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August 28 & 31, 1981


Heather is at the airport trying to get a ticket to leave the country. Unfortunately for her, Burt catches her as she is telling the ticket agent a fake name for her ticket. Heather is arrested. At the Police station, Heather phones Lee. Lee is reluctant to help as he is about to leave for the convention, but promises to get in touch with Zelda Bernstein on her behalf. While Heather waits for Zelda to arrive, Burt continues to try and prompt her to confess to her activities. Fortunately for Heather, Zelda arrives and puts a stop to his questioning.


Corinne is helping Tiffany use the sauna in order to fool Victor into thinking Tiffany has a high temperature. Victor goes to fetch Mikkos. Mikkos is convinced that Tiffany has Jungle Fever and hands over the medicine. Victor wants to stay with Tiffany but Mikkos says that there is nothing he can do, so Victor should go with Mikkos. Victor still wants to stay with Tiffany but Corinne insists he leave. After Victor has gone, Corinne and Tiffany celebrate successfully fooling the Cassadines. Tiffany asks Corinne to cover for her while she slips out of the compound.


Laura is feeling a bit better and Robert and Luke tell her that Tiffany will get medicine for her. Robert adds that Tiffany may have to let them in underground. Luke says that they have enough explosives to blow Cassadine's operation but worries that they won't be able to keep themselves from being blown up. Robert goes off to see where Tiffany is.While Robert is gone, Luke puts on a French accent and begins to shampoo Laura's hair. Robert returns and reports that there is still no sign of Tiffany but is still sure that she will show up, even though Luke is skeptical. Luke, Laura and Robert discuss making a raft to escape the island. Robert and Luke go off to get bamboo for the raft, leaving Laura with a stun gun (as the real gun was stolen by the ape).


Mikkos and the other men watch the weather report from Port Charles. The temperature is now 43 degrees. Stocks of fruits and vegetables are now in short supply at the supermarket, and Fall fashion lines have also sold out due to the cold weather. Mikkos contacts Ballantine and asks him to relay a message to all world leaders: that what is happening to Port Charles can happen anywhere in the world at the mere touch of a lever. Mikkos wants to be recognised as "supreme commander of all nations". Mikkos tells Ballantine that his true purpose is world peace and an end to poverty, greed and conflict among nations. Ballantine wants to know who is assisting him, Mikkos tells Ballantine that he is being assisted by Victor (finances), General Caluga (Security), Max (diplomacy), and Anthony (Poor Tony doesn't seem to have a purpose lol). After the call ends with Ballantine still refusing to budge, Mikkos refers to Ballantine as a doubting Thomas and says that they will have to ease those doubts.


Max questions Mikkos about his plans, telling him that he cannot allow Mikkos to overstep the bounds that have been set out by the nations that support him (Max). Mikkos promises that he will do nothing to jeopardize his alliance with Max. Later, Mikkos uses the control panel to eavesdrop on a conversation between Max and Noel in their quarters. Max tells Noel that he was shocked that Ballantine said no so adamantly, but even more shocked by how calm Mikkos was when he pulled the lever. Noel wonders if Mikkos has any feelings and says that she doesn't trust Mikkos and that he is capable of going the whole way. Max and Noel agree to wait for one more 'no' from Ballantine before calling on their countries to withdraw their support. "We Shall see, we shall see", Mikkos says.


Corinne distracts a guard so Tiffany can escape the compound with the medicine. Tiffany heads to the camp where Laura almost shoots her with the stun gun. Tiffany is glad to see that Laura is doing better and tells Laura some of what she had to go through. Robert and Luke return with the bamboo. Tiffany finally gets another chance to tell Luke, Laura and Robert about the plan. She tells them about the rockets and how they shoot diamond dust into the air over a city, blocking out the sun and it gets colder. Tiffany relates that she has already seen it happen. Luke asks where... "Someplace in New York, it's where Alexandria comes from. Oh you know where it is, it's the place we got on the yacht, Port Charles", Tiffany says.


