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    • Also Kale Browne (Michael, AW/Sam, OLTL), Linda Dano (Felicia, AW/Rae, OLTL) and a shorter stint Kevin McClatchy (Nick, AW/ Brian, OLTL)  Lisa Peluso must have crossed paths with people on OLTL as well when she returned briefly after AW.    Eileen Davidson and Thaao Penghlis on Santa Barbara before Days. Eileen Davidson and Stephen Nichols on SB before Days/Y&R.   
    • Not exactly a relatable problem is it?
    • Brenda Epperson was dare I say better than Eileen Davidson. She was warmer, had more sex appeal, and romatic chemistry with her male love interests than Eileen. Eileen was better as Kristin on DAYS for me.  Shari Shattuck however, wasn't all that. She wasnt terrible, just not right for Ashley.
    • William Grey Espy/Janice Lynde - Snapper/Leslie Y&R  Mitch/Tracy AW John Wesley Shipp/Lisa Brown - Kelly/Nola GL - Doug/Iva ATWT
    • Okay, I'll play. Y&R: I'd replace Jason Thompson's Billy with Randy Wayne (Matthew, the Bay). He's only a couple years younger than Miller and in my opinion fits the "type" of Billy Abbott. With a new Billy, I'd keep Billy and Lily separated.    B&B: Robin Christopher as Felicia Forrester? I'd like to see her go up against Deacon and Bill. She could come into Forrester and want to take the company back as a "true" Forrester instead of Ridge and his kids (who are Marones.)  Tamara Braun I'd take as B&B's Kristen Forrester. If Zende is going to be on, Kristen should be around. (I also like the idea of Krista Tesreau, tho she's a couple years older than RC. Krista and Sean Kanan  as Deacon could be interesting.) This has been mentioned before, but I'd be okay with Robert Kelker Kelly taking over as Ridge. TK has always bored me. I don't think he "fits" as Ridge either. He's always so "greasy" looking to me. Sorry. Ridge is supposed to be in the fashion industry and Forrester an icon and yet he always looks so...unkept.       
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