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May 7, 1981


Luke didn't believe Robert because Robert refused to go into further details about the true importance of the Ice Princess. Robert warned him not to give the Ice Princess to Alex. Lila is amused when Dan reveals he knows Robert from ages ago. Luke sneaks off and puts an out of order sign on the dumbwaiter. Luke tells Robert that he is engaged to Laura. Robert ignores Laura when she attempts to apologise for ditching him at Joe's party.


James visits Alex at ELQ and curses the day he ever came up with the formula. James has a copy of the formula himself but Alex still wants the formula on the Ice Princess in order to have a monopoly control of the formula. Alex promises James that they'll run off to Jamaica once they have the Ice Princess.


Alan and Susan worry about Alex. Later, Monica learns that Jessie won't be going to the auction. Monica offers to give Noah a ride to the auction. While they are waiting for Noah, Alan updates Monica about Alex's activities in ELQ but says he wants to give Alex more time. Monica asks Alan if Alex has any ammunition on them but Noah interrupts before he can answer.


Steve, Audrey, Anne, Jeremy and Joe show up for the auction. Jeremy has a painting in the auction. Amy, Bryan, Claudia, Kathy and Richard Simmons also turn up for the auction. Lila talks to Steve and Audrey and thanks Steve for the shopping bags but Steve says he doesn't know where they came from, Ruby interrupts them to compliment Lila about the auction. Lesley introduces Tony Cassadine Castle to Lila and Alex. Alex makes a bit of a show about not knowing Tony but later tells Luke that Tony is Anthony Cassadine. Tony asks Robert about his mysterious activities in the Panama Canal zone in 1977 (which actually seems to fit in well with the whole WSB/Anna/Robin thing).


Richard Simmons tries to interest Amy and Kathy in something he wants to buy at the auction but they are too busy looking at Luke and Laura for some reason. Bryan and Claudia congratulate Laura on her engagement.


Emma Lutz feels snubbed when her name is left of the auction catalogue. Emma confronts Lila who is apologetic but Emma yells at her and leaves.


The auction begins and one of Tony's men goes and stands by Luke.



May 8, 1981


Bobbie notices a man (Cassadine's man) who won't leave Luke's side, so gets Ruby to distract him while she talks to Luke. Luke still can't shake the man. Alex tells Edward that Tony Castle is Anthony Cassadine and is dating Lesley. Some men (I think it's Cassadine's men) are abducting Alex's bodygaurds and putting them in the cloak room. Edward and Alex notice that her bodyguards are missing. While Edward is getting Alex a softdrink, Tony talks to Alex. Alex is clearly jealous of Tony and Lesley. Alex introduces Tony to Edward when he returns.


Lee buys something for Gail, while Dan buys something for Ruby. Jeremy's painting goes to Steve for $75. Richard Simmons gets the item he wanted for $350. Bryan thinks Claudia is nuts when she buys something for $100


Rick takes Heather to the auction. Laura introduces Heather to Robert (they remember each other from Joe's party) and Lesley introduces Heather to Tony. Jeremy and Anne are unnerved by Heather's presence.


Bobbie stands by the man following Luke around at the auction and screams claiming that he made a pass at her. Noah is ready to attack the guy and Lila screams "HOW DARE YOU!" at the guy. In the commotion, Amy, Bryan, Claudia, Kathy and Richard Simmons leave for the Disco. Cassadine's man is kicked out, much to Tony's dismay.


Monica and Alan discuss Alex and then talk to Lee and Gail about what happened with Bobbie.


Robert's agent Dobson takes over as the relief cashier. As the auction for the Ice Princess gets closer, Robert buys an item and O'Reilly comes to chat with Luke and won't leave his side. Luke gets suspicious when Laura chats with him and O'Reilly and mentions that O'Reilly was around during the preparations. Laura goes to get softdrink for Luke and then Luke tells Laura to go sit with her mother. As the Ice Princess comes up for auction, Luke pours the softdrink on O'Reilly. The softdrink also gets on the mummy case so Luke starts wiping the sarcophagus with a cloth. He then reaches behind to the main switch and turns the lights off...when the lights come back on the Ice Princess is gone!

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May 11, 1981


Robert finds O'Reilly in the mummy case, Luke has pushed her in there after turning out the lights. Tony asks Laura if she knows anything. Robert and O'Reilly figure out that Luke went down the dumbwaiter and out the kitchen window. While Lila and Dan are distressed about the theft of the Ice Princess, Alex and Edward are delighted. Steve calls the Ice Princess "a piece of coal on a pedestal" and wonders who would want to steal it.


Tony confronts Alex about the theft and she threatens to scream. When Alex leaves, Tony is cordial to her again but tells Robert he has someone following Alex. Rick thinks Luke stole the statue and Tony tells Laura that he hopes that Luke won't destroy it.


Anne is still unnevered by Heather's presence at the auction. Later Joe accompanies Jeremy and Anne home to the Hardy house. Joe tells Anne that she has to stop letting Heather get to her. Joe also says that he will have to spend a lot of time with Heather in order to expose her as Diana's killer.