Zelda asks Burt what he has on Heather. Burt says that he has witness and enough evidence to charge Heather for premeditated murder. Zelda talks to Heather and asks her if she is guilty. Heather confesses everything she did in the lead up to the murder, but that she blanked out and doesn't remember what happened, except for writing Anne's name in blood. Zelda thinks she may not be able to take Heather's case as she (Zelda) also knew Diana and that's what is bothering her about the case. Later, Burt books Heather on suspicion of first-degree murder. Heather is about to attack Burt when another cop runs in with the ballistics report and says that Heather's gun was not the one used in the murder!


The following morning, Burt is harangued by the DA, a Mr Richardson, about holding Heather overnight without sufficient evidence. Burt is still determined to prove that Heather committed the murder.


On the island, Luke, Robert and Laura wake up. Luke and Laura are skeptical about the possibility of Tiffany bringing them breakfast. Alex catches Tiffany hoarding food and suggests that she isn't getting everything that she needs. Meanwhile, Mikkos is on another call to Ballantine, who refuses to be blackmailed by Cassadine. Mikkos wants to make another demonstration of his power, much to Max's dismay. Mikkos says that Port Charles is expendable. Max threatens to withdraw support but Mikkos refuses to listen. Alex and Tiffany see Max storm out of the control room. Alex advises Tiffany not to get caught between Mikkos and Max. Mikkos interrupts their conversation and reminds them not to discuss things and that he is in control. Tiffany convinces Mikkos to let her out of the compound and tells Alex to work on her personality.


Steve, Audrey, Rick, Lesley and Jessie discuss the weather. It is now 42 degrees. Rick and Lesley tell Steve and Audrey about their trip to Beecher's Corners and that they are now certain that Laura went onto the yacht. Dan joins the conversation and mentions that he and Lamont used to have dealings with the Cassadines. Dan reckons that the yacht may have sailed to the Greek Islands and shows Rick and Lesley a picture of Mikkos. Dan says that Mikkos makes Frank Smith look like an angel.


Mikkos eavesdrops via the control panel as Max tells Noel that their only option is to convince Tony and Victor to turn against Mikkos. Max says that Mikkos won't back down and that Mikkos can't see that his crusade to attain utopia can also destroy the world.


Rick, Steve, Audrey and Lesley have lunch in the cafeteria. Lesley asks Steve if she can get some time off to go to Greece so she can see if she can find Tony. Rick wants to go with her, but as he has a heavy schedule for the rest of the week Lesley will go first and Rick will join her in a few days. Steve gets a call from Burt Ramsey, regarding Hutch's transfer back to prison. Burt won't go into too much detail about it but says that he wanted to give Steve as much warning as possible. After Burt finishes the call, Heather comes in and gloats about being released since the gun was not the one used to kill Diana. Burt warns her that he will find the real murder weapon and will pick her up as soon as he has enough evidence to convict her on first degree murder.


Robert and Luke discuss their plans while building the raft. Tiffany arrives with the food and tells Robert and Luke about the falling out between Max and Mikkos. Robert, Luke and Tiffany discuss what to do about the radar; Robert and Luke invite Tiffany to join their team. Tiffany says that she has no choice. Luke finds Laura and brings her back to the camp. Robert and Tiffany tell Laura that there have been squabbles down below; Tiffany adds that Mikkos has her totally baffled. Meanwhile, Mikkos informs his brothers that Max has chosen to defy them. Victor and Tony pledge their loyalty to Mikkos, though Mikkos notes that Tony says that less than enthusiastically.  Mikkos also wants to give Ballantine another demonstration of their power. Tony suggests patience in dealing with Ballantine, but Mikkos pulls the lever down even further as a woman can be seen running toward a taxi in the rain on the monitors above.


