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Any other lovers of this station? Since I've been watching the last year and a half, I'm happy I've finally been able to see shows I'd never had a chance to see before (Dragnet, Adam-12, Circus Boy). Then there are the old standbys like Good Times, All In the Family, Sanford & Son. Have to admit, I'm not too big on their choice of 50s sitcoms, though. But they mix up their schedule every so often and are adding shows in the fall. They've already announced Barney Miller and Benson for the fall on Sunday nights. (I'm on my second viewing of my Barney Miller DVD set, lol, but I think it's a great thing to have the show back on tv again after all these years). I'll definitely tape Benson, another long-time, no-see.

It's kind of funny to see how shows like Dragnet and Barney Miller used the same guest stars over and over playing a variety of roles.

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