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Janet Gaynor did make it in the talkies - she starred in the first film version of "A Star is Born" in 1937 - btw it wasn't really the silent actors voices the reason some couldn't make it when the talkies came, they couldn't party all night and do their lines the next day and some of the silent stars had some wild parties.

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Just saw an excellent (and little known) film from 1957 'No Down Payment'.

It is a quite bleak look at life in suburbia and touches on racism,religion,excessive drinking,rape and the reality behind 'the consumer society'.Of course,everything ties up neatly at the end,but if you stop and think about,maybe not...

Stars Joanne Woodward,Jeffrey Hunter,Barbara Rush,Sheree North,Tony Randall. Directed by Martin Ritt.

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The Devil-Doll is a B&W 1936 horror film directed by Tod Browning and starring a cross-dressing Lionel Barrymore and Maureen O'Sullivan as his daughter, Lorraine Levond.


Tod Browning directed the Holy Grail: London After Midnight with Lon Chaney. It is presumed lost with no copies known to exist. I hope one turns up. He also directed Dracula with Bela Lugosi.

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