Steve talks to Hutch and the two briefly discuss the unseasonable rain. Steve tells Hutch that they will be moving him back to prison that week, but assures him that precautions are being taken to ensure that no attempt is made on his life. Rose arrives and Steve exits. Rose asks Hutch to be positive and says that he will be living for a long time. Hutch says that he needs something to live for on the other side. Rose says that he will have his friendships with everyone, including herself. The two are holding hands when Rick comes in. Rose leaves and Hutch makes a comment to Rick about people always being able to talk about the weather when they don't know what to say to each other. "I don't know whether this is symbolic or something but take a look at the weather, I think anybody would say it's pretty lousy right now", Hutch says.


Victor tells Tony that Mikkos was right about Tony seeming less than enthusiastic. Alex interrupts their conversation and tells Victor and Tony that Tiffany has gone outside. Tony says that he wishes Alex would join Tiffany sometime but Alex would rather slit her wrists. Victor goes to look for Tiffany. Max and Noel come to speak with Tony and Alex about their concerns about Mikkos, which Tony tries to downplay. Max tells Tony and Alex that Mikkos will kill thousands of innocent people if he is not stopped. Alex becomes concerned and asks Tony if Max is talking about Port Charles, but Tony insists that Mikkos is not going to harm Port Charles. Meanwhile Mikkos is in the control room silently reveling in the havoc that he sees playing out on the monitors. At the same time, Tiffany is showing Robert, Luke and Laura some plans that she has drawn of what she remembers about the compound.


Rick and Rose chat in the cafeteria. Rose doesn't want Rick to get the wrong idea about her and Hutch, she says that she just wanted to give Hutch something to hold on to. Rick is understanding. Meanwhile, Heather arrives at the Nurses' station and asks Jessie where Rick is, Jesse sends Heather to the cafeteria. When she gets there, Heather greets Rose and Rick. Rose has to go, but promises to keep Heather's job for her at Kelly's. Heather tells Rick that Rose has been good to her. Heather then asks Rick to get in touch with Jeff, insisting that she loves Jeff and Jeff loves her. Heather gets angry when Rick tells her that Jeff wants to marry Anne and starts using her usual emotional blackmail tricks, eventually culminating with the Laura card: "If Laura was in this kind of trouble would you be this hard on her, would you?"


Burt talks with Hutch about the plan to transfer him back to prison. After Burt has gone, Hutch stares out the window, deep in thought.


Robert and Luke are poring over Tiffany's plans but Luke is still hesitant to trust her. Meanwhile Tiffany runs back to the compound and comes face to face with Victor who is pointing a gun at her. The two argue for a second and Tiffany claims that she has lost her beach bag. Victor wants to go search for it but Tiffany convinces him not to. Victor then says that he will accompany Tiffany on her sunbathing trips from now on.



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51 minutes ago, OzFrog said:

What was the truth that Lois was trying to get out of Ned here? Was it the fact that he was Ned Quartermaine rather than Eddie Mayne?

Yes. Lois was watching Tiffany's news coverage on the TV of a city council meeting about the Incinerator project planned near the Charles Street neighbourhood. When Tiffany attempted to interview Ned (he tried to block his face from the camera), Lois finally found out that Ned was her 'Eddie'. Lois went to Tiffany and Tiffany showed her a tape of the broadcast; Lois then went to talk to Edward and Lila. Edward told Lois he'd seen Ned and Lois together before and Lila (at that time temporarily being played by Meg Wyllie) ended up telling Lois most of Ned's life story and spilled the tea his marriages to Dawn, Jenny and Katherine! (Though unfortunately Lila only tells Lois that Ned's marriage to Dawn broke up because of his affair, Lila doesn't tell Lois that it was with Monica!). That eventually leads to the scenes in the tweets.


Here's a clip:



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September 1 & September 2 (Partial), 1981


Georgia is surprised when Alan and Monica arrive at GH completely soaking wet. Things are also frosty between the Drs. Quartermaine. After Alan and Monica have gone up the lift, Burt arrives and talks to Georgia about Hutch. Georgia tells Burt that Rick and Lesley are back from Beecher's Corners so Burt goes to find them. Meanwhile Lesley is surprised to learn from Rick that the charges against Heather have been dropped. Burt arrives and tells Rick and Lesley that their gun was not the one used to kill Diana Taylor. He gives them back the gun and tells Rick to be a bit more careful with the handling of guns. Burt tells Rick and Lesley about everything that Heather did on the night that Diana died and that Heather has admitted to everything except killing Diana. Lesley is glad that Jeff took 'PJ' away after everything that she has just heard.


