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Point Palace Series Finale

Matt P.

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Love Triangles. Kidnappings. Cat fights. That's what the characters of the private college Point Palace learned through out the years. But now they're saying goodbye August 29th on mySONtv.

Point Palace, created by Matt Pollitylo (aka Matthew Preston), debuted via e mail on November 2000. A pilot was scribed and later filmed in 2003. Soap Opera Network's mySONtv showed the series in 2007. In 2009 the show won four Soap Opera Fan Fictions Awards. 137 episodes later and ten episodes of a prequel Politylo has decided to end the web soap's run.

"Writing this show for so long has been a big part of my life. I think it's a good time for all of the characters to have closure. It really picked up readership when I started posting episodes for mySONtv and I'm so grateful for that. To me this show functioned like a real prime time teen soap opera. I made sure to have at least twenty two episodes per season (minus the thirteen for the last season) and I wrote fast paced, unique plots with real characters."

The outrageous web soap is known for its cliffhanger endings, Politylo teases on how the series may end:

"Will it have a Soprano's ending or a Guiding Light ending? I guess the reader will have to find out for themselves!"

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