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19 hours ago, DRW50 said:


I would assume someone liked her but in 20 years online I've never seen anyone have a good word about her.


Hee, hee.  Nope.  Couldn't stand her.  Beyond dull.

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June 9, 1981


A really Slick heavy episode today, he managed to visit an antiques dealer, play a game of craps in a seedy warehouse and befriend a homeless tramp


Again it seems to be a new day in Port Charles.


In prison, Toby and Hutch are again passing a football to each other. Hutch wishes he could go to a baseball game and talks about the freedom he used to take for granted. Hutch says that his friends on the outside didn’t amount to much except for Luke and Laura and that he misses them. Hutch says that the thought of Luke and Laura help him get through the night. After Hutch has returned to his cell, A guard tells Toby that Big Ralph wants to see him. Big Ralph talks to Toby and tells him that it is all set up for Toby to “waste Hutch in style”. Moments later, Big Ralph passes by Hutch’s cell. “Personal regards, from Frank Smith” Big Ralph says as he walks away laughing.


At ELQ, Alex is amused when Edward has an argument with a phone operator who hangs up on him. Edward is not pleased that Laura has taken a few days off. Meanwhile Laura arrives in Beechers Corners and is greeted by Agnes Whitaker, who gets Laura’s name right for the first time (since Laura used to go by Lucy).


Robert and O’Reilly wonder where Luke is and whether he has the statue. O’Reilly says that Cassadine has a man on every corner. Robert goes off to find Laura.


Tony tells Albert and Kemo that he is worried that Luke will disappear once he gets the Ice Princess out of hiding. Tony sends Kemo to check the warehouse district, another man with a feather on his hat to check Kellys and two other men to check the airport. Tony warns his men that if any one of them allows Luke to slip away then they’ll end up dead.


Edward tells Alex that he reckons the plan to frame Laura is finished and won’t work. Robert interrupts and asks what won’t work. Alex and Edward tell Robert that Laura is on vacation. Robert arranges to meet Alex for lunch at the Versailles Room. After Robert has left, Alex tells Edward that she is beginning to think that Luke and Laura have run off together. Edward suggests Alex ring Lesley, which she does but only learns that Laura apparently has “Mental fatigue”. Alex then leaves to have lunch, wishing Edward good luck with the phones. The phone rings and Edward can’t figure out how to answer the call. Meanwhile, Albert tells Tony that Robert will have lunch with Alex. Tony tells Albert to bring Robert there after his lunch with Alex.


Slick talks to Benny, an antiques dealer. Slick tells Benny that he needs a place for a guy (Luke) to hide out. Benny suggests a place down on the waterfront that has been vacant a long time. Slick wanders around the abandoned warehouse Benny recommended but runs into two men who come there to gamble on a floating crap game. The man with the feather on his hat is also there following Slick. Slick plays craps and loses. Slick leaves and the two gamblers draw the man with the feather on his hat into playing. By the time the man has lost, Slick is gone.


Laura and Agnes talk about her relationship with Luke. Laura tells Agnes about her cigar band ceremony with Luke but that when she and Luke returned to Port Charles, she went crazy at the police station and said she was still Mrs Baldwin. Laura says that she hurt Luke terribly but that she is sure Luke trusts her again. Agnes accidentally cuts herself and gets all flustered and slips up, telling Laura about Luke being there and that Robert was there too. Agnes assures Laura that Luke couldn’t stop talking about her and that everything will work out.


Slick arrives at Kelly’s and tells Rose about the Craps game. A homeless tramp orders coffee but has no money, saying that money is the "Devil’s instrument". Slick ends up buying the man lunch much to Rose’s annoyance. The tramp explains how he used to be a financier, but he woke up and realised everyone only wanted him for his money. Rose warns Slick that the man is a con artist, but Slick says that he’s one too and that he knows what he is doing. Rose then guesses that Slick is trying to hide Luke and that she wants to help. Slick asks Rose if she has done any acting (as he needs her to do something for him). A little while later, Rose talks to the man with a feather on his hat who wants to find Slick. The tramp comes to the counter and Rosie starts yelling at him, eventually sending him into the kitchen where Slick takes him away (the yelling was part of Slick’s plan).


Alex and Robert meet for lunch. After speculating on Laura’s whereabouts, Robert suggests that they’ve lost to Cassadine. Alex and Robert split the bill. Alex leaves and Albert summons Robert to see Tony. Robert tells Tony about his lunch with Alex and that Laura has disappeared. Meanwhile, Alex returns to ELQ and finds Edward fast asleep in his office, momentarily thinking that he was dead. Alex tells Edward that Robert thinks that Luke and Laura have run off with the Ice Princess. Edward considers going ahead with the plan to frame Laura, but they have to wait until Luke and Laura return.


Unaware that Toby is the one who has been ordered to kill him, Hutch tells Toby that Frank Smith will try to get to him through Big Ralph. Hutch says that he needs some protection and asks Toby for help. Toby tells Hutch that he should only trust himself. Their conversation is interrupted by the maniacal laughter of Big Ralph. Later, as Hutch plays guitar alone in his cell, Toby tells Big Ralph that he is scared about killing Hutch. Ralph encourages Toby to do it. As they continue to talk, Hutch starts trashing his cell.




June 10, 1981


Another new day in Port Charles


Joe tells Bert that he thinks Sarah might know where the gun is. Meanwhile, Sarah phones Heather and tells her not to visit as she has a "new boyfriend" (Joe lol) and he is coming to see her. Heather hightails it over to Forest Hills where she sees that Sarah has a new roommate - an elderly woman whom Sarah doesn't like. Heather asks the old woman for privacy and after she is gone, Sarah calls her "Crazy Annie". Sarah says that she hates Crazy Annie and that she hates Heather for leaving. Heather tries to bride Sarah with candy - "sweets for the sweet!" she says, but Sarah says she now hates candy. Sarah says that she has a new friend, Joe Kelly and that he won't try to trick her or desert her. 


Slick awakens Luke who moans about how uncomfortable the cab is. Slick tells Luke that Cassadine's men are following him everywhere. Meanwhile Tony tells Albert that Luke's 48 hours are up (even though Albert reminds him that Luke actually has a few more hours).