When he gets home, Alan rings Susan. Susan says she didn't feel up to going to the auction. Alan tells Susan he's in a mexican standoff with Alex and then asks if he can come over. Monica comes down the stairs just after Alan has left and looks for him. At Susan's cottage, Alan admits that he is worried that Alex's schemes will mean that he won't be able to make sure that Susan and the baby are financially secure. Monica attempts to find out Susan's phone number but is unsuccessful. Edward and Lila arrive home and Lila is thrilled that the auction was a success, despite the theft. Edward speaks to Alex, who tells him that she plans to make a big show of undressing in front of the window so that the men that Tony has sent to tail her think she has gone to bed. After Edward has gone, Alex does as she had planned and Cassadine's men watch her undressing, remarking that they are in for a long night.


Rose and Bert talk at Kellys. Rick and Heather arrive and tell Rose and Bert about the theft. Heather asks Bert how the Diana Taylor case is going. Bert compares it to a jigsaw puzzle and tells Heather that they never close the books on a murder case. Rick says that writing Anne's name in blood was the work of a disturbed individual but Heather disagrees (lol). Bert and Rick then talk about the 3 car accident that also happened the night Diana was killed. Rick mentions that he'll be getting his commendation in the morning.


Lesley phones Laura to check up on her and then chats to Tony about Luke and Laura. Meanwhile Laura waits for Luke but it is Robert who arrives. Robert warns Laura that Luke is a dead man if he shows his face anywhere in Port Charles.


Alex comes down the stairs just as Alan comes home from Susan. She hides from Alan and Monica...then unfortunately the video abruptly ends with most of the final scene of the episode missing lol




May 12, 1981


The next day, Edward tries to phone Luke but he is not at home. Alan wonders why Edward is trying to call Luke at the crack of dawn and says that Alex is not at home. Meanwhile Alex waits for Luke but it is Tony who turns up. The two have a highly charged conversation, with Tony eventually grabbing Alex's purse and finding the money Alex was intending to pay Luke with. Tony says that Luke probably wants more money.


Laura is worried about Luke and goes to his apartment, but she is confronted by Cassadine's men who are also waiting for Luke. Laura heads back to her apartment, rings up Edward, telling him that Luke is missing and that there are two men outside Luke's apartment. Edward brushes off her concerns but Alan who has overheard the conversation, notes that Edward is in a panic over Luke Spencer. Meanwhile Laura calls Lesley and tells her that she is worried about Luke.


Robert and O'Reilly try to figure out where Luke is gone, ruling out Laura, Bobbie, Ruby and Alex as people who Luke would have gone to. Robert decides to talk to Hutch about Luke while sending O'Reilly to find James Duvall. After O"Reilly leaves, Robert enters his secret spy room to have a conversation (with the WSB). The WSB order Robert to kill Luke if necessary.


Laura tells Lesley that Luke stole the statue for Alex and that Robert told her that Luke could be in danger. Lesley offers to ask Tony about the statue. Laura tells Lesley that she is committed to Luke in the same way that Lesley still loves Rick, but Lesley is still uncertain.


Alex tells Edward that Luke didn't show up for their meeting, but Tony Cassadine did and suggested that Luke has sold them out. Alan interrupts and wants to know what is going on, Alan tells Edward that Alex has been blackmailing him and that he has been having an affair, which Edward already knew about. Alan also reveals that he has figured out that they have offered Luke $50,000 to steal the statue. After Alan has gone, Edward compares Alex to Tracy, says that only Q men will inherit the Q legacy and that Alan is finally coming of age and embracing his heritage. Edward then tells Alex that Laura called him. Later, Edward and Alex tell Alan that the Ice Princess is really a diamond that Alex spray-painted black.


Dan tells Jessie about the auction. Jessie tells Dan that the rumour around GH is that Luke stole it. Tony interrupts their conversation and Jessie asks him why the statue is so valuable. Tony says that it is in the eye of the beholder. Lesley turns up and goes with Tony to the cafeteria. Tony tells Lesley that Laura seemed distressed at the auction and Lesley confirms that and asks why Tony wanted the statue so badly. He comes up with a lame excuse about liking modern art. Tony then gets a call from one of his men and tells Lesley that he has to go.


Robert visits Laura and again tells Laura that Luke is in danger, but won't give her the full details. Laura is angry and storms out of her own apartment.






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The next few episodes, May 13, 14, 15, 18, 19 were all a mix of the German dubbed version edited with English clips so I mainly skipped those.


I did skim through them and some highlights include:


Rick getting his commendation (Heather managed to get out of the ceremony somehow)


A new nurse Stacy, who seems interested in Noah


Robert went to visit Hutch. Hutch tells Robert to check Beechers Corners.


Luke turned up at the Whittakers Farm needing a place to hide, while Bobbie admits to Laura that she hasn't heard from Luke. After Laura leaves it switches back to German and Bobbie, Steve, Jessie and Audrey apparently have a conversation about the new nurses uniforms (from what I can tell skirts are being phased out in favour of Trousers/overalls but I think Anne has been wearing the newer style for months).


