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Canceled soap you miss the most?


Canceled soap you miss the most?  

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  1. 1. Canceled soap you miss the most?

    • Another World
    • Port Charles
    • Passions
    • Guiding Light
    • As the World Turns
    • All My Children
    • One Life to Live
    • Other

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None of the four soaps left were really MY soap, and with so few left I am sure alot of people's favorite soaps are no longer on the air. Which canceled soap do you miss the most? I started at Another World's cancellation to present. If you have an Other vote feel free to say which soap it is.

I really wish I could pick GL. I do know that if the show was on, it would be filmed in the fields of Peapack, NJ and I couldn't deal with having to watch that. What would they be doing for sweeps? An earthquake where the guy shakes his handheld camera back and forth and everyone throws themselves to the ground and roll around. laugh.png But since I know GL would still be sh-t no matter if Ellen Wheeler were there or not, I will go with OLTL. I enjoyed the show so much, and it actually got me back into soap operas again after I dropped them in the middle of the decade (2000's). It wasn't always perfect, but it felt like a community to me and I would enjoy watching it at night and forget about whatever drama was going on my life. *sighs*

I really miss Erika Slezak sad.png

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Guiding Light is my favorite show of all time & I miss it everyday. I started watching in 1979 during

the awesome Bridget & Jerome Dobson Period, then came the Outstanding Douglas Marland Era.

I watched GL all the way to the end in 2009. I HATED what Ellen Wheeler, John Conboy, Ellen Weston,P & G etc

did to GL, but I still watched because it was my show.

I also miss ATWT and Another World.

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I had to choose As the World Turns. I feel that with a simple change on production (i.e. booting out Passanante and Goutman) and handing the reigns over to someone who knew the history or at least eager to learn it, the show could've lasted a few more years.

I miss Another World and Guiding Light too. I miss the Hughes, the Corys, and the Bauers--everyday core families that I could identify with, yet yearned to be apart of. sad.png

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I really did grow to love OLTL as much as AMC at one point, but AMC will always be "home". I'm also trying to think of where the shows would be today. I was really digging AMC in its final months, I felt like it was finally regaining its sense of self. Over at One Life, the loss of Ford was a major plus for me, but the loss of Dorian was a major minus. OLTL had some nice stuff on the horizon, or so it seemed, but if I'm being honest with myself, I think I would have gone on disliking FV and RC's fanfic-like, silly direction of the show. OLTL needed a "serious" EP and HW again to whip it back into shape.

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I have to say As the World Turns. I felt the show had so much life still left in it when CBS cancelled it. No matter what storylines were going on I was NEVER bored with the show. The show also had so many vets still on. I miss the show very much. I recorded the show all the way up to the final episode. It felt like I lost a member of my family when ATWT aired it's final episode (#13,858). Sigh....

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