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9 hours ago, BoldKara said:

I always think of the character Jay Garvin when I see the crew member Jay Garvin in the end credits...they must have used his name for the Jay Garvin character! Anyone pick up any other instances of character names being used that are crew member names?

There might have been some, but I can only remember one more rght now:

Debbie Morgan played District Attorney Jennifer Tartaro. Tartaro is a long-time member of the production staff.

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14 hours ago, YRfan23 said:

Yess!!! so excited to get to see all of 1992 and 1993 hopefully!! 

I’m super stoked as well. Looking forward to this a lot. Everything post episode 1300 is really hard to come by. Thankfully, episodes 2200+ is all in the vault already. I’m currently just 10 episodes shy to have rewatched the entire year 1996. I will soon publish episode counts. Meaning we are getting closer and closer to a Jason47 style database for B&B.

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