Richard Simmons and Kathy talk to Susan at the Disco and Kathy is intrigued still intrigued by "Arnold" the admirer Susan made up to throw everyone off the scent about Alan. Bryan, Claudia, Robert and Laura come to the Disco. Laura tells Claudia she is planning to ditch Robert but Robert has all the entrances and exits covered...


Then unfortunately we have to skip the next 7 episodes or so and have to pick up on May 30, 1981 (which mysteriously was a Saturday so perhaps the date is wrong and it's the 29th!)




May 29, 1981


Luke calls Alex and tells her that he is back in town and then hangs up on her. A shifty Luke then has an extended scene with a hotel clerk at the Croydon Hotel, bribing him to keep quiet if anyone comes looking for him. He checks into the hotel. Luke later sends hand delivered telegrams to Alex, Robert and Ton.y


Alex tells Edward that Luke is back in town but Edward says that the Ice Princess is gone and that they are almost financially destroyed. Alex tells Edward that they will frame Laura for stealing the $50,000 they were going to pay Luke with in order to lure Luke out into the open. Laura interrupts and Alex and Edward gush over her, telling her how valuable she is.


Susan tells Alan that she has invited Alice over for tea so that she can tell her about the pregnancy and convince her that the father is "Arnold", her fictitious lover. Susan has even bought a pipe and flavoured tobacco to make Arnold seem like a real person. Meanwhile Monica and Kathy spend some time together, and Kathy is trying to look up Arnold Wellington in the phone book. Monica notes that Susan has moved and Kathy says that she will probably be able to find where she has moved to.


Hutch wants to see Joe Kelly. Meanwhile, Joe meets with Rick, Lesley, Audrey and Steve and asks Rock about the nurse from the night of the accident. Rick says that he only saw glimpses of her. Joe asks Rick if the nurse could have been Heather, but as Joe explains why he thinks that, Bryan interrupts and gives them a progress report on Heather - that she has not missed a session with Dr Katz. After Bryan leaves, Joe reveals that he spoke to Shelly Vernon. Joe says that Shelly is upset that she has received a commendation that she doesn't deserve and that somebody could be impersonating her.  Later, Rick asks Lesley for dinner. Lesley is excited.


Alice tells Susan that she is still upset about Heather but then changes the subject. Susan tells Alice about her married lover "Arnold Wellington" and that she is carrying Arnold's child. Meanwhile, as Monica watches approvingly, sneaky Kathy rings up the Disco pretending to be from Wyndhams Department store and finds out the location of Susan's cottage. Monica and Kathy realise that the address is close by and wonder if they can see Susan's cottage through the telescope. Before they can take a look, Alan interrupts.


Laura is present at ELQ when Alex receives her telegram from Luke. Laura then tells Alex and Edward that she needs to look in a certain drawer to find certain files but it is really a ruse to see if the $50,000 Edward and Alex have earmarked for Luke is still in the drawer. Seeing the cash confirms to Laura that Alex has not seen Luke. Alex hurries Laura out the door to get lunch so she won't be there when Luke calls. Luke calls and demands Alex meet her at the Versailles Room. Alex fumes to Edward but then Laura comes back and says that Alex and Edward never told her their lunch orders. She leaves again to get Alex and Edward turkey sandwiches. Alex and Edward realise that Laura has not seen Luke and that Laura seeing the cash in the drawer plays into their hands. They both agree that if Luke wants more money then they will go ahead with their plan to frame Laura.


Luke meets with Alex and the two make a toast to the Ice Princess.




June 1, 1981


Lesley tells Alice that she is going out for dinner tonight. Alice wants to make the cheese things that Tony likes but Lesley reveals that she is going out with Rick, not Tony. Alice seems amused by this and also that Lesley's statement that she still plans to go on seeing Tony. Later Alice tells Rick that she is glad to see him and thanks him for helping Heather. Alice then tells Rick and Lesley that Susan is pregnant.


Robert and Tony are together when Tony receives his telegram from Luke. Robert shows Tony that he has an identical telegram. Robert and Tony listen to a recording from a bug on ELQ's phone lines and learn that Luke and Alex are meeting at the Versailles Room.


Luke plays a game of cat and mouse with Alex over dinner. He wants to know the truth about the Ice Princess. Alex figures out that Luke has been talking to Robert. Luke tells Alex that he wants more than money - he wants dignity, honour and truth. Luke warns Alex that the ELQ phone lines are bugged as he continues to toy with Alex. An angry Alex says that she knows Luke's Achilles heel. Luke denies that he has one and leaves. Alex phones Edward to warn him that Luke has double crossed them and that ELQ is bugged. Alex quickly finishes the call when Tony and Robert arrive. Alex tells them that the party's over and that Luke has gone.


Monica questions Edward about the statue (the Ice Princess) but Edward storms off. Alan also evades her questions. Alan goes to visit Susan. Susan tells Alan that Alice believed her and that Alice is probably spreading it all over town by now.