Jeremy finishes off a book report and complains about having to do book reports during the summer. Jeremy is ill so Anne sends him off to bed. Unbeknownst to her, Heather is lurking outside. Later, Anne answers the door to Heather who tells Anne that she wants Jeff's address so that she can discuss getting a divorce. Anne offers to write to Jeff on Heather's behalf. Heather says that she has other men interested in her now, including Joe.  Heather tells Anne that Burt has brainwashed Joe into thinking that she killed Diana but adds that Joe is falling in love with her. Heather tells Anne that the gun used was not the one used to kill Diana. Heather suggests that since she remembers writing Anne's name in blood then maybe it's because she saw Anne do it instead. Heather starts throwing around accusations about Anne and intimidates her, but Jeremy comes down from upstairs and very bravely tells Heather to get out.


Burt arrives at Kelly's and asks Rose is Heather is around. Burt asks Rose if she feels sorry for Heather, but Rose says she is just felling a bit numb at the moment as Hutch is leaving. Jeremy calls and tells Rose that Heather was at their house harassing his mom. Rose passes the phone to Burt who tells Jeremy to lock all the doors and wait for him to come over. Later Burt questions Anne; Anne is convinced Heather is out to kill her. Anne also tells Burt that Heather accused her of the murder. Burt assures Anne that Heather is just trying to scare her. Burt promises Anne that he is going to nail Heather and put her away forever.


At the Webber's, Amy opens the door to Heather, much to Alice's surprise. Amy heads off to the hospital and Heather sarcastically thanks her mother for caring so much about her when Ramsey tried to pin a murder rap on her. Heather asks Alice if she is disappointed that she has been released. Heather then talks about Anne and says that she is a bigger threat than Diana ever was and that she has got to stop Anne. Alice tells Heather that she will be put away in Forest Hills for life if someone heard her talk like that. Heather is annoyed with her mother and says that Alice must really believe that she killed Diana.


Larry Corrigan tells Georgia that he wants to see Monica. Alan is surprised that when Larry tells him that he is there to meet Monica about the renovations at the Disco. Monica arrives and promises Alan that they will have a big surprise for him at the Disco - "and Susan Moore, if she ever comes back". A short while later, Larry and Monica have coffee in the cafeteria. Larry assures Monica that despite working for Alan at the Disco, his first priority is still to her. Rick interrupts their conversation and Monica introduces Larry to Rick. Larry leaves and Rick questions Monica about Edward having a sore cough. Monica brushes him off, saying that Edward's health isn't her responsibility. When Rick asks her if he interrupted something between her and Larry, Monica says that she really doesn't have to answer to him for anything in her life just like he doesn't have to answer to her.


Amy tells Lesley about how Heather came over and that Alice seems almost frightened of Heather. This prompts Lesley to tell Georgia that she and Rick will be heading home for lunch. Meanwhile Alice and Heather's confrontation continues at the Webber house. Alice tells Heather that she was mean and hateful even as a child and blames Heather for driving her father out of the house. Heather suggests that Alice wasn't woman enough to hold a husband and that she remembers that Alice and her father used to drink. Alice tells Heather to leave and that she doesn;t want Heather to come near her again. "You're evil and you just destroy everything you touch"', Alice says. "And so help me god I am sorry that I have to claim you as my child!". With that Heather leaves.


After Burt has gone, Jeremy and Anne sit by the fire and Anne compliments Jeremy for protecting her tonight. Jeremy asks Anne if she still loves Jeff, noting that she doesn't talk about Jeff anymore. Anne decides to write a letter to tell Jeff how she feels. Later Anne finishes the letter and reads it (cue voiceover of Anne reading the letter). She asks Jeff for a definite answer about when they can be together. She seals the letter in an envelope.