Edward is miserable because their plans always fail, Alex says she is also miserable. James phones Alex and tells him that he is going to leave. Alex tries to stall him and says that she needs more time. "Alex, time has run out" James says just before he hangs up. Alex tells Edward that they can't let James leave without the formula. Edward is sympathetic to James' situation and suggests that James is lonely. Alex tells Edward that she'll tell James that she is ready to leave for Jamaica and Edward suggests getting some plane tickets. Edward and Alex decide they could still get the formula from James if they can't get the Ice Princess. Later, James is surprised when Alex phones him and tells him that she has tickets for Jamaica.


Slick pretends to polish his cab so he can discreetly talk to Luke who is hiding the cab. Slick tries to figure out a way of getting Luke to the hideout without the Cassadine henchmen seeing them. Slick gets Luke to dress up as a bum


Bert tells Joe that his theories about the murder don't stack up. Bert says that he reckons Heather would have shot Diana over and over again if she was driven by passion. The two debate the case but Joe is still convinced that he'll be able to prove Heather's guilt. Meanwhile, Heather offers Sarah a gift but she throws it down onto the floor.


Amy talks to Jessie at the Nurses' station and says that it is strange that Laura has run off. Jessie tells her off for gossiping. Tony arrives and asks Lesley to lunch on his yacht. Lesley says she is supposed to have lunch with Amy, but Tony convinces Amy to let Lesley go with him. Tony says he has the finest Bass, which is both Lesley and Amy's favourite. Tony promises to send Amy bass from his yacht, but Amy still complains to Jessie that Laura would have gotten an invite to the yacht. This gives Tony, who has overheard Amy's complaining, an idea.


Heather searches Sarah's room for the gun while Sarah has gone to the bathroom to get ready for her visit with Joe. Crazy Annie interrupts her search so Heather lets her take the candy to give to the other patients and continues searching the room. Sarah catches Heather and tries to kick her out but Heather won't leave and demands to know where the gun is. When Sarah won't tell her, Heather starts talking about Edie and that Sarah let Edie die. This aggravates Sarah and she threatens Heather with a coathanger. Heather continues goading Sarah and Sarah attacks her. Joe and a nurse walk in on them as they are brawling on the floor.


Lesley compliments Tony on his bass. Tony says that he might be leaving soon and says that he wants to see Lesley as often as possible and invites Lesley and Laura to come have dinner on the yacht. Tony then asks where Laura is but Lesley avoids telling him where she is. Tony says he'll wait for Laura to return before leaving.


Dressed as a bum, Luke heads to the Mission church of the Blinding Light (for a second I thought it said Guiding Light lol) where they are singing hymns. Luke is clearly uncomfortable when the preacher introduces him to the rest. The episode then ends as they all sing "Bringing in the sheaves"




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June 11, 1981


Another new day in Port Charles


Rick and Jessie are talking at the Nurses' station when Robert interrupts trying to find Laura. Lesley joins the conversation and notes that Tony also wanted to know where Laura is. Lesley tells Robert that Laura just wanted to get away and that she is fine. Later, Steve and Audrey remind Rick and Lesley that they will be having dinner together later. Alone with Lesley, Rick notes that they have been invited somewhere as a couple, Lesley says that the Hardys probably just like even numbers at their dinner parties.


Alex shows Edward the tickets to Jamaica. Meanwhile, a restless James is at his apartment hideout. Alex calls James but the line is busy (we see James put the phone down at the same time but don't know who he called). Edward wants to know more about the Ice Princess business and how she tricked him out of the Ice Princess. Alex avoids answering Edward's questions, telling him he'll have to wait until she writes a book about it. Robert visits Alex and offers to find a temp for her. Alex refuses, saying she doesn't want him placing a spy at the front desk. After Robert leaves, Alex contacts James again and tells him that she is coming over.


Joe visits Sarah at Forest Hills. A heavily sedated Sarah murmurs something about a uniform, blood and a gun. Later, Joe visits Heather at Kelly's. Heather has a pathetic little plaster on her head. Joe asks Sarah why Sarah tried to kill her, Heather gives her own partially true but distorted version of events and says that it's sad that Sarah blames herself for Edie's death. Heather says that Sarah is completely and hopelessly insane. Joe tells Heather what Sarah said but Heather tries to make it out about Edie, even though Edie drowned. Heather says that Sarah gets all mixed up about how Edie died. Heather gets annoyed when Joe continues to ask her questions about Joe and starts laying down one of her trademark guilt trips before storming off into the kitchen.


Albert asks Tony about dinner but an irritable Tony doesn't want dinner and asks Albert to send Lesley flowers so she'll call him back to thank her and he can ask her about Laura. Albert notes that Tony hasn't been himself and suggests that they go back to the Mediterranean. Tony admits that he misses his old life but says that they have to focus on the Ice Princess.


Kathy and Monica visit Edward at ELQ. Edward attempts to brush Monica off saying that he has work to do. After Edward gets all snappy at all the constantly ringing phones, Kathy sits behind the desk and starts redirecting phone calls and taking messages for Edward. Monica suggests that Kathy fill in for Laura as receptionist. Edward reluctantly agrees.


Steve and Audrey's dinner party is revealed as a plot by the Hardys to get the Baldwins and the Webbers talking again. Lee and Gail arrive and Lee is not happy when he learns that Rick and Lesley will be there. Rick and Lesley arrive soon after and the mood is clearly awkward when Jeremy asks Lesley about Laura's vacation. However, after dinner the three couples are relaxed and enjoying hot beverages (not sure if coffee or tea or a mix of both). Steve asks Rick to take over as acting chief of staff while he and Audrey go on vacation and Lesley mentions that the Waterfront clinic is running along nicely. However, the mood turns sour again when Rick mentions Laura. Audrey desperately tries to play conciliator, but Lee says that he has lost Scotty and resents Rick and Lesley thinking that Scotty is being selfish. Rick and Lesley point out that all Laura wants is to get a divorce. Lee finally has enough when Lesley suggests that Scotty's absence is his way of getting back at Laura, so he and Gail leave. 


Alex brings champagne over to James' and shows him the plane tickets. Alex lies that Luke is coming back with the statue. James is thrilled and the two share a toast and then start kissing. Later, James is suspicious when James notes that the plane tickets are open but Alex has an explanation for that. James asks Alex to be with him and stay with him (as in...you know lol) but Alex puts him off. James gets angry and says that Alex must not be over her old lover. "That's nonsense. Pure nonsense" Alex says and then she leaves James' apartment.


Robert visits Tony and tells him that he spoke to Lesley. Robert notices Tony's dinner untouched on the table, so Tony lets him eat it. Robert really enjoys Tony's dinner, but complains about Tony's wine selection. While Robert continues to chat away while consumed by the meal, Tony leaves the room unnoticed as if drawn to something...