At Jessie's apartment, Bobbie waits for Noah and Jessie notes that Bobbie is quite anxious. Ruby arrives with a stack of library books about Mozart and Beethoven. Ruby tells Bobbie and Jessie that she learned a lot about Mozart herself, including his full name and that he died young. Bobbie confesses to Ruby and Jessie that she told Noah that she was a fan of classical music, so he invited her to a concert. Just then, Steve and Jeremy arrive - Jeremy has also brought a bunch of music appreciation books! Steve and Jeremy end up quizzing Bobbie on classical music. After Steve and Jeremy have gone, Ruby asks Bobbie who the composer was that had a problem with his ears. Bobbie says Van Gogh (lol) but Ruby says that Van Gogh was a painter and the answer is Beethoven, because he was deaf.


Hutch meets with Joe and tells him that he has decided to co-operate with the Federal taskforce so he can cause as much damage as he can before he is inevitably taken out.


Alice feels like she has spoiled Rick and Lesley's evening by telling them about Susan's pregnancy but Rick and Lesley insist that she hasn't and get Alice to tell them what she knows. Alice tells Rick and Lesley that a man named Arnold is the father and that Susan wants to raise the baby as a single woman.


Alan is worried that Susan will have to give birth and raise the baby on her own. He promises that when the time comes he will tell their son (or daughter, but Alan is sure that it is a boy) who his father is. Meanwhile, Monica talks to Edward and mentions that Alan has been doing a lot of exercise lately. Monica eventually comes right out and asks Edward if Alan is seeing another woman. Edward says that it is of no interest to him and adds that it is probably no longer Monica's concern either.


Rick and Lesley have dinner at what appears to be an Italian restuarant (named Gino's according to a youtube comment). Rick tells Lesley that he is pleased that Lesley is an independent woman now. Rick hopes that their "first date" won't be their last and the two tease each other about Lesley's suitors, particularly Tony Castle.


Tony tells two of his men that while he has reaffirmed his partnership with Robert, he doesn't believe that Robert will stand by it and that Robert is expendable. Albert one of Tony's men reminds Alex that Robert disappeared for a year and Tony says that Robert can disappear again, and this time permanently. Just then, two more of Cassadine's men reveal that Luke is registered at the Croydon Hotel. Tony sends his men to go get Luke.


O'Reilly and Robert meet at the docks. Robert tells her that they have to find Luke before Cassadine does, otherwise Luke will be dead. O'Reilly tells Robert that Luke is at the Croydon and she will deliver him to Robert.

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I'm noticing in these write-ups for 1981 that while the focus wasn't 100 percent on the hospital like in the early years.. there was still an equal focus on the staff of the hospital, plus all the non-hospital related stories/characters.

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I could understand GH broadening its' focus beyond the hospital; after all, there are only so many stories you can tell about someone who's sick, or about which doctor is screwing which nurse.  To me, where GH goes wrong is thinking things like mobsters, spies and supervillains absolutely belong in the same world as doctors, nurses, orderlies, patients and everyday people who live in and around the community.

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As of this point in 1981, the WGA has been on strike for nearly two months. I'm guessing this is around the time that the original projections for the Ice Princess story* have come to a close. Carbonic snow, Tiffany and the next couple of Cassadines, here we come.

*Although the aspect of it being dangerous in the wrong hands has already been introduced.

BTW, @Dion, I'm really enjoying your summaries and commentary. It's the next best thing to watching.

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4 hours ago, Soaplovers said:

I'm noticing in these write-ups for 1981 that while the focus wasn't 100 percent on the hospital like in the early years.. there was still an equal focus on the staff of the hospital, plus all the non-hospital related stories/characters.


Yes, the only storyline that doesn't really have much to do with the hospital is Luke and Laura/ELQ/Scorpio/Cassadine stuff. The other major storylines involve a few hospital staff.


3 hours ago, Khan said:

To me, where GH goes wrong is thinking things like mobsters, spies and supervillains absolutely belong in the same world as doctors, nurses, orderlies, patients and everyday people who live in and around the community.


I disagree actually, I think a hospital is a good setting for the everyday and not so everyday - mobs, spies and supervillains - to intersect. Where I think it goes wrong is when the show gets unbalanced in favour of the non-everyday.


That being said, so far in 1981 the balance has been quite good. It's actually Heather who is driving a lot of story, more so than Luke and Laura - though that will probably change as I head further into strike territory.


3 hours ago, Franko said:

As of this point in 1981, the WGA has been on strike for nearly two months. I'm guessing this is around the time that the original projections for the Ice Princess story* have come to a close. Carbonic snow, Tiffany and the next couple of Cassadines, here we come.

*Although the aspect of it being dangerous in the wrong hands has already been introduced.

BTW, @Dion, I'm really enjoying your summaries and commentary. It's the next best thing to watching.


Thanks Franko! I'm enjoying this and am glad you're really enjoying this too.  


It seems episodes through to early 1984 are available on Youtube (and then 1986 to around 1989) so we'll see how long I can carry this on lol

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I'll be curious to see if there comes a point where Edward drops out of the Ice Princess storyline. I know Alex goes the distance, but Alan's already pretty well tied up with the Susan storyline.

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All those months of scheming with Alex and (as far as I know, will find out for certain over the course of the June/July) he didn't even get an invite to go to the yacht to that damned island lol.


