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ANOTHER WORLD 81 Cass gets more shocking details from Stacey


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    • 1-25   I saw Lauren's episode.   I liked it, but it really screamed missed opportunity to me. Always happy to see Jill, but does anyone care that Jill and her are still sisters? Fen coming out and it all happened off screen? And so much focus on Paul...but where was he? And no Brad? And the worst fear realized for some here...they all just sitting around talking. Please register in order to view this content   I did love the flashbacks. OOOOH MARY HOW I'VE MISSED YOU!!! That whole scene...lol. No one really does shade like how Paul's mother did it. I don't have enough scenes of Joanna who it was nice seeing her. It was great to see the Traci/Lauren rivalry touched on. And we know I LOVED seeing any of the Sheila/Lauren lab catfight...still hoping she shows up now that she's attached to Bill Spencer. Could you imagine Lauren's reaction? And I don't know about everyone else, but during the midway point commercial breaks, they did a montage of Lauren's appearances in the various openings. I didn't know Lauren was around for the...paint stroke(?) Y&R opening. More proof of her legacy.    Liked it, but again missed opportunity.    Nice to know I am not the only one who likes Sharon. 
    • I feel like the history of the show was pretty clear after a recent review of the 1984 SOD news on Tumblr. There was a long planning period, NBC built a new soundstage, they spent millions developing sets, including floors that looked like tiles but could be silent on camera.  They cast actors from other popular soaps, and they set up an expensive PR campaign for the debut. However, they miscalculated and set the first week of episodes during the summer Olympics in Los Angeles.  Perhaps they looked at the 1980 games that were boycotted by the US, but created a boom time for summer soap ratings, and they thought audiences would be looking for alternative programming because the Russians were boycotting the games; who knows.  However, the first ratings were a complete flop.  New World was new to network daytime programming, NBC had spent a fortune, and now everyone was in a panic.  They fired multiple cast members within the first few weeks.  They moved up the scheduled earthquake story in order to garner interest once the games were over.  And, there were weekly leaks to the press about how the network was pissed over the poor ratings. So, whatever bible was planned was clearly out the window, and whatever creative freedom was given to the Dobson's was quickly subverted once New World and NBC felt that they couldn't be trusted to bring in new viewers. 
    • Once again those damn heaven/purgatory mess from beyond Salem 2. Carlivati repeating the same boring sh!t again!
    • They did once and rumors are Will would return to take Sonny with him to New Zealand.
    • You see why I hate her so much now?  Please register in order to view this content And agreed about Spencer. He's such a good friend to Cam. 
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