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Catfish: The TV Show

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Chile, I didnt realize the show was back but it is and this sh-t is crazy


Just saw the Tiana/James episode. What a ghetto ratchet mess. That sh-t was so staged how MTV conveniently brought the best friend/baby mama with them.


The Falesha episode.

Max: "Do you take drugs?" LMAO. That bitch was CRAZY

This is exactly how I responded to both of these episodes. Tracey from the Jacqueline/Falesha episode scared the living sh!t out of me!

And Trez is one of the greatest Catfish characters of all time for accusing Nev and Max of being "messy."

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Max, Nev's partner is seriously hot. Im really digging him.




Was this guy ever an actor though and on Days? I just ran into this clip and I cant figure out if this guy is him. Looks like it!

Yes, Max sure is good looking.

Rico looked cute but James? That guy was busted. Definetly not model material




I was shocked Rico decided to stay with him. I mean wow. He turned out to be quite the letdown.


HOLY [!@#$%^&*] [!@#$%^&*] WHAT JUST HAPPENED OMG


is all i can say about that episode with the gay dude in the closet, in love with the pre-op transgender that turns out to be an actual female, but lesbian, and in love with him.


i just can not. i cant.


i honeslt have nothing else to say. wow.





I saw the episode during a marathon and the guy was blah.

The promo for the reunion was the best part about that boring ass season finale. I honestly felt that Felicia didn't really care for Michael at all, and that's why she kept ducking him. Like, they talked about how she was insecure about her weight/looks, but she'd shown him real pictures, so how could that be the reason why she didn't want to meet in person?


But anyway, the reunion. It better be good!


And I hate to admit it, but I'm crushing hard on Nev.

Too bad  I missed the reunion…Nev sometimes looks good and sometimes just looks fugly….depends on the episode…LOL

The first thing they ask Nev and Max on the reunion is if they're a couple :lol:

Hahahaha….I thought that at first when I saw them…..


Just started watching this show and realized there was already a big thread about it…LOL….

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