Speaking of Alex, I've come to quite like her, even if she is rude and aggressive to everyone. She has that late 70s/early 80s glamour about her.

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I think Alex and Tracy would have been Interetesting rivals.  Imagine the Tracy of that time watching Alex and Edward work together.  Edward certainly respects Alex more than he did Tracy.  She is working side by side with him at ELQ, and he always dismissed Tracy.

I really miss David Lewis.  I loved John Ingle, and cannot imagine David Lewis playing out Labine’s Ward storyline.  But Lewis was just so charming as Edward.  A real rascal.  He also gave the best side eye, and could be so funny while being mean as hell.



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June 2, 1981


It is a new day in Port Charles.


Alex and Edward consult with a technician who within seconds finds a bug in the receiver of Laura's phone. Eventually more bugs are found in the other phones. Lee arrives and Alex tells him about the bugs. Alex says she knows who planted the bugs and wants them dealt with, however Lee says industrial sabotage is hard to prove. Lee asks who Alex suspects and she says Alan and Monica! Edward agrees with Alex's suspicion and says that it is really sad. Lee asks Alex and Edward why they won't talk to Alan and Monica themselves, but Alex says they want to show Alan and Monica that they mean business. Lee promises Alex and Edward that he will make Alan and Monica clear on their position.


Cassadine's henchman Kemo (the one who was falsely accused of harassing Bobbie after he followed Luke around at the auction - I finally caught his name lol) talks to the hotel clerk at the Croydon. He then phones Tony and tells him that there is no sign of Spencer yet. Kemo bribes the hotel clerk with $50 and leaves. After he is gone, O'Reilly arrives impersonating a cleaner. The clerk sends her up to work. Later Kemo comes back and reports to Tony that Spencer still hasn't turned up. Tony asks Kemo to inquire about Luke's luggage to see if he could have smuggled the Ice Princess into the hotel. Just then O'Reilly runs in yelling at the clerk that there is a problem with a shower upstairs and uses the distraction to look through the guestbook for Luke (Both O'Reilly and Kemo have found out Luke is using the alias, George Lazarus). While Kemo is still trying to bribe the clerk to get a key to Luke's room, O"Reilly is busy rummaging through it looking for the Ice Princess.


At Kelly's, Robert compliments Rose on her sunny disposition and Kelly's on it's ambiance. Rose says that if she didn't know where he was from she'd think he was Irish. "No blarney intended, just a simple statement of truth" Robert says. Robert questions Rose about Luke and his friends. Rose says that Slick is Luke's best friend. "I don't think so Robert" Laura interjects. Laura says that she is Luke's best friend, so Robert questions her about Luke's whereabouts. Laura is still mad about the night Robert had men planted at the disco (in the missing episodes - apparently Laura managed to slip out). Slick interrupts their conversation and Laura sits down to have coffee with Slick.


Monica checks in at GH and receives her messages from Georgia. Steve arrives at the Nurses station and shows Georgia and Monica Jeremy's painting that he bought at the auction. Susan then arrives for an appointment and Steve shows her Jeremy's painting as they are in the lift together. Once Steve and Susan have gone, Monica gets Georgia to tell her which doctor Susan is seeing (an ob/gyn) and makes a phone call, asking someone to not leave Susan leave and page her once the appointment is finished.


Laura tells Slick that she is worried about Luke. Slick says that he hasn't seen him. Slick begins to work through a few theories and suggests that Luke took the money and split. Laura says that the money is still in the drawer so he hasn't got the money. Laura says the situation is worse than last summer because at least then she knew where he was. Slick says that they should put their heads together to work it out.


Two inmates (one is Toby, a trustee whom Hutch has sort of befriended and has ) speak about Hutch in the prison yard. Hutch arrives and Hutch and Toby pass a football to each other. After Hutch returns to his cell, a prison guard tells Toby that he is to take Hutch out for Big Ralph when the time comes. Toby looks worried and throws the football in apparent frustration.


Laura arrives at ELQ for work and is shocked when Edward and Alex tell her about the bugs. Privately, Edward and Alex talk about either Scorpio and Cassadine being responsible for the bugs. Alex says she told Lee it was Alan and Monica as she does not want him to know that Cassadine is involved. Alex worries that Cassadine may have figured out where James is. Alex figures that Luke will try to meet Scorpio and Cassadine separately, so that will give them time to frame Laura. The plan involves Laura being set up with a  mink coat and making it look like she embezzled some of the cash from the office (Luke's cash) to buy it.


Susan and Monica meet in the GH Cafeteria. Monica invites Susan to a dinner party. Susan says that the Disco is doing well and that Alan has been a great help. When Monica notices Susan's locket, Susan says that she has been seeing someone new. Monica tells Susan to bring Arnold and tries to find out his address but Susan says that she will just bring him along with 


The hotel clerk finds O'Reilly in Luke's room and tells her to go clean the flooded shower. O'Reilly pretends to leave but secretly watches for a moment as Kemo begins to look through Luke's luggage. "Good luck pal, you're not going to find anything in there. Spencer's given the slip to both of us", O"Reilly says after leaving the room. Meanwhile, Robert continues to chat with Rose at Kelly's. Rose answers the phone and gives it to Robert. O'Reilly informs Robert that she searched through the hotel room and didn't find the Ice Princess, Kemo showed up and that there was no sign of Luke (Bed not slept in, soap unwrapped etc etc), meaning that he probably never returned after leaving Alex at the Versailles Room.



