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Soap Stars - Where are they now?

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Faith Catlin's (Faith #1, Ryan's Hope) pilot of her web series Parmalee in up. She is in the show --and  she is the executive producer –and one of the creators –and helped write the story --and is involved in casting. Her husband, John, directed.


Also in the show are actors Dan Butler and Gordon Clapp


Kids stumbling into a horrific video and posting it on the internet… a young man returning to the hometown he’d sworn he’d left forever… a community theater production jumping the rails… sex in the workplace… work in the sex place.



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Christopher Gerse, the last tween Will Horton on DAYS of the 2000s, was on Westworld a few weeks back playing a nerdy lab scientist who fücks the deactivated robots. I didn't recognize him at all until I saw his name in the credits.

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Andrea Navedo (who is on the terrific Jane the Virgin, watch it!) speaks on her experience on One Life to Live:




Then when you started your acting career, your first stop was One Life to Live — a soap. Different than telenovelas, but still a soap.


Yes, but still dramatic [Laughs]. Totally dramatic.


I read that you were disappointed in that role because it turned out to be more stereotypical than you thought it was when you auditioned for it.


I felt like I had been duped. It was one of my first professional television auditions and I was just starting out in the business. I didn’t know that sometimes when a show doesn't have a character written yet, they will use a previous character that has been shot already in a scene to audition someone. But I was not aware of that at the time. So when I got the scenes for the audition, I thought that was the character I was auditioning for, and she was like the girl next door. She was almost a Jane-type character and it was a leading role and I thought to myself, This is perfect for me. I'm the girl next door. I felt like I was, and why shouldn't I be a leading lady? I was really excited and I prepared a lot for the audition and went in and read for casting directors and I really did well. They called me back again and I did it well again and actually right there in the room, they offered me the role, which was never heard of. I was so surprised, so excited. I was walking on cloud nine and they said, "The role starts tomorrow, are you available? Can you do it?" I’m like, "Yeah, absolutely!" They asked if I could go to a fitting right then. When I went to the fitting, they had me try on different outfits, different kinds of clothes that didn't make sense to me — mini-skirts and a combat boot and bamboo hoop earrings. I was like, "This is not fitting with what was on the page." I asked, "Why are you putting these clothes on me?" They go, "Oh, well she's the girlfriend of a gang leader." I was so crestfallen and heartbroken when they told me that. I thought TV was turning around and it was starting to see Latinos in the mainstream and in a new light and not only in negative stereotypes. I was really, really hurt only because it was the first major TV role I had been offered and I felt torn because, on one hand, I didn't want to participate in the stereotype, but on the other hand, I wanted to work and I had to pay my bills [laughs]. So I really felt like I was painted into a corner. I did decide to play the role, but I chose to play her not exactly the way she was on the page. I tried to not do all the stereotypical things that you would think this character would do, and I gave her a conscience and a heart. The role ended up lasting for two and a half years, and the character changed over that time when she became a good girl. So that was good. I think a lot had to do with the fact that I wouldn't play it the way it was on the page.




I have no idea how to quote things on this board now but that's it. Sad. I'm pretty every person of color on a soap in the last 20 years feels this way.


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3 minutes ago, QueenOfHearts said:

He played a background character . You would've never noticed onscreen



I'm actually one of those people who usually trains my eyes on the extras and the people in the background, lol.  I have missed a lot of Y&R over the last 6-7 years though.

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