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3 hours ago, Marquise said:

downloaded and uploaded 826-829 but internet failed so will continue tomorrow

Legend!!! Thank you so much! If there's any way 828 and 829 could be redone again split in mkv (as webm files seem to play a bit wonky on my computer) like most of the others there that would be amazing and much appreciated. Not sure if there's 2 uploaders in that folder due to the mix of file types, but thank you to the two of you if there are two of you!!!

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10 minutes ago, LuckyBold said:

Do the mkv files have a sound? I can't hear anything and I don't know whether it's my device, but everything else works fine 

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I'm same as you - no sound on the mkv files. I'm on a Mac laptop. The webm files have sound.

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