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Dude "outing" whatshisface was so awful!  Quite embarrassing actually, and it looks like Quadraneka might have been behind it.  I love it when Simone realizes she's an idiot.  Good times, indeed!



that heffa defintely was not surprised! Like i said in my status update, Man f--k Quad. She really irks me with how petty and childish she is. She looks ridiculous and Im glad she got called out on attending Poorsha's event. BTW, they said her name so much this episode. There seems to be too much RHOA/M2M crossover


That guy claiming to be having an affair with Darren seemed suspect. How convenient. I wonder if LN will regret doing another season now that all these skeletons are coming out. Like was it really worth it? Also why was she telling her kids all that mess about Simone not inviting them to the event? I felt she could have given them an excuse without going into details the way she did. Messy.


Spillover from last week, but IA with Heavenly's husband in a way bc she is doing too much. I dont get how she is really home by 5 when she is a practicing dentist and has so many other side hustles. Lies. She needs to slow down a bit

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Last night just solidified how none of these women are likable. Jackie is OK but she can be aloof at time. Heavenly is OK too but she can be a pest at time. The other four women (Simone/Quad/Toya/Lisa) are just trash.


I didn't feel sorry for Simone as she's an idiot. After three years of working with Quad (especially last season), she should've known that Quad is a selfish twat with a chip on her shoulder. She shouldn't've been upset over her ditching her event. How Quad reacted should've awakened Simone and made her see that Quad cares about no one but herself. Even dumb ass simp, Toya sees that.


I can only take Toya in doses as she's still a materialistic dolt. She hasn't grown one bit since the inception of the show as her mind still stays on one thing--money.


Quad and Lisa are both scam artists, hence why they clash. Lisa telling her daughter why they weren't invited to the event was tacky as f-ck. Some things need to go unsaid. Divulging adult info and situations to a little child was just too tacky on Lisa's part. And no one with any sense is going to buy Quad's gaudy ass dog rags. $350 for a damn dog dress?!!! Only new money idiots would invest in that mess. I used to find cute dog clothes at PetsMart when my dog was living and I'd only spend about $40 and she'd have an assortment of clothes. 

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Lisa Nicole Cloud ‏@lisanicolecloud 3h3 hours ago @LaStarFrenchie@Dr_Heavenly @DrSSWhitmore @Tweet_Toya WOW! Omg....Is it possible now she had something to do with strip club set up! ijs

Toya Bush HarrisVerified account ‏@Tweet_Toya 

@LaStarFrenchie @lisanicolecloud @Dr_Heavenly @DrGLunceford@CecilCWhitmore @DrSSWhitmore @DrJackieWalters Lisa u of all people, STFU!



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Damn. One of Lisa Nicole's allies, Toya, has even turned on her (from that tweet). She better pray there is no reunion b/c I see Lisa being in the hot seat more than Quad, who is the most deserving. 


I do hope that Mariah is invited so she can drag the f-ck out of everyone and call out all six of them hypocrites. 

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Oh boy, the guy Darren allegedly has been sleeping with gave a lengthy interview. A hot ass mess


"Dr. Heavenly. Im gonna get that bitch too and I am not playing with them (Lisa) hoes. I will get that hoe too bc they were all talking [!@#$%^&*] about phaggot this, phaggot that"


Damn, this boy is coming for them women.




I smell an oppurtunist

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theres another video as well


Here's more



I am here to shut the nay sayers DOWN! For those who have so much to say with little bit of factual information your time has expired.
Let me be very clear, yes after 3 weeks I did find out that Darren was married to Lisa from a third party, but to rewind to the beginning when it all started, I was unaware that he had a wife and children. I was new to the Atlanta area and was invited to Season 2 premier party at Shout, where I had my first interaction with Dr. Darren. Before finding out that he was married him and I had already experienced Intercourse with one another. When I did finally get the news about who he was from an outside source who secretly knew about Darren and I encounters, I was already too into him to just not have anything else to do with him again.
After expressing to him that I knew he was married, he expressed to me that he thought I already knew, and to be honest the only thing about Darren and my relationship that changed after that was the mental and emotional connection. I was mislead into believing that he was “fed up with living a lie, how his wife deminished his role as a husband, and how Lisa continuously emasculated him.” He vented to me about alot of marital issues Lisa and him were experiencing during that time. Keep in mind, that this little side relationship Darren and I had between one another went on for nearly 4 months before we parted ways. I was there for him just like he had been there for me. We had began to develop a genuine friendship, so I thought! He even paid my bills and put groceries in my condo at the time.
I understand if people do not agree or respect the way that I approached this situation however, do not try to discredit my truth just because I told it on a national platform. I have tried multiple times to speak with Lisa off camera but as she did on camera, she avoided the conversation and ran the other direction! No Quad did not pay me and to be honest I dont know her. I took a picture with all the women at shout the night I met them. So if that’s the reason why people think I know Quad then I guess“know” all of the women. Lisa would notlistento me when I asked her to, so I made her listen. I’ve never worked for Lisa. I had no reason to “get back at her” as many are saying. That’s just ridiculous! It amazes me how people are actually faulting me for bringing reality to a REALITY show. Iguess they would rather watch these women continue to live lies on camera and act like their [!@#$%^&*] doesn’t stink. Trying to discredit the facts just because you don’t agree with the way I went about it is not cool. I will not be made out to look like a liar or paid actor. #MarriedToMedicine.