June 3 appears to be missing (unless there was a pre-emption) so we skip to the 4th, but it really feels like we skipped an episode.


June 4, 1981


It's another new day in Port Charles. Joe talks to Bert. Joe tells Bert that he went to Forest Hills and watched Shelly Vernon, noticing that she takes off her nurses cap when she gets into her car . Joe thinks this is more evidence that Heather impersonated Shelly (presumably he assumes that Shelly always takes her cap off out of habit, whereas Heather was wearing the cap when the cop stopped her). Bert is still skeptical and says that they have need definite proof that Heather was in the nurses uniform on the night of the murder. Bert sends Joe to see the cop from the night of the accident (Officer Martin), giving him a photo of Heather and Alice to show Officer Martin.


Rick arrives at Kelly's and Rose notices that is down. Robert is also at Kelly's and asks Rose if she has seen Slick. Rose hasn't seen Slick. After Robert sits down, Rick tells Rose he is bothered that he hasn't heard from Lesley, that it is her turn to call and that while he and Lesley believe in no kissing on the first date and that he didn't even kiss Lesley good night. When Rick refuses to call Lesley and states that she is an independent, liberated woman, Rose guesses that that is what it is really all about. Robert interrupts again and asks for more coffee. He then asks them if they have seen Luke.


Luke is sleeping on a park bench under a newspaper when he is awoken by another man who wants to sleep on the park bench. Luke has no change to make a phone call and asks the man for a spare dime. "It's creeps like you that ruin this park!" The man says as he gives Luke a dime. "Go away!". Luke says thanks and then makes a call to Kelly's, pretending to speak only Italian to disguise his identity from Rose. Luke and Robert then speak and arrange at meeting at Gino's (or is it Dino's? whatever the name, I assume it's the same one Rick and Lesley went to). After Robert leaves, Heather comes down and tells Rose and Rick that she is going shopping. Rick gives Heather money to buy a gift for herself.


Lesley has a flashback of her date with Rick as she enters the Waterfront Clinic (As an aside, I really hate the Iris thing they do with the flashbacks during this period!). Rick and Lesley discuss Laura who has apparently gone looking for Luke.


Robert meets with Tony and his butler Albert is also present. Robert tells Tony that Luke could be out of the country by now. Tony thinks that Luke will eventually be careless and that his men will not let him get away as they are the best in this business. Just then Kemo turns up looking a bit worse for wear. Robert tells Kemo that he should get out a bit more and leaves.


Joe speaks to Officer Martin but he says that he didn't see the nurse clearly. The cop also tells him that his partner - Officer Greg - changed Shelly Vernon's tires and said she was a real looker. Joe is pleased (as it gives him another lead to follow). Joe shows the cop the photo of Heather and the cop says that Heather might be the nurse from the accident but he can't be sure.


Robert shows up at ELQ and tells Alex that he is looking to see Laura but Laura isn't there. Alex tells Robert to leave and accuses Robert of tapping her phones but Robert denies it. Robert tells Alex that he is having dinner with Luke. Robert quickly figures out that since he and Cassadine can outbid her, then Alex has something else up her sleeve. Alex reminds Robert that he once told her she was most clever woman he'd ever laid eyes on. Robert says that was merely a slip of the tongue and that he would have said anything. Robert agress that Alex is clever but adds "Rat cunning, more like it". He then tells Alex that she has blown it and asks her if she is sure Luke has the Ice Princess. Alex tells him one more time to get out.


Joe and Bert have lunch at Kelly's. Bert is frustrated that the ketchup won't come out of the bottle until Joe tells him that he left the cap on  - Bert cracks me up sometimes, it's hard to believe that...


in 5 years time, he'll be mastermind of a huge money laundering operation, he's so quirky

Joe tells Bert that he had no luck with Officer Martin, but Bert says that he can still check with the security guard. Bert says that Forest Hills is where the answer is to this whole thing (They seem to have forgotten about Officer Greg but Officer Martin says that Greg is on sick leave so they can't question him atm). Just then, Heather arrives with her shopping and tells Rose that she had a wonderful time. Heather shows Rose the clothes she bought. Rose says one of the dresses reminds her of something she wore on her wedding night with Paddy (Joe's dad). Rose jokes that Heather is setting up a trap for some unsuspecting male. Just then, Joe walks in!


Luke calls Dino's (it IS Dino's not Gino's) and pretends to be a gourmet guide for a TV station. Luke tells them that he wants to do a piece on the restaurant and needs to review the place before they shoot there.


Robert finds O'Reilly in the park pretending to be a Cockney flower seller. O"Reilly says that she will be outside Dino's making sure Luke doesn't escape. Meanwhile Luke meets with the Maitre d of Dino's - Vincenzo. The poor guy is excited, not realising that Luke is a fraud.


