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Keeping Up With the Kardashians


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I didn't see a thread on this, and I did look...

Netflix has less and less I haven't seen or want to see, so I ended up getting the first season of this show.

I actually did enjoy most of the show. I thought it was very well-crafted - there is obviously fakeness and staging, as with all reality shows, but they manage to act well enough to cover most of it. The idea of having the store as a place where the sisters can get together to bitch, instead of just trotting them to various restaurants, was a good idea.

They are actually surprisingly believable as a family. They play up Bruce the befuddled father a little too much, but the sibling relationships ring true to life, as does Kris Jenner as the loving mother who also lives vicariously through Kim. Then you have the two youngest girls who are at that awkward stage and who constantly freak out their parents about being too adult for their age. The scenes like them imitating their sisters or going around hitting people with a belt are amusing.

I don't care about Kourtney or her kind of sleazy boyfriend. She's OK (I could leave him), not hugely interesting but OK, it's just the relationship drama I don't care about.

I don't really care about Kim either but her stories manage to be interesting because we see how they affect the whole family - the various reactions to her doing Playboy, the horrible fashion show her mother booked her for, the shame and guilt over the photos of her sister (probably the rare time she seemed like a real person and not in her shell).

I guess Rob doesn't take a large role until later on. Seeing him date Kara Monaco gave me a reality show whiplash, as I just saw her on BB. She looks better now (I guess this was in 2006 or so). I didn't like him on DWTS, at least not until close to the end, but he was OK here.

Khloe is the best part of the show. She reminds me a little of Lisa Marie Presley, only with a personality. She also reminds me of some of my relatives. She adds a lot to the episodes because she cuts through the bull [[email protected]#$%^&*] and reminds you this is relatively real. Between her saying she's going to "shove a taco up [someone's] ass", busting on Kim for doing Playboy, telling her mother to get home before the "twelve year old babysitter" steals Bruce, busting on Kourtney's rush wedding by saying it's in the same chapel where Britney Spears married that guy for a day so it has to last forever, you just crack up. I can see why she got her own spinoff shows and supposedly might host X-Factor.

I have somewhat mixed feelings about Kris Jenner but I can't deny that she's very good TV, has great presence, sells the TV stories, and seems very aware of who she is and the choices she has to make. Including the ridiculous moments like her running out of their bus to pee on the side of the road make sure there isn't any sort of elitist air.

The best episode was the one about Robert Kardashian. Most of the others were fun and breezed through, and the silly stories were entertaining, like Kris quitting as manager for a day. The finale about the photos was good too.

The only two I didn't care that much for was the Girls Gone Wild, mostly because I thought they were kissing up to Joe Francis a little too much and it was transparent (I did enjoy the stuff about Brody being terrorized by the youngest girls), and I had mixed feelings about the homeless man episode, as I wish they'd given him a job instead of just adopting him for a day and sending him back to the shelter.

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I love this show, and the family dynamic is why. Its very real and feels like home to me when I watch this family. The love they have and the bonds they share are all to rare on TV today.

Khloe is absolutely the best.

As for Joe Fracnis, he is a good friend of theirs, youll see them givr a push and some press/help to a few friends along the way.

Keep posting as you watch more

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I've watched this show from time to time (don't feel the need to download it like I do with the RHs) but I can't hate. Kourtney or Khloe or whichever is the one who looks like a wookie is awesome. I like Kris Mom Pimp despite everything and Kim, while vapid, has surely the most amazing body I have ever seen on a woman. The family dynamic is the hook and I honestly feel that it is genuine.

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