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By the way, here’s the trailer for RTD’s new limited series It’s a Sin, set during the AIDS epidemic. It looks amazing in the tradition of his previous gay series. It will stream on HBO Max starting February 18.



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Zawe Ashton, who played Journey Blue in "Into The Dalek", will be the villain in Captain Marvel 2. My bet: She plays the Skrull Queen Veranke, from the Marvel "Secret Invasion" storyline.



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Just stumbled on Freema on New Amsterdam, the NBC medical drama (where she has the most gorgeous braids and is paired with Daniel Dae Kim). It’s just so gratifying to see what an actress she’s become. She, Karen, and Billie were all great on DW, if a bit green to start, but they’ve become such seasoned and rich performers. Billie, of course, is so respected as a stage actress now.

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I'm thrilled for all of them. And while Freema has worked very steadily in major projects since DW, I do admittedly want to have the kind of smash breakthrough Karen and Billie have had in their respective careers. I'll never quite get over how RTD did her dirty in Series 3 - I knew from the moment I saw her onscreen that she could've run on the show for years and years like Lis Sladen did as Sarah Jane in the 70s. She had that kick and she was committed. Russell tried to clean it up later, but still.

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RTD did her SO dirty. I find it a huge blemish on his career, and I respect him a lot. While Martha got many opportunities to be a bad-ass, she essentially got sidelined in that season’s best episodes by two white chicks (Carey Mulligan and Jessica Hynes). Plus the Jones family were never developed in the same way Rose’s mother Jackie or Wilfred were. I was glad to see Adjoa Anjoh get *something* to work with on Bridgerton because RTD made Francine look like an idiot.


Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s career has been going gangbusters. I’d love to see her and Freema work together again.

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Posted (edited)

I think RTD and co. were so hung up on the Rose hangover (and then enamored of getting Catherine Tate) that they couldn't see the long-term forest for the trees with Martha. They tried to fix it by offering her Torchwood regular status and setting it up at the end of S4, but by then Freema had L&O UK and was moving on.


I always loved the Jones family, especially Adjoa Anjoh who's finally getting a bigger profile now along with Gugu.

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Posted (edited)

The treatment of Martha (going all the way up to her ending with Mickey, and that scene in season 4 where the Doctor berated her for working with UNIT) is one of many reasons I can't go back and watch RTD's run and haven't been able to stomach his work since. 


Anyway, did any of you see the new Ghostbusters teaser clip? I could swear they just decided to make their own version of the Adipose. 

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    • The easy guess is that his record label owned the rights to the song/master tape, hence could license it to ABC. If there's money to be paid, then corporations are going to go after it. I'm sure Cross got paid in royalities, but maybe didn't receive a direct check from ABC.   Plus, his label were likely glad to get the exposure, but I can imagine that his management (and himself) wasn't thrilled with the idea of him becoming some singer best known for putting out songs about fictional characters after Arthur's Theme (ironically, it was his last hit single).
    • @Taoboi Some workplaces were giving two days off for vaccination side effects.
    • Tsitsipas and Rublev... Zzzzzzzzzz   In other news...look who's playing Paris    
    • Hahahahaha!!! You did not!!!   Good to hear you are well, Vee.   Looks like I'll be forced to work partially for Shot 2 Day. Those will be cameo appearances and no lie...sick or not I will be a bitch. Moreso since a day delay is better than what the actual post office is doing with people's mail currently in our area (though it has thankfully started to go back to notice post-He Who Shall Not Be Named).
    • It's a strange thing to bring up 40 years later lol.  There has to be more to the story.  Maybe he didn't get paid, but GH's use of it helped it become popular, therefore helped record sales.  Idk, it seems like the actual use of it on GH and the popularity and eventual record sales would be worth more than royalties from a soap opera?  I guess ideally he'd get both, but GH certainly doesn't have the money to pay him now lol
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