Bert and Joe continue talking and Bert says he will look into somethings. Joe says that he will also try to get through to Sarah. Just then, Heather appears behind them!


Luke and Robert begin their meal at Dino's. Robert doesn't want to waste any time and offers Luke $100K. "Who are you Robert Scorpio?" Luke asks, adding that he wants to know the truth. Robert eventually tells Luke that he is a friend and that he wants to help him. But after Robert once again refuses to tell him about the Ice Princess, he throws a plate of pasta onto Robert and runs out via the kitchen!





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June 5, 1981


Another new day in Port Charles


Joe heads up to Forest Hills to see the security guard. Joe shows the guard the picture of Heather but the guard is not sure who it is and thinks it might be Nurse Vernon but still can't be sure. Joe meets with the housekeeper, who goes on about having to wash towels, caps, uniforms etc and that someone has been stealing the laundry.


An exuberant Bobbie jogs around the park while listening to Beethoven's fifth symphony on her walkman (It's great she's found something she actually likes). Noah joins her and the two jog away together. Eventually they run into Amy in the park. Amy gets Noah to chase her around the fountain but Bobbie wants Amy to leave lol. At GH, Amy tells Bobbie that Noah looked cute in his jogging suit and teases Bobbie, saying that Drake would make a great hyphenated name like (Kathy) Summers-Drake or (Bobbie) Spencer-Drake. A limping Noah arrives at the Nurses' station and says he hurt his ankle.


Laura wakes up and hears a knock on the door. She runs to the door only to find a message from Robert taunting her saying that "Luke sent telegrams to Alex, Cassadine and even to me. Are you still the last know?" Laura runs up to Luke's apartment and bangs on the door, accidentally banging it open.  She writes "Luke I hate you wherever you are" on the wall with shaving cream when Slick interrupts her. Laura threatens to spray Slick with the cream but Slick says that he has no idea where Luke is. Slick says that if Luke is sending telegrams that it means that he is ok. Later, Laura and Slick have breakfast at Kelly's. Slick mentions that town Luke and Laura went to - Beechers Corners - prompting Laura to say she's made a decision about Luke.


At Slick's Taxis, Luke is asleep in one of the taxis with a cat when he hears the sound of footsteps. It's only someone looking for the cat


Heather is late for work and apologises to Rose. In conversation, Heather tells Rose that she was hoping to get back together with Jeff. Rose says that it'll never work out between Heather and Jeff or any other man if she doesn't begin to love herself first.


Slick later turns up at his business. His cabbies find Kemo lurking around, so an indignant Slick shows Kemo every taxi, yelling at him as he does so. Luke, who unbeknownst to Slick has been hiding there, is forced to moved from taxi to taxi. After Slick has shown Kemo all of the taxis, Slick kicks Kemo out.


  Bobbie and Noah go to a restaurant (Versailles Room? I'm not sure) where Lesley, Rick and Laura are dining. After Bobbie and Noah have gone to their table, Lesley says that Bobbie seems to be having fun with Noah after being so lost and lonely after Roy went into witness protection and ended up looking like Cruz from Santa Barbara died. Rick says that Noah is a fine doctor and Laura says that Bobbie deserves happiness but wishes that she and Luke could have the same. Lesley asks Laura if she thinks about Beechers Corners still and Laura admits that she does, adding that she has grown up since then. Lesley and Rick ask Laura more questions about Luke, but Laura says that she still doesn't have the answers. However, Laura tells her parents that she is going to Beechers Corners to find out more answers.


Luke phones Tony to arrange a meeting. Tony wants to meet Luke on the yacht but Luke refuses. Luke sets Kelly's as the location for the meeting.


Joe talks to Shelly Vernon. Shelly tells Joe that her car is prone to stalling, and that she has had to call mechanics to come fix her car during a shift several times. Shelly also tells Joe that she has an extra set of keys because she  is prone to locking her keys in her car.


Heather reiterates that she still wants to be a family with Jeff and Steven-Lars but Rose is obviously skeptical. Heather then leaves to go to the hospital for an appointment, and Luke arrives saying that he needs Rose's help. After Rose suggests that Luke eat some food, Luke refuses but adds that the guy he is meeting with has a humongous appetite but not for food. Just then, Tony arrives.


While Laura is booking a bus ticket, Lesley is worried about Laura. However, Rick suggests that they do nothing as no matter what they say, Laura will just go ahead and go to Beechers Corners. Laura returns to the table and tells Lesley and Rick that she doesn't want anyone to know where she is going. She then hugs her parents goodbye. Lesley is upset and says that if anything happens to Laura then she wouldn't want to be Alex Quartermaine or anyone else involved.


Tony asks Luke if he has the Ice Princess. Cassadine's men arrive as Luke is about to say the price for the statue. Tony offers $25k but Luke says that if Tony will give him the Ice Princess for free if he tells him what it is. Tony tells Luke that the Ice Princess is the story of a very stupid young man who went and ahead and insisted upon pushing a very powerful man too far and that the powerful man had many ways of teking care of him. "Now, would you like to know how the story ends?" Tony says. "Can't wait" Luke says as the patrons in Kelly's stand up and start moving towards them...