Joe and Heather apologise to each other for their earlier argument. Kathy and Monica come to Kelly's after seeing a movie and Joe suggests that Monica and Kathy accompany him and Heather to the disco! Monica says that she and Kathy will come later. Rick and Lesley arrive and Joe invites them to the disco as well! They refuse, saying that they have taken a long walk on the Waterfront and sit down. Monica has noticed them. Seemingly oblivious to Monica's presence, Rick asks Lesley if she thinks about the future and suggests that they think about it together. An observant Monica doesn't look very happy!


Shelly Vernon brings Sarah her medication, but Sarah doesn't want it and wants to call Joe. Shelly persuades Sarah to take her pill and promises that Sarah can call Joe in the morning. As Shelly is about to leave, Sarah gets agitated when she realises Shelly resemblance to Heather. The commotion wakes Crazy Annie who yells at Sarah. Shelly manages to calm Sarah down by once again reminding her that she can call Joe in the morning.


Despite being partly distracted by the presence of Rick and Lesley (who still haven't given her a second thought), Monica talks to Kathy. Monica says that they don't want to be out at the Disco too late. Monica then suggests to Kathy that she is very interested in what is happening at ELQ. Kathy understands her meaning, basically agreeing to spy on the goings on there for Monica.


An upset Alex heads down to the docks. Tony is there and notices her tears. Tony asks Alex if she believes in fate and says that their chance meeting is kismet. "Fate leads those that follow and fate drags those that resist" Tony says. Alex says she doesn't believe that. Tony says that Alex was compelled to come just like he was and that he has been thinking of the old life. He tells Alex that he'd be very happy if they could walk again, just for a little while. "For a little while" Alex says and the two walk off together...


(after that last scene,  I could see myself shipping those two if I didn't already know their end lol)




June 12, 1981


**mysteriously Joe and Heather are not at the disco, or in this episode at all, despite being headed there in the previous episode lol**


Still the same night in Port Charles.


In the prison, Toby tells Hutch that he hasn't managed to get word to either Bert or Joe. Hutch asks Toby how Big Ralph is able to wander about the cells at night, Toby says that guards let him out. Hutch wants to speak to the warden and attempts to blackmail one of the guards - Bob - with what he knows about Big Ralph. Meanwhile, Big Ralph approaches Toby and makes a cut throat gesture, referring to Hutch.


Alex and Tony are at the dock where Tony's yacht is moored. Tony invites Alex aboard his yacht. Alex chooses to go with him. When they get to the yacht, Tony asks Alex why she was crying at the dock. Alex asks Tony why he left her for an actress (First reference to Tiffany Hill?). Tony retorts by asking her why she stole the Ice Princess. Alex says that it was the only way to hurt him back, she gets really upset and tells him to go back to the actress. Tony kisses Alex, but she breaks away. "You mean nothing to me!" Alex says.


At the Mission Church of the Guiding Light Blinding Light, Luke is recruited to make fliers on a hand-cranked printing press by the reverend. Slick interrupts as Luke is doing a bad job of it. Slick later helps Luke pass the fliers around. Luke explains to Slick how when he attempted to steal the Ice Princess, he was stopped by a man with distinctive aftershave whose button he managed to rip off. Everyone then sings Amazing Grace off key. Luke and Slick duck out while the singing of Amazing Grace continues on unabated. Luke shows Slick the button he has and asks Slick to find Laura and tell her to stay out of it.


Susan and Alan are at the disco talking when they are interrupted by Bryan, Claudia and Amy. Amy remarks how radiant Susan is. Susan asks where Laura is, the group tells her that Laura has gone away for a few days but Amy says not to worry as Laura would not do something crazy without telling her first. After the three have gone, Alan remarks that Amy is incorrigible but Susan is more worried that Amy has described her as being radiant because she is now showing. Just then, Monica and Kathy arrive. Alan is surprised to see them.


Hutch tells Bert that Big Ralph is out to kill him, Bert asks Hutch if he has any friends inside. Hutch mentions Toby and Bert says Toby could be a witness they need. Later Bert and Hutch tell the warden about Big Ralph, but the warden is skeptical. Bert tells the warden that he'll look bad if he doesn't do anything and Hutch dies.


Kathy and Monica tell Alan that they went to see a movie about a cheating husband. Monica then asks Alan if Arnold Wellington is there, but Alan says that he was talking to Susan about the business. Kathy then tells Alan that Kathy will be filling in for Laura at ELQ. Kathy goes off to dance and Monica questions Alan about the disco. Alan claims that he enjoys the music, saying that "you get used to it". "I wouldn't get too used to it if I were you, you never know when it will be taken away from you", Monica says.


Steve and Audrey talk about the dinner party and remark that it's great that Rick and Lesley are on the right track, even if they can't get them back together with the Baldwins. Jeremy comes down and asks if he said anything wrong, noting that Lee gave him a weird look when he mentioned Laura. Steve and Audrey assure Jeremy that he did nothing wrong.


Tony follows Alex back to the docks and the two kiss again. He takes her back to his yacht. The two have dinner and Alex explains that stealing the Ice Princess gave her satisfaction. Tony tells Alex that he loves her. "I will love you as  I will love no other woman", Tony says. Later Alex and Tony are comfortable on a couch and the two reminisce about a time they were in Portugal. The two passionately embrace.


Alan asks Monica if she has planted Kathy at ELQ as a spy. Monica confirms that she has but Alan says that it is a mistake. Alan then returns (using business as a pretense) to Susan and tells her that Monica doesn't know about them but wants them to slip up and make a mistake. Later Slick comes by and asks Amy, Bryan and Claudia where Laura is.  Amy drags Slick onto the dance floor.  Susan feels uncomfortable with Monica's presence. Kathy tells Alan and Susan that Monica is leaving but she is staying on and asks Alan to drive her home. Alan talks to Monica as she is leaving, but then returns to Susan and tells her that he is planning on telling Monica everything.