Darren’s brother, Dr Kurt Naugles also posted his thoughts on the matter last week:

If you didn’t know let me just inform my FB friends that Dr. Darren Naugles is my brother. I am very proud of all that he is accomplishing as a husband, father, black man, and physician. I am even proud of him and his wife Lisa Nicole on making it on the BRAVO show Married-to-Medicine even with all the drama that is happening as of late. If you watch the show I agree with the majority of the viewers that Lisa should have thought twice about performing a background check on Quad. Also, it was absolutely wrong of her to toss water over mere words. In addition, there was pushing, shoving, clinched fist flinging, and glass falling which the show had to edit out due to the violent nature for TV (apparently water is not considered an assault weapon in GA). With that being said I would like to give you the version that the show has not aired or chooses to edit out. First of all, I am a Medical Doctoras well and actually went to the same medical school as both Dr. Heavenly and Damon Kimes and know each very well. Moreover, while in medical school I knew Quad when she was an undergrad at Tennessee. This past association probably helped Lisa and Quad break the ice and get along so well and for the most part Heavenly in that 2nd season. After that 2nd Season, Quad and Lisa became so close that Quad came to some of our family events where she met and had a great time with the entire Cloud-Naugles Clan.Leaping forward to the build-up for the 3rd season, Lisa fired a male assistant for professional reasons.
Although as of now there is no way to prove it, as payback this person may have informed Quad about the previous background check Lisa ran, especially seeing how Quad seemingly hired him as her own personal assistant after the fact. In retrospect, Lisa made a bad business/personal decision in trusting others in what should have been her own private matters – basically do that Google search in privacy. Now also there may have been other upsetting things that were relayed to Quad that didn’t sit too well with her, because I don’t see how an inconsequential BG check would lead to a complete fallout. To the M2M producers, this breakdown in trust was their gold which I have no argument against that. However, I believe that a responsible network would seek to deliver the unadulterated truth as best possible and not provide an open platform for anyone to spread half-truths, rumors, and outright lies to gain prophet. To begin (the truth), Dr. Darren did cheat prior to marrying Lisa in 2008. Since that time he says he has honored his marriage and I myself take him on his word. Whether others do is up to them to decide. Secondly (the half-truth), Dr. Darren had a paternity dispute with a female acquaintance back in COLLEGE. The test was done and he was 99.9% not the father, period. Why Bravo chooses to run with this old college story I don’t know, but whatever, my real grievance is that they just happened to leave out the timeline from the show and made it seem recent.
Thirdly (the rumors), yes Dr. Darren has been to the strip club with me and my other brothers, but I don’t think I personally know a man, single or married, who hasn’t been. Now in hindsight he probably should have told Lisa but NO matter what women say about honesty in a relationship, I honestly feel this is one “MAN’s THING” females will never fully understand. Lastly (the lies), next week on S2EP10 some dude is going to say my brother is gay. Now, no one can be another’s 24/7 alibi, but seeing how I’ve known my bother for all my life, I feel I know him better than some random dude from off the street. We grew up in the same house and room, we were college roommates, and we lived with each other for years prior to him and Lisa having their son and getting married. Moreover, HE IS MY BROTHER AND IF HE GAY I GUESS I MUST BE GAY TOO. I’m also certain his fraternal twin, our younger brother, and our male cousins would say the exact same thing as me, so I’ll tag them to this as well. Besides, it’s quite strange how this guy coming on next week somehow closely knows the guy Lisa fired and Quad hired. Now some may say he’s probably on the DL and it is Atlanta by the way. And you have every right to this opinion. But one thing some people have reportedly said this guy has been claiming is that my brother was hisdoctor and has written prescriptionmedication for him during this so called relationship. If this is true he can always pull up his Georgia prescription records at any time to prove or disprove this story. Or better yet where are all the digital records – phone calls, text, pics, IMs…. With that Bravo does not care but in the end someone or someones are lying and if ever the truth comes out those not being truthful will have to face the consequences. And if it is never settled maybe this is the karma for Lisa blurting out the lesbian rumor she heard about Quad and Mariah, which I personally didn’t care for either. Now I know Quad feels like she has been hurt but I am hoping the young lady I knew, now a married woman, had nothing to do with creating this vicious lie. Lisa may still harbor some insecurities from my brother’s past premarital ways, but that’s for them to work on and share. That’s pretty much all I have to say. Hopefully I didn’t write too much – but I know I did. In any case go ahead and post your comments, but seeing how this type of openness is absolutely out of my character, I can’t guarantee I’ll read or even respond. Have a blessed day. Dr. Kurt Naugles
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Let me be devious and messy and tweet this video to Andy AND Mariah. :lol:


You are giving me life today!!!!

Slay, girl, slay!!!


ETA: To the gay mistress I say...spill that tea!!!

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