's too good or above everyone when like Kim, she's a glorified mistress that got lucky. REAL lucky because she got the ring.

Overall, I think this was a good season. I do think that Mariah dragged this adoption issue too long. I do think that Toya and Kari have Simone and Jackie snowed. We all know that Quad is the STAR! I just hope that S2 has more light moments than dark moments, and I hope that some of these women can make up at the reunion.

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Does Bravo really have this much faith in the show to give it a 2 hour finale? That was a bit much and I think it should have been left as 2 separate episodes

Quad is messy to repeat some lie about Toya driving drunk and leaving the scene of the accident and throw it in her face as a weapon against her. Lost some respect for then. I hated her in the beginning, then grew to like her a bit and back to disliking her. Hanging out with Mariah hasn't done her any favors

Mariah, you and Quad ARE hood. Mariah is so evil. She truly is the villain of this series. She didn't even need Lucy to egg her on bc she was gonna go after Toya regardless and her forgiveness was fake. I hate how she acts like she's this Queen B and everyone else needs to backdown. BITCH, you aint sh-t. You really aint.

Dr. Jackie brought up a good point. Mariah's ego has been bruised

I cant with Kari and her internet psychology degree trying to diagnose Mariah.

Toya: "That's what paranoid people does" I cant with her GHETTO english

I like Toya's husband the best on the show. There's something cute about him and I like how he talks with her.

Edited by Cheap21
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I only watched 20 minutes last night and not sure if I need to continue. It was 20 minutes of nothing! Mariah and the black Jessica Rabbit sitting while talking about class? Laughable!

Plastic Kevin needs to go! Funny how he made sure his black "friends" were not in attendance for the opening of the new office, but Simone's money is good enough for him? Yeah ok...

MTM and Shahs are 2 shows that I'd love to see dropped from Bravo! The show's "leads" are garbage and no one wants to see so much ugliness! Reza and Mariah are 2 sides of the same coin!

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