The warden starts interviewing prisoners about Big Ralph with Bert and Big Ralph present. Two prisoners in a row lie and say they don't know Big Ralph. Bob the guard also denies knowing anything, adding that Hutch is loony. Big Ralph himself is interviewed and says the nickname is just other prisoners joking about his weight. When Toby is interviewed, he also denies knowing anything about threats on Hutch's life. Back at Hutch's cell, Hutch tells Bert that he wasn't sure if they had got to Toby, but Bert says that Joe Kelly is still working on the parole board. Hutch thanks Bert, who then leaves. Toby explains to Hutch that if he backed him up then he'd be on the hit list too. He apologises to Hutch and walks away. Big Ralph tells Toby to keep up the good work and that everyone is counting on him.


Luke is surprised when the Reverend suggests that he'd make a good missionary. Luke tries to put him off by saying he goes on drinking binges. Slick arrives and tells Luke that no one seems to know where Laura is. Luke is worried and rushes out.




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June 15, 1981


As the night out at the Campus Disco continues, Alan reiterates to Susan that he will tell Monica everything. Susan tries to talk him out of it but Alan is adamant. Meanwhile, Bobbie complains about Amy to Noah (that Amy has included herself in their date when she wants them to be alone).


The prisoners taunt Hutch about Big Ralph. Bob the guard also threatens Hutch, saying that he'll tell stories to the parole board. Later, Big Ralph and Toby meet, and Big Ralph says he'll get someone to teach him how to use a shiv. As the prisoners start taunting Hutch again, Hutch grabs his guitar and starts singing "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf Ralph".


Luke returns to his apartment with Slick and finds the graffiti Laura left in shaving cream several episodes ago. Luke puts on a funny accent and calls up the Quartermaines. Monica answers and gives the phone to Edward. Luke pretends to be from a credit union and asks Edward about Laura. Edward says that Laura went on vacation and after hanging up, tells Monica that the voice was familiar but he couldn't place it. Monica asks Edward about Alan but male chauvinist Edward says that any woman who locks her door against her husband deserves what she gets. Just then Alan and Kathy arrive home from the disco, Alan tells Monica that he wishes to speak with her. Edward asks Alan what he the devil he is up to. Edward tries to convince Alan not to negotiate with Monica. Edward says that Alan should wait until Monica demands a divorce. "God, this really depresses me" Alan says. "What depresses me is that you married yourself a tramp!" Edward retorts. "That's exactly what she is Alan. A tramp!"


At Kelly's Rose finds a coat with a button missing from it. Meanwhile, Rick and Lesley are still at Kelly's. Rick invites Lesley on a trip with him, promising that this summer will not be like last summer (when Laura was on the run). Just then the man with the feather in his hat comes in, checks Kelly's and leaves.


Noah and Bobbie try to ditch Amy at the Disco but Slick meets them as they attempt to leave. Bobbie gets to spend a few moments with Luke, updating him on what has been happening (that Kathy is filling in for Laura etc) before Luke and Slick leave. Bobbie returns to Noah but just as they were about to leave, Amy finds them. "Thanks a lot Luke" Bobbie says after Amy drags Noah off somewhere.


Slick arrives at Kelly's and speaks with Rose. The feather man arrives again. Rose goes into the kitchen and finds Luke there. Luke gets Rose to go get Rick and Lesley without arousing the suspicions of the feather man. Rose gets the Webbers to come into the kitchen where they see Luke and tell him that Laura is at Beechers Corners. Luke tells Slick that Laura still loves him as she went to Beechers Corners. Rose notices that the Feather man has left, so Luke and Slick go out the front door as the Feather man has probably gone to the back door.


Alan, having changed his mind about telling Monica about Susan, tells Monica that he thinks that Kathy needs a new car. Meanwhile, Bobbie and Noah speak to a tense Susan. Bobbie notices that something is wrong with Susan and suggests Noah check her over, but Susan refuses. Noah and Bobbie leave to join. Alan phones Susan and tells her that he didn't tell Monica. Susan is relieved but gets emotional. Alan speaks to Edward, who warns him to stay away from 'his woman' for a while.


Luke and Slick return to the Mission Church after evading the Feather man. Luke asks Slick to find out anyone who has brought in art objects to sell....then the video abruptly ends with the last few minutes of the episode missing




June 16, 1981


A new day in Port Charles.


Dan arrives at the Nurses' station singing "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'". Jessie compliments him on the incredible entrance. Bobbie notes that Dan is very happy and Dan says that it is summer, but Bobbie points out that it doesn't officially start for a few days yet. Jessie and Bobbie note the great weather they have been having lately (All this talk about Summer and the weather makes me think this might be a little foreshadowing that the weather's going to take a little turn for the worse before Summer's end...). Dan mentions that there will be a series of concerts in the park. Dan gives Jessie a copy of the prgramme which both Bobbie and Jessie peruse and Bobbie recognises some of the composers. Jessie agrees to go with Dan, while Bobbie agrees to go with Noah (who has just arrived). Anne arrives, followed shortly thereafter by Rick and everyone congratulates Rick on being the temporary Chief of Staff. Alone, Rick ominously tells Noah that he needs to speak to him.


Bert tells Joe that he has a new theory that proves that Joe was right all along. A neighbour of Diana's saw another nurse that wasn't Anne. Joe still wants to speak to Sarah.


Slick is dressed up as a plumber. He turns off the water for Robert's Penthouse at Harbor View Towers. Slick then heads up to Robert's penthouse and speaks with O"Reilly in an Italian accent. O"Reilly lets him in. She momentarily gets suspicious but sends him off to the bathroom. Slick is holding the button Luke gave to him.


Alex and Tony talk on the yacht. Alex is wearing Tony's pajama top. Albert arrives with breakfast and tells Alex that he is glad she is with them again. Alex and Tony make a toast to each other and to the Ice Princess. Tony asks Alex about James, but Alex doesn't want to give up Duvall's location just yet. Kemo enters and says that he spotted Luke leaving his apartment building, which makes Tony realise that Luke doesn't know where Laura is. Alex tells Tony about the plan to frame Laura. They decide to go ahead with it in order to lure Laura back and Luke to Laura's side.


Noah is nervous and tells Bobbie that Rick is upset with him about a surgery he performed. After Noah leaves, Joe arrives looking for Anne. Joe tells Anne that he is getting close to proving Heather killed Anne. Anne is still worried that Heather will charm Joe. Later, Rick reprimands Noah for performing a surgery on a child, Karen without having the parents sign consent forms (the parents gave verbal consent on the phone). Noah gives his account of what happened but Rick says that it wouldn't have been a disaster if the operation had been held up for an hour or so. Noah argues that the child's life was more important but Rick warns him that if Karen had died the parents could have refused to sign the consent forms and sued the hospital. Rick tells Noah not to do it again.


