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While Whispers Wait: A Gothic Soap Opera for the Radio!


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Hi everyone,

If you are a fan of Dark Shadows, Strange Paradise, Radio theater, or anything from the Gothic realm, then you might like to check out the brand new radio soap opera, While Whispers Wait. It was created by a friend of mine and he's working really hard on it. '


Feedback and comments are very much appreciated!


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This was really well done, and I love everything about it except the two voice actors. This might be awkward because for all I know you are one of the voice actors and your friend is the other. But you want feedback so here it goes:

His voice would be a voice you would associate with a nervous shopkeeper or someone played by the late TV character actor John Fiedler, but his voice does not have the heft to anchor and convey the drama and sense of foreboding and creepiness required. Not every voice is matched to every kind of role. The two women in Part 2 I wish did not talk so unrealistically.

Other than that, the show is great. I love rhe music, the ambient sounds, I like the concept. I just think this needs to be recast. Hope this was informative.

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