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This is why I don't like watching a lot of shows now (one of about 500 reasons). They take so many breaks. I read that OUAT is going to try some OUAT-type spinoff to run in-between that show's gaps and just put it in the middle of a long break. I wonder if that might be a better idea than going off every few weeks.

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I hate when shows take breaks for no reason. You have 20 episodes, run them in 20 weeks.

The networks aren't going to do that because it will mean they will have to spend more money on more shows. Airing all, or most, of the episodes consecutively is more of the way cable does it.

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All I'm asking is that they not announce their breaks. Reruns are annoying, but a necessary evil. Just do it...don't tell me about it. I still think NBC really screwed themselves taking nearly four months off from Grimm.

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At least it's back next week.

Marc Guggenheim has been torturing the Olicity fans this week by shooting out these quotes from episodes 21 and 22

I got to play doctor with you." -- Felicity to Oliver, Ep. 22

"It feels good having you inside me." - Felicity to Oliver, Ep. 21

"Hold on to me tight." - Oliver to Felicity in Arrow Ep. 22

Also, Stephen will be on Jay Leno this Tuesday night. I think. :)

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Ollie and Felicity have such a smoldering intensity. It's no wonder he screwed around on Laurel; she's about as interesting as a soggy law book.

Couldn't agree more! Katie Cassidy has zero chemistry with anyone on the show unfortunately. I hope TPTB go against the grain (and the comic books) and pair Oliver with Felicity. Stephen and Emily are amazing together!

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I agree, the season finale was fantastic. Tommy! :( I had a feeling he was going to die since they hooked up Oliver/Laurel in the last episode. I'm glad Digs didn't die - I like that trio of him, Felicity and Oliver working together. And now it looks like they'll be adding a fourth member to that team in Lance (now that everyone knows he's been helping 'the Vigilante'). Looking forward to next season.

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The finale...well, actually the final 2 episodes were just brilliant. I hated Tommy's death....wish it had been Laurel (but that's just cause I hate her whiny ways) instead. Colin will be missed on the show. I'm also hoping Malcolm really is dead and that Oliver lied to Tommy to make his last moments peaceful.

I'm excited for season 2. With Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes becoming regular cast members, along with Manu Bennett, I can't wait to see what's in store!!

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Loved the first season. The show still reminds me so much of Smallville.

I hope they add more fire and personality into Laurel; the actress deserves better writing than this.

Felicity <3

Colton Haynes :D :D

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