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designing women vs the golden girls


Designing Women VS The Golden Girls  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer??

    • Designing Women
    • The Golden Girls

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They both eventually dissolved into questionable territory, but at its peak, The Golden Girls was the funnier show, the more critically acclaimed show, the bigger ratings hit, and the bigger pop cultural phenomenon.

As much as the latter seasons weren't on par with the earlier seasons, The Golden Girls never faltered the same way creatively Designing Women did.

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Designing Women is actually my fav sitcom of all time. I guess it's something to do with me being from the south and I completely identified with all of them at some point during the show's run. I didn't enjoy the later seasons as much as the early one however. Once Delta left and then Jean left, the show was never as funny IMO. I still watched, but no one could make me laugh like the original 4 women and Anthony.

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I agree, this is like Sophie's choice. I love both shows. I have to favor Golden Girls not only for sentimental reasons from childhood but because it was always so good no matter if you are watching an episode from the first season or the last. and all the jokes are still relvent and funny in 2012 as they were in the 1980's.it can't be said for DW, they did a lot of "hot topics" in their conversations, especially in the later years like the whole episode about Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas.

But I loved Designing Women...mostly the first five years with the original cast. Didn't like Julia Duffy's character. She was a smash on Newhart but didn't fit into DW. But i loved the final season with BJ. I still say if they put BJ on after Delta we would have been having a discussion like we do for Cheers Shelley/Kirtsti. I beleive BJ could have lasted several more seasons but because the Alison character wasn't great, it brought the show so down that nothing really could have saved it.

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