Alex is surprised to see Kathy at the front desk. Edward tells her that Kathy is spying for Monica. Alex tells Edward that she wants to go ahead with the plan to frame Laura. Edward agrees so Alex shows him the fur. She goes over the plan with Edward. Kathy puts Luke's (unseen in this episode) phone call through to Alex. Alex speaks to him but Luke doesn't answer any of her questions hangs up. Alex tells Edward that Luke said he'd come to her with the statue but was lying through his teeth. Later, Kathy eavesdrops as Edward and Alex are fretting about their plans (though they don't go into details). Edward goes off to a meeting and Alex sends Kathy off to lunch. Alex makes a phone call to Tony. While she is waiting for an answer, she sees Kathy's notepad with notes from her conversation with Edward and tells herself that she'll have to be more careful. Alex eventually gets through to Tony and tells him that Luke called and that she thinks he is right about Luke not knowing where Laura is.


At Kelly's an agitated Rick speaks to Rose and Heather. Rose suggests that Heather take her break and talk to Rick. Rick mentions a confrontation he had with a doctor (Noah) and then he and Heather have a conversation about confrontation and Rick asks Heather about what happened with Anne the other day. Heather resents Rick judging her past actions and lays down one of her classic guilt trips onto Rick as Joe arrives. Joe and Rock talk about Heather. Rick reminds Joe that Heather sold her own son. When Joe defends Heather, Rick says that he'd hate to see Heather do to Joe what she did to his brother, Jeff.


O'Reilly tells Robert that Alex was on Tony's yacht. The two figure out that the two may be involved. O"Reilly mentions that there is a plumber and Robert is somewhat bemused to find that it is Slick. Robert sees the button Slick has and figures out that Luke doesn't have the Ice Princess and that whoever has it, has a jacket with a missing button. Robert tells Slick that he wants to find Luke because he wants to help him. Robert asks Slick that Luke and Laura are in bigger trouble than they ever imagined. Slick realises that Robert is on the level and goes off to deliver a message from Robert to Luke on the proviso that Robert and O'Reilly don't follow him. Robert asks O"Reilly if she thinks Slick can convince Luke. "He has to, or else we're sunk, sonny" O"Reilly says. "Yeah and Laura winds up a widow before the wedding night even kicks off", Robert replies.


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On 6/16/2018 at 11:20 AM, Khan said:

Heather exasperates me, because I don't understand why she is (or was) the way she is.  I mean, even BEFORE her bad acid trip, Heather apparently had emotional issues -- but why?


Of course, since she was created by the Pollocks, I can't expect there to be a deep-seated reason for her psychosis, now can I?


I was going through old posts on this thread and saw this and thought I'd offer my insights (based on my current viewing of 1981 episodes):


1. As Heather told Joe, Heather's father (provided Heather was telling the truth about it of course but the show hasn't given me any reason to doubt it) was physically abusive.


2. Heather's mom Alice is one of the most passive-aggressive characters ever to inhabit Port Charles.


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June 17, 1981


A Lovers'S Holiday (by Change) opens the episode as we find Joe and Heather at the Disco. Heather tells Joe that she appreciates the way that he treats her. Later, as New Toy (Lene Lovich) plays in the background Joe introduces Heather to Roger Martin (Deputy Martin, who spoke to Heather the night of the accident and Joe also spoke to on June 4), a cop buddy of his. Roger asks Heather to dance.


Slick arrives at Kelly's and tells Rose about how he was looking for the coat with a missing button in Scorpio's closet. Rose points out that the coat he is looking for is hanging on the coat rack right next to his! Slick examines the coat and Rose tells him that the coat has been hanging there for weeks. Slick convinces Rose to help him watch out for the owner of the coat.


Alex enters Laura's apartment and starts planting the Mink coat and plane tickets as part of her plan to frame her for embezzlement. She hides the plane tickets inside the back of a painting and the coat under the bed. Alex leaves the apartment but hears Mrs Wilson (Luke and Laura's landlady) yelling at an unseen Laura as she arrives home. Alex hides on the stairwell as Laura's landlady continues to yell at (the still unseen) Laura through the apartment door. "Welcome home Laura", Alex says.


Robert meets O'Reilly down by the docks where the Cassadine Yacht is moored. O'Reilly is fishing. O'Reilly tells Robert that somebody saw Laura get off the bus but there is still no sign of Luke. Soon afterwards, Robert talks to Tony and tells him that Laura is back in town and that she doesn't have the Ice Princess. Tony says that Laura could have taken it with her. Robert is unconvinced and adds that Luke doesn't have the statue either., telling him about how Slick was searching his apartment earlier. Tony doesn't believe him but Robert suggests that Alex has the statue and that Duval is in town. Robert and Tony continue to talk but then Alex rushes in all excited before stopping stone cold when she sees Robert.


At the Waterfront Clinic, Lesley and Bobbie see their last patient for the night. Bobbie and Lesley discuss how Rick has been running ragged between the hospital and the clinic. Bobbie asks Lesley if she knows what went on between Rick and Noah. Lesley tells Bobbie about the incident with Karen Banko (Benko?). Lesley mentions that she will be going to dinner with Rick. A grouchy Rick then comes in and asks why the clinic is still open.


Amy talks to Joe and Heather and says that Roger is a lousy dancer, even though Heather had said he was a good dancer. Amy and Joe bicker about cops being bad dancers, before Amy takes Heather off to the powder room. Once alone with Roger, Joe asks him if Heather was the nurse he saw on the night on the accident. Roger says that Heather could be the woman he thought was Shelly Vernon but that he can't be sure as her hair is different, saying that the way a woman wears her hair can make her look totally different. Roger reminds Joe that his partner got a better look at the woman but he is still on extended leave and can't be contacted. Roger remarks what a great dancer Heather is before leaving. Heather then returns and tells Joe that she has a terrible headache. Joe agrees to take her home.


Rose watches as a customer points out the coat to another customer, Buddy. Buddy briefly examines the coat before deciding that it's not his. The two leave. Rose tells Slick about the incident and that the coat business is making her feel nervous but Slick commends her for keeping an eye on the coat.


In front of Alex, Robert teases Tony about the actress he used to see (Tiffany Hill). Robert continues to tease Alex and Tony before Alex confirms that she and Tony are back together. Robert reminds Tony that Alex stole the statue off him and calls him a fool, angering Alex. Robert tells Alex to back off, saying he's not above hitting a woman. Robert calls Tony one of Alex's good time boys.