June 8, 1981


As O'Reilly watches from outside, Tony continues to threaten Luke and gives him 48 hours to bring him the Ice Princess. Luke leaves, and Tony tells his men to follow Luke and get him when he has the Ice Princess. O'Reilly tells Robert that Luke met with Tony and Tony's thugs were all there. Robert tells O"Reilly that he was tempted to tell Luke that he is with the WSB and that he blew it the other night.


At GH, Anne talks to Jessie about Heather and says that Heather gives her the creeps and plays the martyr very well. Jessie thinks that Anne might be overreacting. Anne is then irritated when Heather comes in and sweetly talks to Jessie. In front of Anne, Heather tells Jessie that things would be different if Jeff had stayed in Port Charles. Jessie then goes to help a patient's husband. Heather then talks to Anne and tells her that people poisoned Jeff's mind against her. This makes Anne angry, and Heather rubs it in further saying that Anne could use some lessons on how to keep a man and that if she'd been around, Diana would have never seduced Jeff the way she did. Heather adds that if Jeff came back she'd take him from Anne, just like Diana did, only that she is a better operator than Diana was. "You're not a challenge to me Anne, you don't have a chance", Heather says before abruptly changing to a more sweet tone: "Well I better get going, I don't want to be late for my appointment with Dr Katz, nice talking to you". Jessie returns and Anne runs off crying. Jessie is mystified by Anne's behaviour and Heather innocently pretends that she doesn't know what upset Anne.


One of Slick's cabbies, Ray teases Slick about how his cab is scroungy and that the other guys have a pool up about when Slick will finally get it serviced. Ray tries to get Slick to co-operate in winning the pool but Slick won;t have a bar of it. Slick goes to his cab and is surprised to find Luke there. Luke says that he agrees with Ray, noting the cigarette butts on the backseat. Luke tells Slick that Tony has given him 48 hours to give him the statue and that Cassadine's men are following him, as well as a spunky old woman. Slick suggests that Luke give Tony the statue, but Luke refuses.


Jessie talks to Dan at the Nurse's station. Dan asks Jessie out to lunch, but Jessie refuses, telling him about the incident with Anne and Heather. Rick arrives and Jessie tells him what happened and that Heather acted like nothing had happened. Rick tells Joe about the incident between Anne and Heather. Joe is incredulous and says that Heather is a paradox - "When you're keeping your eyes on her she's an absolute doll, but you turn your back for one minute and she does something like this" he says. Rick says that neither he nor Joe have ever trusted Heather.


O"Reilly returns after having another look for Luke. Robert learns that Laura is not at ELQ or her apartment so theorises that Laura is with Luke. Robert sends O"Reilly out to look for Luke again. Robert then goes into the secret room to call control.


Slick is surprised when Luke tells him that he was there when Kemo was searching the taxis. Slick agrees to hide Luke. Luke is about to admit something to Slick but then says that he is starving. Meanwhile, Albert phones Tony and tells him that they've lost Luke.


Joe confronts Heather about taunting Anne about Jeff having an affair with Diana.  Heather asks Joe if it is wrong to want her husband back and to want her son back. Heather then lays down a massive guilt trip on Joe about all the hell she's been through and that Anne is trying to poison everyone against her. Heather apologises for yelling and says that she didn't mean it. Joe goes to talk to Anne and apologises to her on Heather's behalf. Anne is not happy and points out that she can't count on Joe when Heather is around. Joe says that he's sure that he is onto something and that nothing or noone will pull him away from it - he will find the killer.


Robert meets with Tony and asks him if he has met with Luke. Tony tells Robert that the meeting was quite successful. Robert says that his meeting with Luke was interesting and that he offered him $100k. Tony says that when Robert came out of Dino's, he had dinner all over his shoulders, letting Robert know that he had Robert followed to his meeting with Luke. Kemo enters and tells Tony that they lost Luke. Tony tells Robert that he is covering everything but another one of his men comes and gives a thumbs down, followed shortly by Albert who says that he still couldn't find Luke. Robert says that he will go and find Spencer. Later, Robert makes another report to control.


Slick delivers some sandwiches to Luke and again tries to convince him to give Tony the statue. Luke finally reveals his secret to Slick: "I ain't got the statue man, I never had it"




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It is crazy to me that the show went all in on Heather and a murder storyline considering she was a recast and Diana, Jeff, and Steven Lars are all gone.  That is a lot for Robin Mattsson to do, and she is pretty great at it.  Did anyone like Anne?  She has always been so boring to me.


I had no idea Beechers Corners was still so important on the show after the Left Handed Boy.  I love reading how much Laura talks with her parents but is decisive about heading into possible danger.  I wish we had more of this version of Laura, instead of the one that was broken down all the time.



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26 minutes ago, titan1978 said:

It is crazy to me that the show went all in on Heather and a murder storyline considering she was a recast and Diana, Jeff, and Steven Lars are all gone.  That is a lot for Robin Mattsson to do, and she is pretty great at it.  Did anyone like Anne?  She has always been so boring to me.


I would assume someone liked her but in 20 years online I've never seen anyone have a good word about her.

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