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GH: Who should AJ be paired with?


Who should AJ be paired with?  

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  1. 1. Who should AJ be paired with?

    • Liz
    • Sam
    • Carly
    • Bring Keesha back
    • New character
    • Other (anyone already on canvas)

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This is the first major return in soaps in quite some time where the returning character did not have a significant ex or spouse to return to. Who do you think AJ will be eventually paired with?

Personally, hoping for Keesha. Didn't watch GH back then but watching her interact with Jason and AJ on Youtube, loved her with both actually. Is the original actress still in the business? Loved her chemistry with SK and wouldn't mind her having had a secret child either wink.png

ETA: Can't sleep and have been watching Jason/Keesha/AJ clips. This stuff is gold! I liked Jason/Keesha a lot, but I think LOVE AJ/Keesha. There was something extra special about them. Maybe it was AJ's vulnerability, or how he always lost in love and life, but Keesha put a spark in him. The way he would look at her and long for her, even when she was with Jason, broke my heart. When he finally got with Keesha, the secret that he caused her to lose her Jason put an extra layer of pain in the happiness he'd finally found with her. This is one GH storyline that could have been told for years. Alas, the writers had no clue.

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Since none of the females who are currently on this show are deserving of The Real AJ and I shudder to think of what Cartini will do with Keesha if they were to bring her back, I honestly don't know who the Quartermaine prince should be paired with.

I know that someone threw out Julia's name, but I'm not even sure if Ron would even care to bring back that point in time where she was prominent on canvas (during the Bill Eckert era, of which I've been often told was an unpopular period of GH). Then again, from what little I do remember of her pre-Brenda, she had decent chemistry with my Nedley.

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