Rick wants Lesley and Bobbie to speed things up at the clinic so he can go home. Lesley reminds him that it has been a long day at the clinic and that Bobbie has volunteered her time. Rick apologises to Bobbie for being grouchy, explaining that it's been one of those days where everything has gone wrong. A playful Lesley chews on a pen while teasing Rick, saying they should never put their burdens onto other people. Rick brings up Jacob's Law: "To err is human - and to blame that error on someone else is even more". Lesley retorts by bringing up Kovac's conundrum: "When you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal", prompting giggles from Bobbie. Just then Noah arrives. Rick is surprised that Noah didn't get their earlier, saying that he left work half an hour earlier. Noah says that he finished his rounds, but Rick says there was a big traffic accident about three minutes after he left and that they needed his help. Rick adds that a water pipe also burst in a supply room and that the staff had to rescue supplies. Noah says that Rick has some kind of chip on his shoulder and tells Rick to get off his case. Rick orders Noah to leave his clinic and not to finish work until 3:30.


Robert says that he thinks Duval has the statue but Alex says that he doesn't. Robert calls Alex a snake and suggests that Alex is buying Duval time to escape, only to stick Duval in the back like she has been with Tony. Alex responds by telling Tony that Robert is trying to twist their love into something sick. "When I think of your love for one another I need a heart transplant!" Robert retorts. Robert also points out that Tony will end up walking off into the sunset with his actress friend and have the last laugh.


Joe has walked Heather back to her room at Kelly's. Heather tells Joe that she hopes that he really likes her. Joe claims that he's not pretending and that he really likes her. Heather embraces Joe and gives him a quick peck, but sensing his hesitancy, she backs off and bids him goodnight. Downstairs, Slick reminds Rose to keep her eyes on the coat before leaving. Joe comes down and Rose offers him a cup of coffee. Burt arrives, so Joe tells her that he took Heather to the disco but Deputy Martin couldn't identify Heather. Burt suggests that even if they do prove that Heather killed Diana, then Heather could get off claiming insanity.


Rick declines Lesley's invitation to dinner. Lesley tells Rick that he was hard on Noah but Rick disagrees. Lesley says that they can't expect Noah to feel the same way they do, at least not yet, but Rick says that he can't believe Noah went though with his residency with his attitude. Lesley says that the part of Rick she saw tonight was the part that destroyed their marriage. Lesley says that Rick shouldn't demand more of people than they are able to give. "We are after all, only human," Lesley says. "Even you".


Alex gives Tony an ultimatum about whether to trust her or Robert. "I know my instincts Alex," Tony says. "I know diamonds blind and dazzle. We all have to be very careful. To be dazzled is marvellous, to be blinded to the truth is very dangerous. I will not be blinded. I trust you both. My decision is to follow Luke Spencer."




June 18, 1981


The episode begins in the early morning.


At the Mission, Luke is using the printing press again while the rest are singing "Bringing in the sheaves". Later Slick arrives. Luke reiterates that Slick is not to tell Laura where he is. Slick gives Luke a message from Laura - "She wants to know if you need her", Slick says. Luke gives Slick a note to give to Laura.


In Prison, Hutch plays on his guitar before pulling a wire off his bed and hiding it in his jeans pocket. Meanwhile Big Ralph gives Toby the shiv and tells him that tonight is the night. With Toby still hesitant, Big Ralph suggests that he put Hutch at ease before doing the deed. When Toby mentions that he has a parole hearing coming up in six months, Big Ralph says he will guarantee that Toby's last six months in the joint will be very comfortable. Big Ralph suggests that Toby volunteer to stand guard of Hutch while he sleeps. Later, Toby speaks to Hutch and offers to watch over Hutch as he sleeps.


Alex updates Edward that she successfully planted the items in Laura's apartment, and that Laura has returned. She doesn't tell Edward about her run in with Tony and Robert though. Alan arrives home and mentions the traffic accident (the one Rick was arguing with Noah about in the previous episode) and that Monica is still at the hospital. After Alex goes upstairs, Alan phones Susan to tell her that he is on his way. Edward overhears and chides him, warning him that Monica will be hot on his tail.


Georgia tells Anne that things are under control in the supply room and that all of the accident victims are out of OR with no fatalities. Audrey arrives (briefly mentioning that Steve is now at a medical convention and that their plans to go away on vacation went out the window) and Georgia allows her to take Anne off to dinner. Meanwhile Monica tells Gail about what happened at the disco. Monica says that she thinks that Alan was going to tell her everything but that Edward stopped him. Monica tells Gail that she reckons the Quartermaines approve of that sort of thing, so she's hired a detective to investigate.


Slick visits Laura and passes the letter Luke wrote for her. Slick refuses to take Laura to Luke. Laura says that she is going to marry Luke and doesn't care if it is dangerous. Laura puts on her Lucy Johnson wig but Slick still refuses to take her to Luke. Laura turns on the (fake) tears to convince Slick to take her to Luke. Slick checks to see if the coast is clear but unbeknownst to him, Alex was hiding on the staircase and follows them out.


Alan explains to Susan why he changed his mind about telling Monica. Susan says that he did the right thing and that she was worried that she'd never see him again. Alan and Susan both figure out that Monica's next move will be to hire a detective and that they won't be able to see or call each other for a while. The two passionately kiss each other goodbye.


Anne, Audrey and Jeremy arrive at Kelly's. Jeremy is despondent after losing a baseball game. Rose offers Jeremy some dessert. Jeremy notices the coat and when Rose says that she doesn't know who the owner is, Jeremy offers to help figure it out for her. Jeremy notes that the owner of the coat is not a smoker (since there's no smoke smell) and that the coat smells of a cheap women's perfume. Jeremy also tries on the coat and notes that it doesn't belong to skinny person.


Hutch talks to Toby, mentioning Luke and Laura. Hutch says that he never knew how good it could be - changing - and asks Toby to tell Luke and Laura that he doesn't regret anything. As Hutch appears to drift off to sleep, Toby prepares to make his move and looks set to plunge the shiv into Hutch when Hutch opens his eyes. "You can't do it man", Hutch says, "I've been there, not even I could do it to a friend anymore".


