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On 1/15/2020 at 1:37 AM, Faulkner said:

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Oh how I love this and always will!

I watched SUNSET BLVD. for the first time ever a few nights ago and it's just so nice to watch a movie that's been hyped up as one of the greatest for so long and then realize that it absolutely deserves all of the hype. I didn't know how much of the production of it was driven by Glo Swanson's own experiences, but that made it all the better, and it drives home just how timeless and real that story is. Many of our favorites are getting their Norma Desmond on somewhere in this country, and it's heartbreaking.

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On 1/15/2020 at 7:37 AM, Faulkner said:

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What is that movie?


I've watched most of the Psycho movies recently. Psycho, Psycho II, Psycho III. I'm yet to re-watch Psycho IV though. I don't like the Psycho remake though.

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All The Right Movies (@right_movies) tweeted at 7:26 AM on Sun, Mar 29, 2020:
61 years ago today, SOME LIKE IT HOT was released. Still regarded one of the greatest comedies ever made, its final scene - and line - is one of the most famous in cinema. https://t.co/THfTBJBApw
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4 hours ago, DRW50 said:

Who is out there saying 1999 was the best year for movies? 

Oh there have been a lot of people who at least say it’s one of the greatest movie years ever (I disagree with them). 






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In my opinion, if any year from the 1990s should be counted among the very best, it should be 1993. It was a year full of great movies, in all different genres: comedies (Dave, Sleepless in Seattle, Much Ado About Nothing), action (Jurassic Park, The Fugitive), thrillers (The Firm, In the Line of Fire), movies for a younger audience (The Secret Garden, The Nightmare Before Christmas), foreign-language (Germinal, Farewell My Concubine, The Scent of Green Papaya) and especially drama films (Schindler's List, The Remains of the Day, The Piano, Philadelphia, In the Name of the Father, Shadowlands, The Crying Game etc)

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