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Soap Stars - Where are they now?

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Since everyone here is here is a fan of my girl...

She has been up to a LOT! Girl is wasting no time, I have seen pics of her on several red carpets looking fab!


(Alicia at the Peoples Choice awards)


(Alicia at the LA Premier of Twyla Tharp-Frank Sinatra Musical)

Also THIS JUST IN: Alicia will be on "Joursey Couture!" I just found this news!: http://www.examiner....-jersey-couture I saw her in the commercial! She will be in an episode titled "All My Dresses" biggrin.png

I am sure she will be scouting out roles for Pilot season, and she is also filming a Bollywood movie right now ;-)

Oh, and check out this CUTE video w/Alicia showing off her shoes. Lots of AMC talk!


wub.png Ok I'm done.

LOL...I love you and your sense of humor

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She's actually a yoga instructor now (She also goes by Allyson Rice now--she dropped the Taylor sometime ago). Here's her bio from her yoga website:


I have to say--I'm a natural blonde and all, but she REALLY should have stuck with her dark hair color. She looked GORGEOUS on ATWT when it was dark.

ETA: She also does handmade jewelry and has created a coloring book, and has websites for both. Good for her! smile.png

Thank you for letting me know :)

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