Alice gulps down a glass of what probably was a spirit just as Rick and Lesley come home. Lesley comments on the cold weather and then asks Alice if she is alright. Rick and Lesley ask Alice about her visit from Heather. Alice tells the Webbers that Heather is sick in the head. Rick and Lesley confirm that Heather was cleared of the charges but Alice is still upsets and mentions that Heather went to visit Anne. Alice says that Heather hates Anne Logan so much that she could kill her. Rick says that it is time that Jeff came back to sort out the divorce. Meanwhile Heather arrives at Kelly;s and apologises to Rose for being late. Heather sits down and cries. Burt approaches her and warns her to leave Anne alone.


Georgia asks Noah and Bobbie about what is going on outside. Noah mentions the possibility of snow. Bobbie mentions that at least her brother is out of the cold weather. Meanwhile far away on the island, Robert and Luke continue constructing the raft. Luke is concerned when Laura arrives carrying a load of bamboo. Just then they all spot the ape that stole the gun. Robert sends Luke up a tree to catch the ape but Luke fails. The trio then examine the map of the compound that Tiffany provided them with and try to come up with a plan to enter the compund and destroy the weather machine before it destroys Port Charles.


Mikkos and General Caluga talk about the plans for military deployments after the takeover. Caluga says that he has noticed tension between Mikkos and the Van-Stadts. Mikkos tells Caluga to leave it to him. Max and Noel then arrive and tell Mikkos that they have decided to contact the five countries they represent in order to tell them that the mission has failed. Mikkos attempts to placate Max and Noel by apologising to them for letting his feelings get the better of him. Mikkos says that if Ballantine won't budge, he'll rethink the plan (i.e. he'll stop freezing Port Charles and consider a plan whereby the weather machine is used in one place and then moved onto another place before anyone is annihilated) and then asks for one more day. Max and Noel agree that that is reasonable. Mikkos then invites Max and Noel on a tour of the plant but warns them not to tell any of the others about this. With the rift supposedly healed, the others arrive. An annoyed Corinne asks Mikkos about letting Tiffany go above, Mikkos whines about Tiffany's nagging forcing him to do so.


Victor and Tiffany are above and Tiffany is anxious to get Victor back to the compound. Victor asks Tiffany what she is hiding; Tiffany makes up a story about being annoyed with Alex. Victor hears something in the bushes and fires his gun, it turns out it was only Monkeys. Tiffany and Victor conclude the monkey must have stolen Tiffany's bag. Meanwhile Robert, Luke and Laura wonder who fired the shots.


Edward comes into GH with a cough and is annoyed when Bobbie comments that people with cardiac difficulties sometimes get in trouble when the weather is like this (cold). Meanwhile Rick and Monica are talking about their heavy workload (that has been caused by the cold weather). Dan and Lesley arrive and the four discuss Lesley's trip to the Greek Islands. Lesley shows Monica the picture of Mikkos Cassadine.


Tiffany and Victor arrive for lunch. Alex questions Mikkos about the supposed healing process of Carbonic Snow, but Victor manages to change the subject, regaling the others with the anecdote about the monkey stealing Tiffany's bag.


Rick finishes giving Edward a preliminary check up. Monica arrives and after Edward is gone, he tells Monica that he is concerned about Edward's cough. Rick tells Monica that he is also concerned about AJ (since AJ once had heart surgery). Monica is annoyed and tells Rick that he should be more worried about finishing his own daughter. Later, Rick is giving Edward a more in-depth physical and tells him that he wants Edward to check into GH. Edward apologises to Rick for being uncooperative about Laura's disappearance and promises to let Rick know when Alex gets in touch. After Edward leaves, Monica and Rick look over Edward's charts and are very concerned.