Slick takes Laura to the mission where (after nearly six weeks) Luke and Laura are finally reunited. Luke, while being thrilled to be with Laura again, is at the same time not happy that Slick and Laura are there. Laura stands her ground and convinces Luke to take her to the mission dormitory so he can tell her the truth. Upstairs, Laura tells Luke that Beechers Corners wasn't the same without him and Luke says that it wasn't the same for him when he went back there either. Luke also mentions the graffiti on his wall. Luke then explains that he didn't steal the statue and that Tony Castle is Tony Cassadine and that while he is not a threat to Lesley, he could be a threat to them. Luke also explains that the Ice Princess is the largest diamond in the world. Laura tells Luke about Kurt Wheeler, that Wheeler's real name is James Duval and that he has been holed up in an apartment for months, claiming to be doing research for ELQ but without having any lab equipment. Luke asks Laura to find out more about Alex and Duval and says that their future depends on getting hold of the Ice Princess. Slick interrupts them and Luke escorts Slick and Laura out. Luke and Laura share a fond farewell outside before Slick and Laura leave. They remain unaware that Alex followed Slick and Laura to the mission and has been lurking outside the whole time. After Luke heads back inside the mission, Alex follows him...


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9 hours ago, Dion said:

I was going through old posts on this thread and saw this and thought I'd offer my insights (based on my current viewing of 1981 episodes):


1. As Heather told Joe, Heather's father (provided Heather was telling the truth about it of course but the show hasn't given me any reason to doubt it) was physically abusive.


2. Heather's mom Alice is one of the most passive-aggressive characters ever to inhabit Port Charles.


Ah.  Thanks, @Dion:) 

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General Hospital Thursday August 29, 2002 (Beginning)                                                                    

General Hospital 2004 Clip Part 1--Ned/Lois, Faith, Courtney, Jason/Max. Lorenzo's boat explodes

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4 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:


Are you sure that this wasn't an episode of Little House on the Prairie? 😳😉😂






June 19, 1981


Hutch calmly talks to Toby saying that he can't do it (kill Hutch). Toby drops the shiv. Toby admits that everyone in the prison has pressuring him to kill Hutch for weeks. "We're both as good as dead", Toby says. Hutch says that he won't let that happen and that there must be a way to at least save Toby's skin.


Robert warns Tony that Alex will double cross him. Robert attempts to leave, but Tony insists that Robert stay for dinner. Over dinner, Tony asks Robert what he knows about James Duval. Robert says that Tony's affair with "the actress" (Tiffany Hill) drove Alex into Duval's arms and that it was easy for her to persuade him to steal the statue. Tony gets a telegram (sent directly to the yacht via wireless) confirming that Duval is in Port Charles under the name Kurt Wheeler. Robert already knew this information and tells Tony that it proves that Alex and Duval are "still thick" (as thieves presumably).


Luke sings "Cheek to Cheek" (Heaven...I'm in Heaven...) while picking up trash. The preacher notes his joy. Luke tells the preacher a little bit about Laura. Luke's jubilant mood instantly changes when Alex walks in. "Hello kid", she says. Luke initially tells Alex he doesn't have the Ice Princess (which he doesn't) but then lies and says that he does. Luke gives Alex the run around, imitating a preacher and quoting scripture at Alex. Alex warns Luke that his time is almost over and that he should give her the Ice Princess. Luke compares Alex to the viper in the garden of Eden. Alex threatens Luke but Luke says her threats make no difference to him. Alex says that she'll reach for his weak spot. Luke says he has no weak spots, but Alex says that he is wrong - his weak spot is Laura Baldwin.


At the Waterfront clinic, Rick tells Joe about his problems with the hospital and the clinic while eating some soup. The conversation turns to Heather and Joe says that his plan to have Deputy Martin identify Heather failed. Joe admits that he likes being around Heather and that he felt something when Heather kissed him goodnight. Rick again reminds Joe about what Heather did to Jeff. Joe asks Rick what it means, medically speaking, if someone is criminally insane. Rick explains the definitions of insanity and realises that Joe is talking about Heather. Joe admits that he's hesitant about Rick tells Joe that Heather's mother doesn't trust Heather so Joe can;t either. Rick suggests that Joe approach the situation as if it were a doctor-patient situation, as he may be more able to view it more objectively that way.


Hutch formulates a plan to get Toby out of trouble, they'll say that Hutch was pretending to sleep when Toby made his move and that Hutch managed to defend himself. The two begin fighting and cause such a commotion that the guards arrive and take Toby away.


Robert and Tony finish dinner. Alex phones Tony and says that she found Luke. Both Alex and Tony don;t believe Luke's claims that he doesn't have the statue. Before telling Tony the address for the mission, Alex extracts a promise that Edward won't be punished financially for her coming to side with the Cassadines. Tony gives that promise and Alex gives him the address. Tony sends Albert to fetch Luke. Meanwhile, Luke is in a hurry to leave the mission. The preacher asks him if he is in trouble, and - noting the cliche - Luke asks him if he can spare a dime to make a call to Laura. Unfortunately, Laura is not home so Luke asks the preacher to tell Slick and Laura that he'll be in touch if they come by the mission. As Luke leaves the mission, he is suddenly arrested by two cops for robbery.


Hutch tells the warden that Toby attacked him. Bob (the guard) says that he sent Toby in to give Hutch some coffee, but Hutch says that Bob knew about the shiv. Toby backs up Bob's story (as he and Hutch planned). The warden is angry and says he'll notify the parole board. After the warden and Bob have left, Hutch and Toby briefly acknowledge one another. Later, Big Ralph speaks to a bruised Toby and tells him that the job still needs to be done. He sends Toby to get fixed up in the infirmary.


Lesley tells Alice about the accident and the water main bursting at GH, adding that she wasn't there as she was at the Clinic. Just then, Rick arrives. Alice and Rick briefly discuss Heather. Rick says that Alice always seems to have something she wants to say to him but Alice denies this. Rick and Lesley then converse privately. Rick apologises for being stubborn, Lesley says that it is his best quality and that some would call it perseverance. Rick asks to sit closer to Lesley. She agrees.


Rose and Joe talk at Kelly's. Joe tells Rose that Heather confuses him and plays tricks with his mind. Rose suggests that the reason he sees Heather differently is because he is a different Joe. Joe heads for bed, just as Slick arrives. Slick and Rose talk about the jacket again, with Rose mentioning that Jeremy took a look at it. Slick says that no one is following him now, which worries him.


