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Keeping Up With the Kardashians


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I like this show and I either like or don't mind most of the family members. The ones I really don't care for are Rob and Kylie. IMO, Rob and Kylie are both spoiled and I don't like the way that Rob acts a lot of the time. He doesn't seem very motivated to do anything for himself. I don't like the way he verbally attacks people (like Scott) when they achieve any sort of success. He likes to hit below the belt when he verbally insults people.

At times, I haven't cared much for Kris or Kourtney and I'm kind of indifferent to Lamar, but other than that I like/don't mind most of the family. Including Kim, (who I like), Khloe, Kendall, Bruce, and Scott. I really enjoy Mason, he seems like a great kid.

I think that a lot of times Kim is self-absorbed but I still like her and I think that she cares about her family.

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I'm making my way through season two and I did a double take when they showed home movies of Bruce in 1995. He still looked good. Yes there was the nose job but otherwise he looked good. Those other facelifts he probably had after this really wrecked his face.

Rob and the Cheetah Girl true love forever and how she's just like his father - kind of odd. His hair this season is absolutely terrible. I notice he's not in most of the episodes I've watched so far.

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I'm watching the third season (or part of it), which I guess is ancient history in reality show terms, especially with relationships you know are long over (like Rob Kardashian and his Cheetah Girl).

That Lasik surgery episode I had to sort of skip over after halfway - I don't know if you can go and do a dance routine a day after getting Lasik, but that's TV for you. Beyond that, I've known people whose eyes were badly damaged by that procedure so I'm uneasy when I see it shilled.

The PETA episode where Bruce suggested that Khloe lose weight and she stormed out was strange, as there was no resolution between them. It was dropped. I saw a deleted scene where they were arguing again, but still no resolution.

The best episode was probably the one where Kris went to Robert's grave and was talking about how she couldn't take back the pain she'd caused him. As much as I know she is a drama queen and as much as I know a lot of this is done for TV, that whole storyline felt much more true to life than almost anything I've ever seen on a reality show.

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I just found my favorite episode of KUWTK ever and I'm squeeing! It's from the 1st season. Episode 7 "Helping Hand." Back when I was like 13-14 this ep ALWAYS cracked my ass up for some reason. I loved Khloe! This was also so good because they really helped that homeless guy out. It was just beautiful. Watching now, I cringe a bit at some parts (the fake delivery of the talking head lines and blatant ADR is glaring to me now having worked a bit in the industry and just knowing reality is mostly manufactured) but it still has a lot of nostalgic elements for me. I just had to share wub.png


Best part is @10:30 when Khloe's like "I know this seems crazy, but what the f-ck, he seems like such a nice guy" laugh.png (when she starts laughing at the tail end of that statement I die every time. Hysterical."

ETA: Also OMG, look at Kendall & Kylee in that ep. They were so little. Now look at their lil' FAST asses today! tongue.png

In other news, have y'all seen the latest pics of Rob...


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I think Rob is depressed and his family is part of the reason. When you have a pimp for a mom, a stepdad that is slowly becoming woman, a "klan" of sisters that are fame-hungry whores, and all their men/suitors who are just as starving and thirsty, I'd be a wreck too. It doesn't help that he followed suit of his sister and latched himself onto a fellow famewhore (Rita WHORE-a Ora), and she sucked him dry and moved onto bigger, better people (DJ Calvin Harris) to help catapult her career (it's still sh*t if you ask me).

And there are rumors out there that Rob has a secret baby with a girl in FL, who Kris disapproves of (probably b/c she isn't in the industry), and he's uber depressed over that.

Plus, Rob is dependent on this family. They've spoiled and hindered him. He needs to get away from the toxicity that family possesses. He should take his sock business and move to the opposite side of the globe. Cut all ties. I think he'd regain his happiness and sexiness back when he breaks away Grand Wizard Momma Kris and the Klan.

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