Tiffany meets with Luke and Robert and tells them that things are frayed in the compound below. She mentions that Victor is so on edge that he fired shots at some monkeys. Luke and Robert are relieved to learn the source of the shots they heard earlier. Meanwhile Mikkos escorts Max and Noel on their tour. He goes back to the control panel to get some keys and surreptitiously pulls the control panel lever back even further.


Corinne is sunbathing when Nigel (who has been conducting a survey of the island) stops by to chat with her. Caluga (whose first name is Conrad) finds them laying next to each other and sends Nigel on his way. When Corinne complains about the island, Caluga warns her not to act the same way Alex behaved lunch and tells her to put some clothes on. Meanwhile, Tony is admonishing Alex for the way that she behaved at lunch, but Alex is upset because people could be dying in Port Charles. Alex notes that none of her questions were answered and says that Tony mustn't believe that Mikkos is going to bring the Earth to it's knees for the good of the people as it isn't going to be like that and Tony knows it. Alex notes the increasing tension and says that if it is going to be such a terrific new world than what is everyone afraid of. Tony says that if Alex cares for him then she should believe the way he believes without question. Alex asks Tony what he would do if he learned that not one single solitary person was left in Port Charles, Tony says that Mikkos wouldn't let it get that far as the whole world would retaliate. Alex says that in order for the whole world to retaliate, they would have to find Mikkos first.


Bobbie and Noah have coffee in the cafeteria and Bobbie asks Noah if it is really going to snow. Noah suggests a snowball fight and says that the prize would be that the winner would get to invite the other home for the night. Bobbie declines and Noah says that he's struck out again. Bobbie note Noah's impatience and says that she doesn't want to make a mistake with him as he is too important to her. Bobbie says that if they were to be together it would probably be the most special moment of her entire life but that she has to be sure. Noah agrees to wait.


Luke, Robert and Tiffany go over their plan to get them into the compound. Tiffany will create a diversion but Luke wonders what they will do when they get inside. Tiffany agrees to get them disguises, but is reluctant to let the others hide in their room. Robert and Luke suggest Tiffany kick Victor out of her room. Robert and Luke asks Tiffany to find out how the control room works. Just then Victor calls out to Tiffany so Tiffany runs back to meet him. Robert and Luke decide to eavesdrop on their conversation. An excited Victor tells Tiffany that Mikkos is going to put on a special dinner and that this may signal that Ballantine may be ready to surrender.


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1 hour ago, Khan said:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I really wish someone had delved into Heather's past and explained why she was (or is) the way she was.

It’s like they got the casting right, just as the show settled into a couple of years of really shallow storytelling.


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1 hour ago, Khan said:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I really wish someone had delved into Heather's past and explained why she was (or is) the way she was.

Yeah, we have been given crumbs such as her father apparently being abusive (slapping her a child) and both parents being drinkers etc etc but some therapy sessions that really explored Heather's backstory in depth would have been good to tie together all these tidbits that we keep getting.


We have actually gotten more insights into the causes of Sarah's behaviour (the tragic drowning death of her sister Edie) than we have Heather.


As it is my own theory is that a lot of it does have to do with Alice basically projecting her own anxieties and frustrations onto Heather, which could be what Pat Falkien Smith had in mind but never fully explored due to her and her writing team quitting.


I do know that Heather ends up attending therapy with a psychiatrist, Dr. Katz for the first half of 1982 (in fact I believe in these 1981 episodes she's already seeing him but he's not an onscreen character yet), but I'm not holding onto hope that we'll get to see Heather's past truly explored as I believe that storyline was mostly about scheming against both Anne and Dr. Katz.

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8 minutes ago, Dion said:

I do know that Heather ends up attending therapy with a psychiatrist, Dr. Katz for the first half of 1982 (in fact I believe in these 1981 episodes she's already seeing him but he's not an onscreen character yet), but I'm not holding onto hope that we'll get to see Heather's past truly explored as I believe that storyline was mostly about scheming against both Anne and Dr. Katz.


I wouldn't hold onto any hope either. TPTB never see Heather as anything more than a garden-variety, plot-convenient psycho.

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