Alice pours tea for Rick and Lesley. Lesley invites Alice to stay but Alice insists that she has to leave. Rick hopes that Noah Drake won't give him any further problems but Lesley says that he is anticipating and reminds Rick to think of the time that he was young and eager. Rick agrees to give Noah a break. Lesley gets a call from Georgia saying that the issue with the water-main has affected the electrical supply and that while the generator for the cardiac unit and surgery is working, the generator for the rest of the hospital cannot be started, and thus most of the hospital is without power. The two rush off to the hospital.


Tony learns that his men have Luke and tells Robert this. Robert says that Luke won't give up the location of the statue so easily but Tony disagrees. Robert asks Tony where he fits in now Tony is back with Alex. Tony asks if he had anything in mind. Robert decides to take a stroll on the decks to think. Alex stops by and expresses her glee that her and Tony's plans appear to be coming to fruition. She again reiterates her request that Edward not be harmed financially before leaving. Robert comes back and notes that Tony had a visitor. Finally the two fake cops arrive with Luke: "Well, well, well, good evening Mr Spencer", Tony says.



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June 22, 1981


Hutch speaks to Bob, the guard who he calls Tiny Tim and says that he knows that he told the warden a story about what happened. Big Ralph asks Bob what went wrong but Bob says that the warden is on his case. After interviewing a number of prisoners, the warden is convinced that Hutch is lying. Bob taunts Hutch and calls him a walking dead man.


Dan is busy at the hospital trying to sort out the power situation. He rings up the power company but they are very little help. Rick and Lesley arrive. Some time later, Rick tells Dan and Georgia that they have to sort out main power before  fails. Dan sends Bryan down to switching room to get a report, while Jessie arrives. Dan sends her off to the ER, and Rick and Lesley head there as well. Dan decides to head down to the switching room himself.


Bobbie and Noah are having dinner at Dino's. Noah says that he likes music, art, literature, poetry, wine, women, song, women, women, women... Bobbie asks him to be serious and Noah says that he is serious about the woman sitting opposite to him. Noah starts drumming on the table, but his beeper goes off. Ignoring the beeper, Noah just continues drumming away on the table using utensils.


Luke has been brought to the Cassadine yacht where Tony and Robert are. Luke says that he doesn't know what the Ice Princess is and that he doesn't know where he is. Tony mentions the formula which Luke has no idea about. Tony continues to harangue Luke about the Ice Princess and threatens torture. Luke continues to insist that he doesn't have the Ice Princess but Tony doesn't believe him, getting Kemo to apply pressure to Luke's throat. Robert insists on asking Luke some questions. While interrogating Luke, Robert subtly tries to let Luke know he's on his side before pretending to get angry at him, with Tony's henchman having to restrain Robert.


Audrey is busy wheeling a patient on a gurney around while Amy talks to a few patients. Rick and Lesley visit a boy who has appendicitis. Lesley comforts the boy and offers to accompany him upstairs to surgery. Jessie informs Rick that everyone has answered their calls, except for Noah. Bryan gives Rick a report on the state of the generators. Audrey tells Rick that the patients are getting panicky. Back at Dinos, Noah refuses to answer his beeper, but Bobbie eventually persuades him to call the hospital. Noah grumbles to Bobbie about the emergency, but the two finally decide to go.


Anne is at the nurses station, while Gail is transferring a patient. Ruby walks in and says the supply room looks like a swamp. Anne sends Ruby on an errand. Finally Noah and Bobbie swan in and Rick doesn't look too happy. Later, Rick tells Lesley that he has to decide between two cases that have to go into surgery. To Rick's surprise, Noah offers to do one of the surgeries.


Robert heads up to the deck while Tony injects Luke with truth serum. On the dock, Robert meets with O'Reilly and he updates her on what is going on with Luke. Robert heads back downstairs and observes as Tony interrogates Luke about his plans. Luke recounts how he got Bobbie to get rid of Kemo by screaming and how he put O'Reilly in the mummy case. Tony is confused and frustrated when Luke starts talking about a button and a man with distinctive cologne. In the end, Robert has to pull Tony off Luke.


Georgia is on the phone as hospital staff mill around her. Bryan gives an increasingly agitated Dan a report on the situation, prompting Georgia to tell Dan to cool it. Bryan says that there is going to be a blackout when they switch from auxiliary to main generators, and that if the main power still doesn't work it will take several minutes to switch back to the generators. Meanwhile, Amy, Jessie, Gail and Lesley are talking when Dan comes along and tells them about the impending blackout. Lesley is worried as both Noah and Rick are operating. Bryan comes along and says that the power will go off in 30 seconds. We are then treated to a tense montage of the clock, Rick and Noah in their surgeries, and the rest waiting. Bryan counts down from 5 and then the power goes off for a brief moment before coming back on. "And Dan said, 'let there be light' and there was light", Dan says.


Tony finally gives up as Luke remains incoherent. Tony tells Robert that he'll have to use torture, but Robert says that Luke might just say Tony says that he might have to kill Luke, but Robert says that the house of Cassadine can't be implicated in such a crime and suggests that he let Luke go as Luke won't tell the police. Tony says that he can't have Luke being able to tell tales. Robert then heads back to the dock and tells O'Reilly that if Luke doesn't come up with something to satisfy Cassadine, he's through. "he's going to be so far under the water that Cousteau won't find him", Robert says.



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A mini hospital story to give GH employees something to do.Where was Steve during that crisis?

I read that Georgia was cast as a replacement for Jessie when EM was unable to work, but here they are in the same ep. Maybe it was later on that Georgia took over from Jessie?

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37 minutes ago, Paul Raven said:

A mini hospital story to give GH employees something to do.Where was Steve during that crisis?

I read that Georgia was cast as a replacement for Jessie when EM was unable to work, but here they are in the same ep. Maybe it was later on that Georgia took over from Jessie?


I think it means that Georgia took over Jessie's lines in a few episodes, not that she literally played Jessie.  I could be wrong.   

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1 hour ago, Paul Raven said:

A mini hospital story to give GH employees something to do.Where was Steve during that crisis?

I read that Georgia was cast as a replacement for Jessie when EM was unable to work, but here they are in the same ep. Maybe it was later on that Georgia took over from Jessie?


Actress Lisa Figus was hired to play another nurse named Georgia, not Jessie Brewer, when EM was unable to work. By that time, Jessie was basically being used as day player whose nondescript lines could just as easily be recited by any anonymous nurse. Figus apparently did a good enough job that GH kept her around and still used her occasionally even when EM was up to performing. But if EM was absent from work, Figus got Jessie's lines.

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